Neolithic V.A.L.U.E.s

:house: location: WOW/Keepers. Holochergasse 53 , 1150, Vienna, Austria

Post below if you are coming - all tables are open. Players of any level of experience are welcome.

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or character?
  • If you are new and need some help with character creation. (If you don’t need help with character creation → please check out our Houserules - link below)


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


:point_right: New to the Forum

:point_right: Our D&D Houserules

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs 5 Downtime Days for both trading characters, each)

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

Heroes of Hillcross

:mammoth: T2 (suggested: level 9-10)

will contine my “Primal” mini hop-in / hop-off campaign

Players, who played 3+ times already, will have prefered seating:
@BufoBufo (:orangutan:), @Istariel (:orangutan:), @Janlocks (:lion:)

People who have played at least once:
@Atanen (:orangutan:), @Potifex (:lion:), @'JuMiSu (:orangutan:), @Mexikorn (:bear:), @ThatGuyTed (:bear:), @truecrawl (:lion:)

:camping: you can trade :meat_on_bone: rations for gear (weapons, armor, healing potions, etc.) at the beginning of the adventure


Unique Downtime Activities

:hut: Hillcross Lore

prerequisite: having the Guild Artisan background or being proficient in History

You try to recall lore about the “city” you are about to enter (by communing with local spirits, talking to the elders, or going through mementos, …)
cost: 5 Downtime Days

:octopus: Alternate Food Supplies

prerequisite: being @Janlocks

You help your friend finding alternate food supplies, so she does not have to harvest your people anymore.
cost: 5 Downtime Days

:gem: Crafting Trade Goods

prerequisite: being proficient in any artisan tool

You help your Clan to craft trade goods to exchange in Hillcross.
cost: 10 Downtime Days & 1000 :meat_on_bone: rations

:fire: Research the Artefact

prerequisite: being proficient in Arcana or Religion

You research the Primordial Flame, the artefact you found in the last adventure.
note: this can be short-cut by casting legend lore
cost: 10 Downtime Days & 100 :meat_on_bone: rations

:world_map: Some Scouting just to be Sure

prerequisite: being proficient in Perception, Stealth, AND Survival

You leave the Broken Tusk Tribe for a detour to lead a scouting party into the wilds.
cost: 10 Downtime Days & 1000 :meat_on_bone: rations

:point_up: with the exception of Alternate Food Supplies, multiple PCs can do those


Sulik would love to be there again!

Some scouting just to be sure would be exactly what he would do, but we just need the levels, so not this time…

He will be there lvl9


Tulku would love to be there again and take the „Hillcross Lore“ and „Alternate Food Supplies“ downtime activities


Hello everyone this Friday i will be there unfortunately last Friday i had evening shift and i couldnt be there , i will bring my lvl 2 Rogue so i hope there will be any t1 table;s for newbies

please post next time in the same thread, if you can’t make it, after you had announced that you can

helps with planning :slight_smile:

thanks :vulcan_salute:

I should make it again. Would like to join :mammoth:.
Jydger will attempt to Research the Artefact.

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Will be there to play. Could also continue :volcano: White Plume Mountain if the players from last time want so :slight_smile:

Hello i think there’s is misunderstanding cause last Friday i put cross i couldn’t make it but this Friday i can come.


ah np :slight_smile:

the X at the top is easily overlooked
we typically just check the posts :slight_smile:


two people. T2

Joining Resil’s game if he shows up. Else, any T1-T2 table is fine

I would also come to play T1-T3

I won’t be there this week but willing to pass the key on to someone

Would be there for any T1-T2 table


Darthbinks T2 :mammoth:
Resil T2/T3 :crystal_ball:

Atanen T2 :mammoth:
Janlocks T2 :mammoth:
ThatGuyTed T2 :mammoth:
BufoBufo T2 :mammoth:
Istariel T2 :mammoth:
truecrawl T2 :mammoth:

NonnoKai T1/T2 :crystal_ball:
Xerdor :crystal_ball:
Shocker :crystal_ball:
polina :crystal_ball: (not 100% sure yet)

DieGio8002 T2 x2
Avallona T1/T2
timoteus2 T1-T3


i will be there with a T1-3 char

Coming with the crystalline city, as usual

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I want to check out what crystaline city is all about. What tier and/or level should I bring?