The V.A.L.U.E of Rain

Hey all who’s up for more games? I heard a lot of people are dming so I might take a step back and be a player this week :slight_smile:

:point_right: location: WOW/Keepers. Holochergasse 53 , 1150, Vienna, Austria

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm
and also the Tier of your game / characters you want to play.


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


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Sadly in Belgium for the Warhammer world team championship this week, will see you the next one!

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will be there

if there is RHoD my :dragon: will join :saluting_face: (T3; level 16)

else I would dm something (likely T1)

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Looking forward to being there & joining a T1 as player :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! This will be my first DnD session so please be patient with me lol :sweat_smile:

Me and my partner (ShuteNugget) will be there joining as a player at T1, if possible we’d want to be at a table together so we can help each other out :slight_smile:


Hey there! My boyfriend BrokeWizard and I will finally join or first DnD evening! We are absolute beginners -so you will find us at the T1 table - hopefully together to overcome the first challenges side by side :grin:

Player, T1.

Still looking into my character but I guess it will be a Tabaxi warlock, rogue or artificer.

Wish me luck.


I was in the exact same position a bit more than a year ago and all I can say is that you will love it, trust me :grin: happy rolling!

Hello everyone! :partying_face:

I will hopefully be feeling better and be there to DM a T2 game called “A Very Slimy Wedding”, which will take place in the feywild, also using @ThatGuyTed 's homebrew race “Luminae”. :frog: :sparkles: If you’re up to be tiny and solve some problems this might be fun.

I will also be bringing a +1. He’s pretty much a total beginner. He would like to be a player at a T1 table and he asked to play with either @cat4laugh or @Darthbinks.

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Hiii I’d love to join @frogemiah 's table this week!! :>>


I’m joining there as well :smiley:

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I won’t be there this week but @frogemiah asked me to post the Luminae race so here it is.

Keep in mind that this is a homebrew race so if you create a Luminae character you’ll only be able to play them at @frogemiah’s and my table.

With that being said here you go →
Luminae - The Homebrewery.pdf (211.3 KB)
(in my defense… their whole point was to be adoreable :smiling_face:)


Count me in please :wave:t4:

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I’d love to join @frogemiah again. Partially to see what playing a size-shifting character is like; partially to see if I can one shot the boss/ main encounter again.


I’’ be there with T1-4 characters.

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I see this as a personal challenge. You’re on.

I would like to join as a player T1/T2

I will also join T1-3

What level would you like us to make our characters?

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I’ll also come as player (T1-T3)

it is a T2 game … so you can create a character at level 5

(should you have DM-Rewards you could spend those to get more levels … T2 ends at level 10)

:point_right: see our D&D House Rules