V.A.L.U.E. Keepers

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm
and also the Tier of your game / characters you want to play.


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


:point_right: New to the Forum

:point_right: New to V.A.L.U.E. but not D&D

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs 5 Downtime Days for both trading characters, each)

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

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I will dm the next part of the open for everyone mini-campaign Red Hand of Doom. People who played before have preferred seating. Please tell if you plan to join. This will be last session for T2, after this I will take a break to play a bit and then we will start with T3. Let’s try again after being sick last week :slight_smile:
Currently T2 level 7-10

Note: Downtime activities are only 5 days but please do only one! If you have other downtime activities (from previous games shoot me a message)

Red Hand of Doom Explanation

Red Hand of Doom


This is a small mini-campaign for V.A.L.U.E. that is open to new and recurring players. This small campaign will lead from T2 to T4 and is about a peaceful community facing a coming enemy. The setting is the Forgotten Realms.


Elsir vale is a rather thinly populated 250 mile long vale. This frontier region has few large towns, the largest one being Brindol, which is also the capital of the region. This subtropical region is peaceful most of the time. However this is changing. Dark times are coming to Elsir Vale and enemy forces are amassing on the borders.

You are a special military unit from Brindol sent to investigate strange happenings in the border regions of the land. Are you prepared to face what is to come?


Elsir Vale lies along the Dawn Way, an important trade route. The first settlers of this land were dwarves that built a great kingdom in Wyrmsmoke and Giantshield mountains. Even now aqueducts and cisterns are present in the land. After this kingdom passed into the annals of history, humans began to settle the land, first druidic communities, later founding the kingdom of Rhaestilor. Two hundred years ago the kingdom was destroyed by a horde of goblins. Now the land is less centralized with the biggest powers being the cities of Dennovar and Brindol. There are also other communities such as Drellin’s Ferry, the Hammerfist Holds, Elsircross, Marthon, Nimon’s Gap and Red Rock

Important Notes

  • If you want to play a goblin or goblinoid such as a bugbear please tell me, because of story reasons.
  • This campaign contains a lot of goblinoids as enemies
  • This campaign has a victory point system where you can fail in a mission but still win the war
  • This campign is limited in time, meaning travel times might become important.
Downtime Activities

Extra Weapon Maintenance (requires the Serpent’s Fang)
You do some extra work on the Serpent’s Fang to turn it into a weapon of finesse. The Serpent’s Fang now is a rapier or shortsword and loses its versatile property but gains the finesse property. Note: This only works on my table.

Cooking Chemicals
You help Hestia, the alchemist with cooking up explosives and boiling oil. Might be useful in the future.

Additional Supply Run
You use the Secret Tunnel to gather additional supplies such as weapons and food.

Fireproofing the Fort
Fire hasn’t come yet but it might be good to be prepared in the future. You use wet leather and tarps, and supply the soldiers and civilians with an ample supply of water.

Creating a Field Hospital
Survival is the main focus of you and your crew and training some civilians in the use of combat medicine might be useful. (Gives a Healing ability)

Poisoned Arrows
With the Greenspawn Razorfiends and Blackspawn Stalkers dead you have an ample supply of their venomous glands. Maybe it is useful to extract the poison and create poisoned arrows for you and the army supply.

Town of Drellin's Ferry

Town Council

  • Norro Winston Mayor, wealthy landowner, constantly stressed
  • Sorrana Anitah Captain of the Guard, has seen some things, follows the mayor, responsible
  • Delora Zahn Old Adventurer, now Businesswoman, canny, hedging her bets, Dead
  • Kellin Shadowbanks Tavernowner, probably part of a criminal organization, loud negotiator, Fled
  • Iromel Veil Not met yet


  • Andre Drellin Former Ferryman
  • Old Man Jorr Old man in the woods, hates goblins, has a large crossbow and will shoot you
  • Brother Derny Priest of Lathander, not met yet
  • Setieren the Wise Wizard, very excited, will repeat words
  • Jarret Nurth Shopkeeper, Bhaal Cultist, Dead
  • Morlin Coalhewer Smith. Dead
  • Mihani Aranni Traveler Sorceress that deals in magical artifacts, spy, now an ally
  • Paul, Anna, Corinna: Soldiers

In the Witchwood

  • Druid Circle of Eth Helped you take down the bridge
  • Old Lady Gretel and Agatha Making their way towards Drellin’s Ferry, to relocate. Hags

Will be there to play T2>T4.

I’d like to thwart the rad hand of doom’s plans, at least for a while.

Drydzt is back and will join the T3; during his downtime he levelled up to 11th, choosing an amazing 6th lvl Spell :grimacing:

Meepo the Dragon of Brindol :dragon: T2
will join the fight against the Red Hand of Doom

(level 10; doing the Extra Weapon Maintenance downtime activity)

Hey! I would be excited to run something small, but not the continuation of the school saga this week! :partying_face:

Most likely T2 as per usual, but am willing to adapt to either T1 or T3! :smiley:

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Will come to play T1 or T3 adventure

Fluffyfoot will be there to settle some debts. :smiling_imp:
After all… no boon comes for free.

As for Downtime Fluffyfoot will find some motivated guys and Fireproof the Fort. (Or he will find some unmotivated guys and… motivate… them to help him.)

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I’d like to show up for my first meeting. I’m not new to RPG in general, but completely new to organised play, so I might need some guidance. I’d like to join any T1 or T2 game.

Some naive questions:

  • do I just prepare my character beforehand and show up or is it cordinated with the rest of the party or GM?
  • do I understand correctly that I can prepare a character at T2 if that’s where the slots will be?
  • are those ongoing campaigns or is it allowed/typical to switch tables between sessions?
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you can prepare your character beforehand using the VALUE rules (linked in the first post), there usually is no coordination (or only little)

yes the VALUE rules allow you to prepare a character at level 5

it is mostly disconnected one shots, with the occasional mini campaign thrown in, switching tables is no problem at all as long as there is space available

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Welcome, @Lanic :slight_smile:

  1. You can prepare your character beforehand. For open games like VALUE, coordinating your character build with the rest of the party is rare, as you typically do not know which other characters you will meet at the table.
  2. You can create a character at T2 (level 5) or at T1 (level 1) as a new player. Once a character of yours has reached level 11, you can create a new level 11 (T3) character, and once a character has reached level 17, you can create a new level 17 (T4) character at any point.
  3. No, typically these are disconnected one.shots, so switching tables is not a problem at all. But you keep your character of course. That is the nature of open D&D games like VALUE or Adventurer’s League. Sometimes there are small campaigns ran by some DMs, where regularly attending players get spots reserved for them.
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I would also love to @BufoBufo table so that Garas(hhh) L10 could fight the dragon.

Maybe I could learn something from Hesha. Alchemie was more an interesting theoretical concept for Garas support somebody with his knowledge and not having t use tools himself will be a good experience. Also he believes Cooking Chemicals will gives a nice combat advantage,

One more very stupid question: How do I “register” for a table?

I see that some people here simply write “I’d like to play T2 game” or something like this. Am suppose to pm people offering to run a game or make sure to be assigned to a DM in some other way? Or do I simply write here that I’d be happy to join and simply come to the place?

I’m very sorry, I know those are probably stupid questions.

You really just write here that you would like to play a T2 game just like we do. Or that you would like to DM a T2 game if you are a DM. Of course players can say they prefer to play at specific tables, but that is not necessary.

Ok, great. Thank you! So, I’d like to join T1/T2 game :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry, this wasn’t clear to me from the description of V.A.L.U.E. given my lack of exposure to the Adventure Ligue.

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:smiley: :smiley:

I see all chars of the Hando of Doom are lvl 10…I will then set Drydzt to 10 as well…it was my misunderstanding of a msg from Bufo :slight_smile:

I will be there to play T1/T2 :slight_smile:

I would like to play as T1 if possible