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:house: location: WOW/Keepers. Holochergasse 53 , 1150, Vienna, Austria

Post below if you are coming - all tables are open. Players of any level of experience are welcome.

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or character?
  • If you are new and need some help with character creation. (If you don’t need help with character creation → please check out our Houserules - link below)


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


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will be there

to join :troll: T1-T2 ( @ThatGuyTed) table, or to run a game (likely :crown: T1 Noble Babysitting) if needed

Will be there to play T2-T4.

Might also have a T4 adventure ready, kind of as a successor to Ted’s, Bufo’s and Darth’s adventures, in which it is the Professor who went too far and needs to be stopped by a party of brave adventurers. If not this week, I’ll have it ready next week.

I’ll be there to run a T1/T2 “MINIOOONS!” game. :troll:

MINIOOONS concept summary

The basic idea would be that the players are among the lowest ranked minions of a BBEG and don’t have their bosses confidence yet to be sent on “proper” missions to advance the goals of evil. To keep them occupied the BBEG sends them on missions of very VERY minor importance to be a bit of a nuissance to his enemies. Cartoonish villainy ensues. (think: “Oh. That was kinda mean.” rather than “My god… what have we done?”)

This wouldn’t be a mini-series but rather a bunch of semi-connected Oneshots, with some Hombrew Rewards to keep track of what each minion has accomplished so far. (There might be some Meta-Plot stuff further down the line - depends on how this works out)

For this to work I’d ask my players to create their characters accordingly → You don’t have to be super evil but you have to be at least somewhat okay with working for a BBEG.

(I’ll also have some sort of backup adventure ready just in case - T1/T2)

I will try to be there but depending on some things I will be late. Thus I can’t dm, but will play T1-T4 (probably)

I would like to be there as a T1-2 player… I am still kind of a newbie, but I want to playyy… :cry:

Ill be there with a character of T2+ (I don’t much enjoy T1 adventures) if a table will have me. Preferably at Arthilas’s T4 if it’s ready this week


DMs (3):

  • BufoBufo :owl: T1-T2 / :new_moon: T3 / :wedding: T4
  • Darthbinks :crown: T1 / :fairy: T3-T4
  • ThatGuyTed :troll: T1-T2

Players (13):

  • Evil_Danvil :troll: T1-T2
  • Arthilas T2-T4
  • Dharaxas T1-T4
  • dcabesma T1-T2
  • Lux_Tenebraeque T1-T4
  • Mexikorn T2-T4
  • orestotel T3
  • polina T3-T4
  • Tequila_Sunset T3
  • Takanari T1-T4
  • Tiero T3-T4
  • timodeus T1-T3
  • Xerdor T1-T3

Stopping the professor sounds fun. If that happens I’m in. Otherwise I play any other game.

I will be there to join T1/T2

I will be there to play T2 ot T4(more preferably)

ill be there for either t3 or t4!!

Because of some things happening at work. I can dm. If @Arthilas will not dm. I can dm a t2-t3 depending on what the people wish

If you do, I will gladly join with T3, should Arthilas decide against dm’ing

i will be there to play T1-3

I would like to join with T1-T3


@Mexikorn @polina @Takanari:

Well what is this,
what do my longing eyes see?
Three fellow fools,
undeniable my glee!
The fourth tier we shall brave,
perhaps utterly fail,
yet stand with you I shall…
lest you run out of ale! :grin:

Since there are currently three like-minded souls presenting T4 as an option and @Arthilas might be so gracious as to DM for us, it would be my utmost pleasure to elevate the party size to a classic four players - naturally, the more, the bloodier… and thus merrier.

I would, of course, certainly not mind T3 with @BufoBufo either.


  • Do you come to DM or play? - Play
  • Which Tier is your game or character? - Any tier, T4/T3 preferred
  • If you are new and need some help with character creation. - I have been to AL before, but can always use any help I can get :crazy_face:
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I like to think that I’m quite experienced at the game. So if you want my help to create an overpowered character, you’re at the right address.

Have you ever considered playing a Barbarian Wizard multiclass?

Just for the record I’m not playing an op or even optimized character.

I’m afraid I’ll only be able to DM my T4 next week, as this week I did not have enough time to prepare, especially with some additional appointments, including one tomorrow… :frowning:

All you know so far is that all across the sword coast, pulses of otherworldly magic could be felt, eminating from the professor’s tower Tarminas Morthir. That magic made peoplebehave weirdly. Some of them started walking towards the tower… Others gathered around certain locations, where they started working day and night, chanting weird phrases and creating strange buildings with a familiar look - they almost resemble smaller versions of Tarminas Morthír, the otherworldly architecture is the same, but it seems like each one is inscribed with different runes… They even demolished other buildings that simply were in the way for that. Anyone who tried to stop them failed and instead started working and chanting with them…

Far from ourselves,
he grows ever near to us.
Our eyes once were blinded,
now through him do we see.
Our hands once were idle,
now through them does he speak.
And when the world shall listen,
and when the world shall see,
and when the world remembers,
that world will cease to be.

Also, stargazers grew more and more concerned about what they could see in the skies above Faerun…

Next week, our heroes need to figure out what is going on and find out the truth about the Professor’s plans.

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