Brunch'n'D&D: Woaah! Living on a V.A.L.U.E

Dear D&D players and DMs,

post below if you are coming to play this Saturday.

All tables are open. Players of any level of experience are welcome.

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or character


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20

DMs ()

Players ()


:point_right: New to the Forum

:point_right: Our D&D House Rules

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs 5 downtime days for both trading characters, each)

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

With Uni Saturday mornings, I gotta focus on this for a bit before I DM again Q.Q

Lost Minds will be on hold for a bit. Sorry folk Q.Q Was hoping I wouldnt be as stressed as I am, but that’s just my ADHD talking

Would love to come and play with a T2 character

I’d also like to join and play with a T2 PC.

Does it mean you come to play or skipping this one :thinking:?

Skipping for a while, sadly. Uni is from 8 am til (sometimes) 14, so hard to make it Q.Q

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