We V.A.L.U.E Consistency/

Can’t stop won’t stop mastering dungeons

I will most likely DM a t2 but I try to be open to anything :slight_smile:

If you’re new to the forum or want to know more about the WoWKeepers Location:

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Help me with my character!

:point_right: Our character creation rules!

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edit-@Darthbinks: added the location to your post

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Will very likely be there.

@cat4laugh would you like to DM a T4 game too if there are enough players? I talked with @Stracci and @Jackfruitchilli and they would be up for that :slight_smile:

Would be there for a T1-T2 game with two other people! ^^

Hi! Newbie here, both to DnD and this community. Did I get it right that I just sign myself up as a player and then swing by? Or should I find/sign up to a fitting table in advance to not set myself up for disappointment?

For what it’s worth, I did already create a Level 1 and Level 5 character according to the V.A.L.U.E. system in anticipation :grin:


You can just pick and choose when you arrive ^^ some players just have tables they prefer or mini campaigns they are playing in.

Great, thank you! I’ll be there and try to sneak my way onto any table starting something fitting for new characters =)

Im back and more motivated then ever! :tada:
I’d like to DM a T2 one-shot called “Dragons against Humanity”. All random encounters will be drawn from a CAH deck. If you want something fun and lighthearted…feel free to join. :partying_face::star2:


Oh! Yes please! :heart_eyes::tada:

For formality: I will be there with T1 - T3 characters and would like to join @frogemiah

Edit: I cooould play T4, but would prefer to join at the T2 table.

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will show up to join a T1-T2 table (would prefer T2)

also can dm something, if needed
… it is a pretty demanding week though … so would prefer to join a table

ill come to play again while i still have time (after this week ill be stressed out of my mind again) can play any table any tier. would be cool to play a continuation of last weeks campaign but im open to anything

Will also be there. Could play T4 if enough players also want to and someone would DM it ^^.

Otherwise I’d love to join Dragons against Humanity :grin:

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Would also like to join with a level 5.

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I will join for the first time T1 or T2. Looking forward to it!

I can run something in the T1/T2 range; maybe a trip through the center of the Multiverse? Or envelope the party in mysterious mist?

I’ll probably join or dm depending on number of folks. T1 or 2. Or dungeon world if there’s a quorum

I would like to join with T1-T2.

Hello! I’d like to join with T1 or T2.

like Last week I would like to come. Unfortunately, it depends a lot on how demanding my Friday becomes.

Is there a good online character-maker where you can leave out the mixin from the background? I know what I wanted to play, but I don’t have the PHB and crawling through online resources is tiresome being a beginner.

And I would be up for Dungeon World in any case. @Unsniped

if you do not mind a lack of choice. DnDbeyond offers the base phb rules and character options for free

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Tia asked me if I wanted to play on her table and I’d love to do so unless we are really low on DMs