Is it hot in here? Yes.. .Yes it is... V.A.L.U.E your temperatures...(Friday Games)

If I survive the heat this week I would show up and DM something tier 2-3 called: “Spoilts of War” set in eberron.

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Fun fact:

It comes as no surprise that many of the base classes for the original version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons were based on and/or inspired by various pieces of fantasy literature that was popular at the time. For example: the Ranger class is supposedly inspired by none other than iconic Ranger of the North Aragorn from LOTR. The Thief class (aka Rogue) was essentially based on Gray Mouser from “Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser” series. Hey… You’ll never guess what class Conan the Barbarian inspired!

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will be there s a player to join @BufoBufo RHoD T3 with my kobold

(should that game not take place, I could re-run the Super Fun Happy Murder Dungeon [T1] from last week)

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If RHoD returns. Fluffyfoot will be there to further his plans.

Otherwise I might have a T3 game…

Or T1-T4 characters.

I’ll be along - I have a T1 to run, or if we have too many DM’s (!) I can join a T1 or T2 table.

(edit: looking at doing Written in Blood from Radiant Citadel)

Ill be there if I can. Though ill only know if i can come by friday. Depends on the difficulty of the code review. (Should be easy but you never know) Will update on friday in the afternoon for clarity.

Btw. id prefer to play at cats table

Will be there with a T1-T2 Character.

Might arrive in a liquid state.

Seems I cannot run the planned adventure -
I am however scheming up yet another T2 adventure. :smiling_face: :sparkles:

details tba.

Red Hand of Doom Returns

This is currently T3. If you haven’t played before just make a T3 character and write me, if you have played before you have preferred seating, if you played before and haven’t reached T3, just remake your character at T3 if possible.
Currently day 28

This Episode 8: Legacy of the Ghost Lion

Red Hand of Doom Explanations


This is a small mini-campaign for V.A.L.U.E. that is open to new and recurring players. This small campaign will lead from T2 to T4 and is about a peaceful community facing a coming enemy. The setting is the Forgotten Realms.


Elsir vale is a rather thinly populated 250 mile long vale. This frontier region has few large towns, the largest one being Brindol, which is also the capital of the region. This subtropical region is peaceful most of the time. However this is changing. Dark times are coming to Elsir Vale and enemy forces are amassing on the borders.

You are a special military unit from Brindol sent to investigate strange happenings in the border regions of the land. Are you prepared to face what is to come?


Elsir Vale lies along the Dawn Way, an important trade route. The first settlers of this land were dwarves that built a great kingdom in Wyrmsmoke and Giantshield mountains. Even now aqueducts and cisterns are present in the land. After this kingdom passed into the annals of history, humans began to settle the land, first druidic communities, later founding the kingdom of Rhaestilor. Two hundred years ago the kingdom was destroyed by a horde of goblins. Now the land is less centralized with the biggest powers being the cities of Dennovar and Brindol. There are also other communities such as Drellin’s Ferry, the Hammerfist Holds, Elsircross, Marthon, Nimon’s Gap and Red Rock

Current Downtime Activities

Downtime activities: Please do only one

Tomb Finder (5 Downtime Days)
You look through maps and ancient descriptions in order to find the place where the Ghostlord stays. This is a difficult task, but better than being unprepared, right?

Dragon Craft (10 Downtime Days, requires access to a smithy or requires proficiency in smith tools, also requires the previous Harvesting activity)
You create a draconic artifact using the materials you have gathered. You can craft a magic item which you can receive instead of the one of this session. I will send you the list, if you are interested in it.

Shield Formation (requires 10 Downtime days and wearing a shield)
You train with the dwarves in the art of Shield Formations. Perhaps you can shield your allies better afterwards.

Commanding Pressure (requires 5 Downtime Days, Proficiency in Persuasion or Intimidation)
You train the dwarves to work better against dragonspawn and hobgoblins. Hopefully this way they will work better on the battlefield than before.

Better Supplies (requires 10 Downtime Days and 250 GP per Potion)
You decide that your party need better equipment for the coming adventures. You can buy Potions of Greater Healing (4d4+4 Healing) at 250 GP a piece, at your local alchemists shop.

Tomb Raider (requires 15 Downtime Days, 500 GP)
You prepare yourself to delve into dungeons and tombs, being better to evade traps and find hidden doors. Might be useful.

Important Notes

  • If you want to play a goblin or goblinoid such as a bugbear please tell me, because of story reasons.
  • This campaign contains a lot of goblinoids as enemies
  • This campaign has a victory point system where you can fail in a mission but still win the war
  • This campign is limited in time, meaning travel times might become important.
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will be there with T1 & T2 chars ready to put at whichever table. No new medication this week to suffer from.


I’ll come and bring T1-T3 characters

Garas will also return and certainly he advise never go somewhere unprepared so he will sit down and flip through all this maps and descriptions … there must be something useful and than I will be the Tomb Finder.

If there is enough interest I can run a Cyberpunk Red One-shot. I would also bring some pre made characters. If not I join with T1-T2.

Hi! I will be there with T1-2 characters to play at whichever table.


DMs (3):

-BufoBufo :japanese_goblin: T3
-cat4laugh :military_helmet: T2
-Takanari : :game_die: T1

Players (16):

-Darthbinks :japanese_goblin: T3
-Lux_Tenebraeque :japanese_goblin: T3
-PatrickD :japanese_goblin: T3
-ThatGuyTed :japanese_goblin: T3

-alli.b :sparkles: T2
-xaosseed :sparkles: T2

-DoNotDisturb T1-T2 … would prefer T1
-EmperorButtman T1-T2
-Lorien885 T1-T2
-MarkusW T2
-Otschi T1
-Tea007 T1-T3
-Yidris T1
-Xerdor T1-T2

-IzayasDemons & Nox T1-T2 (x2)

my kobold will do the following Downtime activity

I’ll join as well with my T2 character

I’ll be there with a T1 character if a slot is available, or otherwise T2

Since it looks like we’ve got enough DM’s, I’ll join frogemiah’s mystery game

Smiths tools are at hand, so let’s make good use of them and solve (? Cause?) some problems while at it.

Can you put me on Frogemiah’s table too? :slight_smile: