Open Tables are V.A.L.U.E-able!

Another Friday another open table. I am tired of all posts looking the same so here’s a fun fact:

Did you know that DnD - originially - was just an add on for a Wargame called Chainmail by gygax?

I will most likely DM something up to tier 3 but I am open to being a player aswell.

If you’re new to the forum or want to know more about the WoWKeepers Location:

:point_right: New to the Forum

Help me with my character!

:point_right: Our character creation rules!

:point_right: Trade magic items with others

:point_right: Discord for questions and hanging out


I’ll be there and run something… not sure what yet but probably T2 - T3. (will update when I’ve decided more)

I’ll also have T1-T4 characters ready. :ok_hand:

Update: I have a T3 Greg-story (everyones favourite deity) as well as classic rat themed T2 adventure (the rat folk shall return)


Will be there with T1 - T2!


will be there with T1-T4 characters

if needed could run a T1 adventure called
:tada: Super Happy Fun Murder Dungeon

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Will be there probably to join Ted with a probably new char .


Will very likely be there too.

I’m going to be there to run either a T4 game or a T2 game.

The T2 game would be a heist adventure called “The Desecrated Court” Set far in the north. :snowflake::tada:

I will be bringing T1-T4 characters.

:sparkles:It seems my table is already full.:sparkles:
However I might be able to take on one more player spontaneously on Friday.

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I’ll be there, bringing T1 & T2 characters!

I will be there to join a T1 - T3 table, don’t know which one specifically. They all sound awesome so I can’t decide :sweat_smile:

Since it was so fun last time, I’d love to join @frogemiah again for T2.

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Would love to join Tias T2 table! Two other friends will join but they will write that down themself in a bit :smiley: (made them join the forum now!!)


I’ll be there to join a T1-T2 table :slight_smile:

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I’d like to join as well T2-T3

Yup, one of them is me :smiley:

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I’m hoping to be there with T1-3.

Side question: Do we need a Player’s Handbook/DM guide/Monster’s Manual to leave at WoW Keepers? (Also: Can we leave them there?) English versions are on sale for USA’s Amazon Prime Day so I don’t mind picking them up if desired, it just takes 2 weeks to get them here.

Would like to join Ted’s table this Friday :raised_hands:t4::smiley:

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I will join with T1-T2.

I’ll join with T1-4 characters.


welcome :slight_smile:

I saw that you played at Sägewerk twice? :smiley:
Current rules (that we maybe gonna change at some point in the future) state, that you can create a T1 (level 1) or a T2 (level 5) character.
You can create a T3 or T4, only if you have played at least one PC level up to that level (11 and/or 17) in V.A.L.U.E. games.

You def. can continue to play your (T2?) PC you have played @Sägerwerk. :+1:

:point_right: Our character creation rules! (also linked in the first post)


we have not paid for a “locker” at WOW/Keepers (yet)

so currently ‘no’ … maybe next year :person_shrugging:


DMs (3):

-Darthbinks :tada: T1
-frogemiah :sparkles: T2 … [FULL]
-ThatGuyTed :running_man: T2-T3

Players (14):

-cat4laugh :sparkles: T2
-Col_Mustard_Ret :sparkles: T2
-IzayasDemons :sparkles: T2
-Nox :sparkles: T2
-TheUglyGhostOfEast :sparkles: T2

-Aladuu :running_man: T2-T3
-PatrickD :running_man: T2-T3

-DoNotDisdurb T1
-jboimbler T1-T4
-JackFruitChilly T1
-MarkusW T2 (T3?)
-SpaceLab T1
-Takanari T1
-Xerdor T1-T2

:partying_face: … looks like 3 tables with 4-5 players each :partying_face:


yes :mage: