The V.A.L.U.E. of Hydration

:house: location: Die Requisite, Krummgasse 1A 1030 Vienna, Austria

New info for the space:

  • Entry is only 4€ per person
  • Space for 6-7 tables, chairs galore
  • Drinks are also 4€ each, but are not mandatory
  • Outside food and drink are welcome

We’ve also been asked that people limit gathering right outside the door as much as possible. Short smoke breaks aren’t a problem, we just don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

Post below if you are coming - all tables are open. Players of any level of experience are welcome.

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or character


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


:point_right: New to the Forum

:point_right: Our D&D Houserules

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs each of the trading characters 5 Downtime Days)

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

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I will be there! (Most likely to play the final part of Avernus!)


Mardred really wants to take a final nap in Avernus so I’ll be there for that :slight_smile:

If Avernus isn’t happening, I’d stay home this week because I have a friend visiting.


I will be there to run another Brancalonia T1 adventure.


  • Nothing special to prepare for Brancalonia - just rock up with any T1 character
  • There may be a little setting-specific tweaking to backgrounds
  • You can find some background in the campaign log , but it is not necessary to play

I’ll be there to play Avernus. And so is my hammer. (Insert LOTR meme)


I’ll be there for T1-3, hoping to join @jboimler if he runs Avernus and there’s room.


I’ll be there for Brancalonia again

I’ll be there to continue (finish) the adventures into Avernus (high T2 and low T3 max level 12).

max 6 players and players who played any of the Avernus adventures on my table have seating priority (ordered by post in thread). so far:


Because of work I’ll probably be there about 19:15.


I would want to see this Avernus romp through and will bring a low T3 character to match the prerequisites.


I can be there to run or play, as is available.

I will join for Avernus, if there is still space and such

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Would like to join @xaosseed, but can run a table if needed.

DMs (2)

  • xaosseed :spaghetti:
  • jboimler :fire: FULL

Potential DMs (2)

  • Unsniped :classical_building:
  • Col_Mustard_Ret :old_key:

Players (13-15)

  • Vishous :fire:
  • katnyx :fire:
  • Takanari :fire:
  • Xyathn :fire:
  • truecrawl :fire:
  • Lenzo-boy :fire:
  • Bearberry :spaghetti:
  • neon.tetra :spaghetti:
  • eeni34 :spaghetti:
  • froggyprince :spaghetti:/ T1-2
  • Tiero :spaghetti:
  • orestotel :classical_building:
  • FoggyPortents T1-2
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I’ll be there to visit Brancalonia once again!

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Since I am playing the T4 game over at WoWKeepers, unfortunately you will need to take onto the demons in Avernus without Ophelia at your side. Wish you the best for the game :slight_smile:


I’ll also join Brancalonia

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I’d be very happy to join another Brancalonia adventure, however, I’ve played that two weeks in a row, so if things get crowded there I’ll offer my spot to someone and go to a third table.

I’ll come prepared for a T1 or T2 table.

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If there is still room at the table, I would also like to join Brancalonia again

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I will be there, will join Unsniped

@RootLeaf and I will be there as well – happy to play at a T1 or T2 table, wherever there is space :slight_smile: