More like WoWKeyPers am I right? (V.A.L.U.E Game)

I will be getting the WoWKeepers key today and as such while on a bit of a short notice who wants to play some DnD this week?

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm

and also the tier of your game / characters you want to play.

I also updated the Rpgvienna Quickstart Guide to include the wowkeepers location. And added a picture of the unseeming door that some couldn’t find :slight_smile:


If you’re completely new start here :point_right: RPGVienna Quickstart

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E Rules

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar
:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff


Since the lovely @xaosseed introduced me to the wonders of spelljammer I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I would dm a t1, spelljammer oneshot. Just in my usual homebrew fashion :slight_smile:

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I feel called out about the door </3

I’m like 90% sure I’ll join.

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Will be there too, to play T2-T4.

Yaay finally a key :grin:

I will be there. If @Darthbinks continues skullport then Liandrin will join. During Downtime she will do “Working the Ranks”.
Otherwise I will play T1/T2.

See ya Friday. Ill bring some snacks! :grimacing:

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I will be there with T1-3 characters. Interested to see the new place. Thanks for the pic of the secret door.

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Yay! No greater compliment :slight_smile:

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I’ll join if Skullport :skull_and_crossbones: resumes, otherwise I’ll dm a T1 or T2 adventure
For the downtime action I’ll do “Undercommon by exposure”

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will be there to dm Skullport :skull: :sailboat:
to run the Murkmire Malevolence (from Keys from the Golden Vault)

the adventure will be T1 heist (max. level 2)

:point_right: Skullport Thread

:point_right: homebrew downtime actions

players who joined previous :skull: :sailboat: games will have preferred seating

I may have missed it in previous posts while I was gone, but what’s the food situation? Anything available at the location, or do we bring our own drinks & snacks?

Ghundralt will be back in skullport!

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You can bring your own they also have drinks in the freezer I’m not aware of any food

Joining again with Bok!

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Sounds like an excellent opportunity to meet all of you lovely people! I think we have enough DMs, so I will make a T1 character for tomorrow.

Skullport or Spelljamming? Both tempting ways to leave the surface! I’d join either, depending on seat availability.


DMs (2):

-cat4laugh T1 :rocket:
-Darthbinks T1 :skull: :sailboat: (levels 1-2)

Players (8):

-BufoBufo T1 :skull: :sailboat:
-DutchyGio T1 :skull: :sailboat:
-Jackfruitchilli T1 :skull: :sailboat:
-Stracci T1 :skull: :sailboat:

-alli.b T1-T2
-Aviron T1
-Lux_Tenebraeque T1 … either :skull: :sailboat: or :rocket: … depending on seat availability
-Xyathn T1-T3

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it today… :frowning:

thanks for playing the museum heist and stopping an eldritch horror
in The Murkmire Malevolence

you gain:

@BufoBufo @Jackfruitchilli @Stracci :point_down:

  • either a bag of holding (uncommon) or a mystery key (common)
  • a set of fine clothes and a potion of healing from the anthropologist
  • 100gp from the anthropologist and from selling the crystal


  • an earworm (uncommon)
  • a shortsword from the shrine of Llolth
  • a set of fine clothes and a potion of healing from the anthropologist
  • 100gp from the anthropologist and from selling the crystal

Homebrew Story Award for Bok (@DutchyGio)
My Spidey Senses Are Tingling

You must be attuned to your earworm which takes the shape of a tiny spider.
Instead of “daelkyr” (aberrations) it relates information to devotees of the demongoddess Llolth.
Should you find a way to get rid of this symbiont, you will loose this “Award”.
Note: should you play that character at another table you can use the "Temple Service" Downtime (10 Downtime Days & 90gp) to get rid of this item … this won’t help you in adventures in Skullport however (but see below).

New Downtime Activities:

Downtime Activity for Sirius (@BufoBufo)
Cost: 10 Downtime Days & 10gp in offerings (plus the money Liandrin was offering)
:funeral_urn: Story Award: "The Curse of the Priceless Drow Vase"

At any point during a game, you can spend this Story Award to choose a creature, who is holding a nonmagical object. That item will “accidentally” fall on the floor, shatter and be destroyed.
This curse does neither require line of sight, nor an action. You even can use this Story Award against a creature your character does not even know.
Note: Just touching an object (e.g. “holding a door”) won’t be enough to qualify for this curse.
Note: You cannot use this curse against Liandrin (@Stracci) however since she made an offering to your goddess Beshaba.

Downtime Activity for Bok (@DutchyGio)
Cost: 10 Downtime Days & 90gp
:spider: "Divine Parasite Removal"

You run around in Skullport to find someone, that could help you remove the spider parasite in your ear. A remove curse spell should be enough, right?
Note: this will be tricky and there is a chance that this might backfire …

Downtime Activity for Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli)
Cost: 2 Downtime Days
:books: Heist Magic Research: Evocation

You learn the spells darkness as well as Rime’s binding ice and write them into your spellbook, without the need to spend (more) time and money.

P.S.: Liandrin (@Stracci) now qualifies for the “Training Montage” Downtime activity from the Reforged Ring faction


updated your Reputation in the “Factions in Skullport” post
:point_right: here

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