V.A.L.U.E. Magic Item Bazaar


V.A.L.U.E. Magic Item Bazaar

This is a thread to help players exchange items of their V.A.L.U.E. characters with other player characters from other players.

Downtime Activity: “Trading Magic Items”

Whenever your character trades a magic item, both characters involved have to spend 5 Downtime Days each. Trading permanent magic items with other characters is on a one-for-one basis of equivalent rarity. You can only trade with the characters of other players. Unique magic items may not be traded.

How does that work?

Seller makes a post. Those who want to buy reply to that post. Once conclusion is reached and the item are exchanged, seller changes text of seller’s post to CONCLUDED.

The players are encouraged to meet on their next V.A.L.U.E. game to roleplay the exchange.

Please include the following in your “Seller’s Post”:

PC name:
PC level:
Items offered:
Items wanted:
Please list the items separated by a comma
with item name and rarity as well as attunement in paranthesis.

u = uncommon, r = rare, vr = very rare, l = legendary,
a = requires attunement

Example: Headband of Intellect (r, a)

good luck :vulcan_salute:

two transfers already done

Aza (@grudm) & Sheshka (@BufoBufo)
Decanter of Endless Water (u) <-> Eyes of Minute Seeing (u)

Artano (@Arthilas) & Nekomancer (@Darthbinks)
Bag of Tricks, Tan (u) <-> Lorehold Primer (u, a)

Let’s start this :slight_smile:

PC name: Sheshka
PC level: 15
Items offered:
Living Gloves (u, a)
Wand of Fireballs (r, a)
Gem of Seeing (r, a)
Ring of Evasion (r, a)
Sapphire Buckler (vr,a)
Rod of The Pact Keeper +2 (r,a)
Glaive +1 (u)

Items wanted:
Fun magic items (for example immovable rod, alchemy jug etc)
Items that do not require attunement
Spears, Halberds and Glaives
Shields that do not require attunement (for example shield +1)
Snake themed items

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I have some items I do not need, and with the possiblity of item trades in mind, I decided to go ahead and create this topic where I will list items I can trade away and what items I am looking for :slight_smile:

Character: Shakirah, the Huntress (Gloom Stalker Ranger, Fighter, level 7)
Items she offers:

  • Cast-Off Armor (c)

Items she is looking for:

  • no commons, would give away the armor she has no use for for free

note: the Bag of Tricks (Tan) has already been traded

PC name: Uihshoaza a.k.a. Aza
PC level: 7
Items offered: Ring of Temporal Salvation (r, a)
Items wanted: Gem of Seeing (r, a)

you can only exchange items of the same rarity
(so no giving away items for free … even though it’s a nice gesture)

Bag of Tricks (u) is uncommon … you can only exchange it with another (u) item,
… a Gem of Seeing (r, a) is rare

Oh yes, right. My bad. Let me edit that message then.


Artano (Lv14) offers a Hirn of Blasting (r) for your Ring of Evasion (r, a). Do you accept? :slight_smile:

@grudm Why not, I accept
@Arthilas As interesting as a “Hirn” of Blasting sounds, I am not interested in that magic item.

Sorry, meant a Horn of Blasting of course.

Hey, quick question. I spy, I spy, with my little eye… I saw that you have a ring of spell storing. Would you like to trade that for the ring of temporal salvation or do you need it yourself?

PC name: Jeremy Fisher
PC level: 16 (Monk 13/Ranger 3)
Items offered:
Amulet of the Planes (vr, a)
Items wanted:

  • any vr item he could use (no armor)

PC name: Bonjwha
PC level: 7
Items offered: https://www.dndbeyond.com/magic-items/5385-dragon-slayer
Items wanted: wand of fireballs, ring of evasion, ring of spell storing, any other interesting ones

My halfling cleric could trade her ring of evasion, but she’s not proficient with any martial weapons. Do you have anything else to offer? Otherwise I’d just have her run around with a sword she’s not very good at using because it looks fancy :grin:

Mine isn’t proficient in martial weapons either. That’s why he’s giving it away. Otherwise great weapon against dragons. No surprise there.

PC name: Smod
PC level: 10
Item offered: Horn of Blasting

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like the pic :+1:
not interested in the horn of blasting though

Would love to trade against the wand of fireballs.
Character: Hewgard