The V.A.L.U.E. of Skullport


:skull: Styles:

  • heists
  • politics
  • Underdark

:skull: Heists:

  • at least 1/2 of the adventures involve various heists
  • also think about what your character could do in infiltration, investigation as well as social scenarios
  • these adventures are great for playing more subtile characters, who could typically shine less at the typical V.A.L.U.E. table

:skull: Length & Level:

  • these are 12 adventures in total (although I will run 6 of them first and then make a break)
  • these are mostly T1-T2 adventures (the 12th game, the grand finale, will be level 11 [T3])

:skull: Setting:

  • I will run these adventures in the Skullport - the Port of Shadows setting set in the Forgotten Realms
  • that is a port city located in the Underdark far beneath the metropolice of Waterdeep

:warning: DISCLAIMER:

  • these are D&D5E adventures as an open “hop-on/hop-off” campaign for a couple of open V.A.L.U.E. games I will dm in the coming months

    ( :cityscape: Ravnica & :worm: Age of Worms I have dm-ed as open V.A.L.U.E. campaigns before)

  • it is not an invitation to a new home campaign … sorry

  • I will incorporate some stuff from Waterdeep Dragonheist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage, but this will be reflavoured so hard, that there should not be much spoilers

  • I will adapt several adventures found in Keys from the Golden Vault
    so if you want to avoid spoilers, I would advise to not read that book yet


:skull: Skullport

Skullport , also known as the Port of Shadows , was a subterranean city located far below the metropolis of Waterdeep, within the 3rd level of Undermountain, an Underdark-megadungeon.

While rumors of this subterranean domain of villainy persisted throughout the surface world, few of its inhabitants had any knowledge of any points of entry.

Built within an immense subterranean cavern, the shadowy port was a dark reflection of Waterdeep above. Its structure was built in three tiers, interconnected by narrow catwalks and rickety scaffolding. Creaking houses built on stilts were haphazardly built in a dense network that formed a near shantytown.

On the cavewalls grows a local mushroom, called gloom, who puts the area in an eerie dim light.

  • Important Languages includes: Undercommon
  • Common Terrain includes: coast, Underdark
  • Magic: teleportation spells are inhibited

:skull: Inhabitants

Skullport’s population of roughly 4000 souls is pretty mixed:

30% humans, 15% half-orcs/orcs, 12% goblinoids, 10% drow, 7% kobolds, 6% duergar, 20% others

:skull: Skulkers

Skulker are how the inhabitants, who grew up in Skullport call themselves.
In some cases, esp. with long lived races, other inhabitants who live here long enough to also fall under this term. Skulkers are known to stick together and rumors within the community travel faster than a teleport.

:skull: Skulldiggers

Skulldigger is the nickname for inhabitants, who came from the surface (likely from the metropolis of Waterdeep) to search for fame and fortune.

Some Skulkers percieve Skulldiggers as naive, reckless, and egoistical.
As some Skulldiggers percieve Skulkers as apathic, lazy, and secretive.

:skull: Underdark Refugees

Recently there had been an influx of refugees from the Underdark, telling nightmarish stories about raging demons in the depths below…
Many of the Underdark refugees worship the goddess Eilistraee

:skull: Flameskulls

Its most notorious inhabitants however where were a collection of 13 powerful flameskulls, who dominated the city of Skullport, which was named for them. In the chaotic underground of Skullport, a city of thieves, murderers and slave-traders, the Skulls imposed some semblance of order when things got out of hand, typically by fireballing all percieved agressors.
Those flameskulls have been behaving increasingly erratic lately, even for their standards …

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:skull: Character Options:

Custom Background: Skulker

You’ve lived in Skullport for years now — maybe you were born here, maybe you came here willingly, or
maybe you’re an escaped slave trying to eke out a life of your own under cover of darkness.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: One of the following: Thieves’ Tools, Vehicle [water], or one type of gaming set.
Languages: Undercommon
Equipment: A club, silk rope (50 feet), a trinket (choose one from the Trinkets table in the PHB p160f), a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Haven in Dangerous Straits

If you can make it in Skullport, you can make it anywhere.
You are intimately familiar with areas of cities that most people shun: ruined neighborhoods where monsters rampaged, overgrown areas that no hand has tended in decades, and the vast, sprawling rubblebelts of broken terrain that civilized folk have long abandoned.
You can find a suitable place for you and your allies to hide or rest in these areas. In addition, you can find food and fresh water in these areas, usually scavenged from the trash, for yourself and up to five other people each day.

Suggested Characteristics

Skulkers are defined by their sense of self-preservation, a necessary trait which naturally leads to quirks and tics that can give an idea of the kind of person a skulker might be.

Personality Trait (d8)

  1. Get it done quiet, don’t make a show of yourself, and don’t rock the boat — that’s the Skulker way.
  2. I’m always counting entrances and exits when I come into a building.
  3. I’m constantly expecting the Flameskulls to show up at any moment, even if I’m nowhere near Skullport.
  4. My sense of humour makes civilized types uncomfortable. Just the way I like it.
  5. I never keep my things in one organized location.
  6. I always keep my effects prepared for travel. Never know when you’ll need to quickly move out.
  7. I get twitchy when people outwardly talk about religion.
  8. I maintain an appearance that helped me blend in back home. On the surface though, it just makes me look sketchy.

Ideal (d6)

  1. Freedom. I’ve seen the worst of what can happen when people’s freedoms are restricted, and I won’t let it happen elsewhere. (Chaotic)
  2. Honour. There are horrible people in the world, and those who lack a code are doomed to become one of them. (Lawful)
  3. Belonging. My homeland does not suit me, nor does it define me. But I know I will find somewhere that does. (Neutral)
  4. Selfishness. You take care of yours, I take care of mine. Don’t expect sympathy from me for your woes. (Evil)
  5. Community. When the world is against you, what do you have but the kindness of friends and strangers? (Good)
  6. Caution. First and foremost, I am driven by a simple principle: don’t die. (Any)

Bond (d6)

  1. A good friend of mine was taken by slavers, and I haven’t seen them since.
  2. Skullport may be one big refuse heap, but it’s my home and I’ll defend it to the death.
  3. I was once a slave, and still bear a mark put on me by my old owner.
  4. Someone close to me is trying desperately to get enough money to leave Skullport and find a better life. I hope to help them.
  5. I disappeared without a trace one night and woke up in chains. But surely, someone will come looking for me some day, right?
  6. A kind soul put their life on the line for me and asked nothing in return. In a place of such darkness, their light inspires me.

Flaw (d6)

  1. I always look shabby, poor, and down-on-my- luck, no matter how much money I have.
  2. I’m always expecting situations to suddenly escalate into violence, so much so that I will sometimes do it myself.
  3. I expect everyone to take advantage of any kindness I offer.
  4. I never stick to a plan.
  5. Whenever someone asks me my name, I impulsively lie.
  6. If someone’s being nice to me, it’s because they want something from me.

note: this :point_up: is the feature of the Gruul Anarch background with the equipment of the Sailor.

:skull: Factions in Skullport:

The Rag Mage

Recently awoken, the boogieman is real. Is it the legendary 14th skull?
It has plans and it seems there is a lot to do to save Skullport (quote).

known Subgroups: The Fray (warlocks of the Rag Mage), Dr. Cassee Dannell (human antropologist), Captain Brisby (undead sailor), Varrin Darkstone (duergar noble cleric of Abbathor)

PCs: Arduria (@Arthilas) [reputation: 1], Bok (@DutchyGio) [reputation: 9], Darius [reputation: 1], Dr. Goosejet (@PatrickD) [reputation: 8], Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli) [reputation: 8], Ildun (@Atoh-nym) [reputation: 3], Liandrin (@Stracci) [reputation: 7], Richard (@ThatGuyTed) [reputation: 2], Sirius (@BufoBufo) [reputation: became a :skull: ]

[Reputation 3+] less likely to be harassed by “flameskulls”; wizard spells: Heist Magic
[Reputation 5+] magic item: Heward’s handy haversack
[Reputation 10+] magic items: duplicitous manuscript, lyre of building, nature’s mantle, shadowfell shard

Xanathar_Guild \

The Xanathar Guild

Anyone can join the Xanathar Guild, which dominates Skullport since almost two decades.
Before membership is granted, however, an applicant must pass a test that always involves the perpetration of a serious crime. Possibilities include murdering a guild member who has failed Xanathar in some fashion, kidnapping a citizen, collecting a ransom, robbing a hire-coach, or looting a warehouse.
Given that the faction is fundamentally evil, advancement is based on one’s wiles or one’s ability to dispose of rivals. Competition within the organization is fierce and often deadly. Evil characters can thrive in this environment, but the risks are seldom worth the reward.

known Subgroups: Legion of Azrok (hobgoblin mercenaries), Nihiloor (mindflayer artificer; actually working for the Kraken Society), Noska Ur’Gray (duergar psychic warrior brute), The Afterlife Casino (Mammon archdevil gambling cult), The Muses of Misery (Loviatar prison/temple), Nar’l Xibrindas (drow conjurer)

PCs: Bok (@DutchyGio) [reputation: 1], Darius [reputation: 1], Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli) [reputation: 1], Sirius (@BufoBufo) [reputation: 1]

[Reputation 3+] Tools: disguise kit, forgery kit, poisoner’s kit, thieves’ tools
[Reputation 5+] magic items: eyes of minute seeing, gloves of thievery
[Reputation 10+] magic item: robe of eyes

The Kraken Society

The Kraken Society is a secret society of thieves, assassins, pirates, smugglers and mages in northwestern Faerûn. The Kraken Society has secret followers in many cities along the Sword Coast, including Neverwinter, Waterdeep, and of course Skullport. Its agents walk all manner of dark paths from cultists, to assassins, to thieves.

known Subgroups: Lucian (Ex-@Alaadu), The Riverborn (Skullport fishers), Nihiloor (mindflayer artificer; doubleagent), Deep Scion warlocks, Kuatoa Umberlee cultists

PCs: Bok (@DutchyGio) [reputation: 1], Dr. Goosejet (@PatrickD) [reputation: 1], Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli) [reputation: 1], Ildun (@Atoh-nym) [reputation: 1], Liandrin (@Stracci) [reputation: 1]

[Reputation 3+] Tools: herbalism kit, navigator’s tools, vehicles [water], thieves’ tools
[Reputation 5+] magic items: cloak of the manta ray, gloves of thievery
[Reputation 10+] magic item: dagger of blindsight

The Harpers

The Harpers are a semi-secret organization dedicated to preserving historical lore, maintaining the balance between nature and civilization, and defending the innocent from the forces of Evil across the Realms. Their reputation amongst the people of the Forgotten Realms varied just as wildly. They were often seen as wild-eyed idealists, but also just as often seen as insufferable meddlers who could not keep their business to themselves.
In Skullport they are active in helping the Underdark refugees.

known Subgroups: Protectors of the Song (Elistraee acolytes), The Patches (Skullport medic guild)

PCs: Bok (@DutchyGio) [reputation: 2], Darius [reputation: 2], Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli) [reputation: 1], Dr. Goosejet (@PatrickD) [reputation: 1], Sirius (@BufoBufo) [reputation: 1]

[Reputation 3+] Tools: forgery kit, musical instrument (any), thieves’ tools
[Reputation 5+] magic items: hat of disguise, gloves of thievery
[Reputation 10+] magic item: sun blade

Bregan_Daerthe \

Bregan D’aerthe

Bregan D’aerthe is a company of mercenaries originally made up of the much-derided and dishonorable castaways of destroyed drow houses. The group’s mysterious leader is always looking for new members to fill the ranks, and loyalty is what matters to him most.

known Subgroups: Jaezred Chaulssin (half-dragon drow assassins), Gnome tinkers on a Lantan submarine

PCs: Bok (@DutchyGio) [reputation: 2], Walter (@jboimler) [reputation: 2]

[Reputation 3+] Tools: disguise kit, gaming set (any), thieves’ tools
[Reputation 5+] magic items: boots of elvenkind, gloves of thievery
[Reputation 10+] magic item: bracer of flying daggers

The Reforged Ring

This criminal group partakes in the foulest trade in the entire city of Skullport. A group known as the Iron Ring was once the most powerful faction in Skullport. Led by a magically disguised yuan-ti abomination, the Iron Ring fell from power decades ago.
Members of the Reforged Ring seek to invoke the old organization’s name, even in the face of some criminal elements in the city who oppose their foul plans.

known Subgroups: Bat’s Roost (fighting pit), House Auvryndar (foreign drow nobles), Yuan-ti fleshcrafters, Troglodyte tribes

PCs: Bok (@DutchyGio) [reputation: 7], Ildun (@Atoh-nym) [reputation: 1], Liandrin (@Stracci) [reputation: 7], Sirius (@BufoBufo) [reputation: 1]

[Reputation 3+] Language: any; Tools: poisoner’s kit, thieves’ tools
[Reputation 5+] magic items: slippers of spider climbing, gloves of thievery
[Reputation 10+] magic item: spider staff

:skull: Faiths in Skullport:

Eilistraee (she/her)

Goddess of: beauty, dance, freedom, redemption, swordplay
note: she is the most popular deity in Skullport and is especially worshipped by Underdark refugees


Abbathor (he/him)

God of: avarice, burglars, greed, thieves, wealth

Beshaba (she/her)

Goddess of: accidents, bad luck, curses, mischief, misfortune

Cyric (he/him)

God of: illusion, intrigue, lies, madness, megalomania

Ghaunadaur (it/its)

God of: abominations, caverns, oozes, rebels, outcasts

Lolth (she/her)

Goddess of: deceit, poisons, stealth, spiders, webs

Loviatar (she/her)

Goddess of: agony, hurt, suffering, torment, torture

Malar (he/him)

God of: bloodlust, hunt, marauding, lycanthropes, stalking


Shar (she/her)

Goddess of: darkness, forgetfulness, loss, night, secrets

Umberlee (she/her)

Goddess of: currents, drowning, oceans, winds, waves

:skull: Homebrew Story Awards for Downtime Days:

“Ear to the Ground”

spend this Award to learn 3 rumours about topics important in the upcoming game session
1 will be true, 1 will be mostly true, 1 will be partly true
doing this multiple times before the same game session will reveal the same three rumours
cost: 2 Downtime Days and 50gp

“Forbidden Knowledge”

learn a dangerous secret about something in the setting (but not nec. about the next plot)
cost: 10 Downtime Days and 250gp

“Good Thing I Brought This Along Just in Case”

spend this Award to get any one item from the Adventuring Gear list in the PHB (p150) till the end of the game session
cost: 1 Downtime Day and 100gp

“I Have Trained for Exactly This”

you can spend this Award at anytime in this campaign to get a “20” on a d20 on an ability check you would have rolled with proficiency
you must spend this Award before rolling - you cannot use it for a check after rolling
cost: 10 Downtime Days

“It Was a Fake the Whole Time”

spend this Award to have a duplicate of any magical or nonmagical item featured in the adventure, including any necessary casting of Nystul’s magic aura to sell the ruse. Duplicates of magic items have no real magical power. You decide who currently has the fake, even if it doesn’t logically make sense.
note: should the task of an adventure be to aquire a specific item, you cannot use this Award for that specific item (but for any other item in that adventure)
cost: 10 Downtime Days and 500gp

“Wait! I Have Talked to This Guard Before”

spend this Award to start a backflash scene how you met and interacted with a guard 10 days earlier
all ability checks in the backflash scene will have advantage
note: only works on living guards (so neither contructs nor undead)
cost: 10 Downtime Days (plus maybe gold if you spend it during the “flash-back scene”)

“You Really Had Me Going There”

spend this Award to start a backflash scene how you secretly have tried to struck a deal with an antagonist 10 days earlier.
cost: 20 Downtime Days (plus maybe gold if you spend it during the backflash scene)

“Working the Ranks”

you gain a mission from a Faction
depending on your degree of success, your Reputation for that Faction will rise by 1 or 2
prerequisite: Faction Reputation 1+
cost: 10 Downtime Days

“Training Montage”

gain proficiency in one of the tools (or Languages) from your Faction
prerequisite: Faction Reputation 3+
cost: 10 Downtime Days and 200gp

“Dirty Fighting”

You gain the Martial Adept Feat as a Homebrew Story Award.
note: should you have levels in the Battle Master subclass, the superiority die gained from this Homebrew Story Award will still stay a d6.
cost: 15 Downtime Days and 500gp

“Undercommon by Exposure”

You pick up the local slang and learn Undercommon
note: people from Skullport can immediately spot your “upperworldy” accent.
prerequisite: being able to speak Common
cost: 10 Downtime Days

“Shopping in Skullport”

You use extra time to track down goods from various Underdark merchants.
prerequisite: being able to speak Undercommon
cost: 1 Downtime Day per shop visited

Dead Man's Corner (Spellbook/Zombies)


This ramshackle and crammed shop is run by Olivia Stillwater.

She lets you copy some spells for “free”: t.m. you do not have to pay an additional cost to the cost to copy these spells, but you have to swear an oath to Olivia Stillwater, that you will always memorize spells learned this way (in case a fire breaks out).

:books: Skullport firebrigarde spells:

  1. gust of wind (Evoc.), warding wind (Evoc.)
  2. sleet storm (Conj.), tidal wave (Conj.)
  3. watery sphere (Conj.)

:zombie: Zombies:

  • you can buy :zombie: “zombies on a leash” for 50gp a piece here
Feathered Rat (Mounts/Familiars)


A petshop run by the half-elf Ulvira Snowveins.

She sells the following mounts:

  • :bison: deep rothĂ© pack beast for 50gp
  • :lizard: giant riding lizard for 100gp
  • :badger: trained cave badger for 500gp

also, for a fee, she can teach someone to increase their list of summoned familiars

  • add :mushroom: campestri to your list of conjurable familiars for 50gp
  • add :rat: :brain: cranium rat to your list of conjurable familiars for 50gp
  • add :cat2: :feather: tressym to your list of conjurable familiars for 100gp

should you have a :dragon: pseudodragon familiar via your Pact of the Chain warlock feature, she can show you how to strengthen your bond:

  • learn to share your familiar’s Magic Resistance trait as long as your :dragon: pseudodragon is within 10 feet of you, for 1500gp
House Auvryndar (Poisons)


This drow house sells various poisons. Malice Auvryndar, who hangs around the Bat’s Roost fighting pit, handles most of the “merchandise”.

Nightshade's Caress (Potions)

Nightshade (3)

An apothecary shop run by the mummy known as Nightshade.
She sells the following potions:

Poisoned Quill (Spellbook/Scrolls/Teleportation-Circle)


A mage shop run by the eccentric Tasselgryn Velldarn.

:books: Poisoned Quill spells:

You can pay her to copy spells from her spellbook.
Prices are in addition to the cost to copy these spells.

  1. [25gp] absorb elements (Abj.), comprehend languages (Divin.), detect magic (Divin.), identify (Divin.), illusory script (Illu.), mage armor (Abj.), ray of sickness (Necro.), shield (Abj.)

  2. [75gp] augury (Divin.), continual flame (Evoc.), gentle repose (Necro.), invisibility (Illu.), knock (Trans.), spider climb (Trans.)

  3. [150gp] counterspell (Abj.), dispel magic (Abj.), feign death (Necro), fly (Trans.), stinking cloud (Conj), water breathing (Trans.)

  4. [300gp] arcane eye (Divin.), dimension door (Conj), greater invisibility (Illu.), locate creature (Divin.), Mordenkainen’s private sanctum (Abj.), polymorph (Trans.)

  5. [750gp] cloudkill (Conj.), modify memory (Ench.), passwall (Trans.), Rary’s telepathic bond (Divin.), seeming (Illu.), teleportation circle (Conj.)

  6. [1800gp] guards and wards (Abj.), move earth (Trans.), programmed illusion (Illu.)

:scroll: Poisoned Quill scrolls:

  • spell scroll of comprehend languages for 50gp
  • spell scroll of detect magic for 50gp
  • spell scroll of ray of sickness [attack +5; DC 13]) for 50gp

:wheel: Teleportation Circle

  • you can persuade her to use her teleportation circle for a fee of 50gp per person
Sword & Sextant (Maps)


A map shop being run by a pair of halfling brothers Oleander and Will.

  • crude map of Skullport for 50gp
  • buy lots of maps of Skullport widely varied in age and quality for 500gp
Old Xoblob Shop (Trinkets)


This curiousity shop is run by the gnome Xoblob. It is famous for the stuffed beholder that hangs above its front window.

:purple_heart: Couriosities for sale:

  • a potion that permanently turns a magic item purple, for 10gp (max. 3)
  • gain a random trinket for 5gp (max. 3)

please keep in mind, that these Homebrew Story Awards only work at my table


This sounds very interesting as a campaign setting, would love to join and play. As a disclaimer, i have run Dragonheist twice as a DM (autumn & spring) will that be an issue of me joining on your end?


there might be some things you might recognize in 2 out of 12 adventures
(as well as having some DM knowledge about two Underdark organisations)
but that’s about it

Lovely then if that ain’t a blocker i’d love to join - haven’t been a player for a while and its time i put some of my character templates to use :slight_smile:

Sort of a newer player to D&D in general, but I have been playing long enough to understand quite enough at the very least, as I’ve been playing for a few months in another campaign with some friends over Discord where I’ve learned quite a lot.

Is it fine if I deep my feet in the waters here? Would love to participate :relieved:

I’d love to be on board!

@Scorp @Hamer


just join one of the V.A.L.U.E. games :+1: when I plan to run this
(not this week though, since I will be a player)

should you have any questions, feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

I’d like to join in. It would be my first time joining in to a V.A.L.U.E game, let alone an in person D&D game. I’ll be making a T1 character. I’ll be coming in on April 21st, so I’ll be sure to ask around and figure things out a bit too.


:point_right: just post on the relevant weekly (?) V.A.L.U.E. post when I am dm-ing this that you wanna show up and then will see :+1: (not this week though, since I will join as a player)

if you arrive early, someone could help you with character creation

should you have questions feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

Uuuuh Skullport…can you book a spot this Friday, will try to make it with shady t1. Are we starting at lvl1?

the first 5 adventures will be T1 ( … and the first and the second adventure will be max. level 2)


this Friday I will join as a player
pretty high chance I will start the week after that

please keep in mind that this is the info-dump / homebrew awards thread
… to join please post in the V.A.L.U.E. thread of that week :slight_smile:

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:skull: Downtime Activities for selective Characters:

:spider: “Divine Parasite Removal”

for Bok (@DutchyGio)

You run around in Skullport to find someone, that could help you remove the spider parasite in your ear. A remove curse spell should be enough, right?
note: this will be tricky and there is a chance that this might backfire …
Cost: 10 Downtime Days & 90gp

:slot_machine: “Afterlife Gambling”

for Arken (@Martin), Bok (@DutchyGio), Richard (@ThatGuyTed), and Walter (@jboimler)

You may spend gp to gain gambling chips to have the chance to win prizes at the Afterlife Casino.
note: non-consumeable magic items gained this way are awarded instead of the magic item awarded for that session
Cost: 2 Downtime Days (only 1 Downtime Day for Arken (@Martin)

:books: “Advanced Heist Magic”

for Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli)

You can transscribe Heist Magic spells into your spellbook.
Cost: normal amount of Downtime Days and gp cost

:vampire: “Vampire Training”

for Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli), Liandrin (@Stracci), Willam (@MarkusW), Walter (@jboimler)

You can try to persuade Lord Morlin to change your race into a Dhampir.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days (only 5 Downtime Days for Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli))

:hospital: “Biopunk: Reforged Ring Edition”

for Bok (@DutchyGio) and Liandrin @Stracci)

You can get various fleshcrafts implanted into your body.
These are all individual Homebrew Story Awards.
You can find the fleshcraft-list :point_right: here.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days & 600gp, each

:person_with_crown: “Noblesse Oblige”

for Willem (@MarkusW)

You try to get Aaron, the noble you have saved, back to the surface … a daunting task.
From his thankful family you will get +180gp (so 480gp total) from :point_right: this adventure, and the noble family of House Irlingstar from the metropolis of Waterdeep will be forever grateful to you.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days

:crazy_face: “From the Cradle to the Grove”

for Yarrow (@cat4laugh)

Prerequesite: being able to cast the druid grove spell
Time to create the two-headed snake grove dedicated to Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons!
Maybe this would allow you to create more of this magic dust you found in the Abyss?
Cost: 20 Downtime Days & 666gp

:lizard: “Giant Riding Lizard”

for Bok (@DutchyGio), Ghundralt (@Jackfruitchilli), Liandrin (@Stracci), Dr. Goosejet (@PatrickD) and Richard (@ThatGuyTed)

Ulvira Snowveins from the Feathered Rat shop could train your giant riding lizard for you. So it would also be willing to leave the Underdark. You then can use it as a mount in games on my table. Cost: 1 Downtime Day plus 100gp

:performing_arts: “Beshaba’s Favours”

for Sirius (@BufoBufo)

For every Beshaba’s Curse (see the post below :point_down:) you have successfully used, you may gain one Homebrew Story Award from the following list.
Cost: 5 Downtime Days, each

Beshaba's Favours

:performing_arts: “Quicken Duplicity”
Prerequisite: trickery cleric 2+ of Beshaba
You can activate your Invoke Duplicity class feature as a bonus action.

:performing_arts: “Improved Cloak of Shadows”
Prerequisite: trickery cleric 6+ of Beshaba
You can use your Cloak of Shadows class feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus without the need to spend a use of your Channel Divinity feature.
You regain all uses of this Homebrew Story Award after a long rest.

:performing_arts: “Venomous Strike”
Prerequisite: trickery cleric 8+ of Beshaba
Creatures suffering poison damage from your Divine Strike class feature, must pass a Constitution saving throw against your cleric save DC or suffer from the poisoned condition till the beginning of your next turn.

please keep in mind, that these Downtime Activities only work at my table

art by Christopher Cant

:skull: Lady Doom is smiling

Beshaba’s Divine Homebrew Story Awards for Sirius (@BufoBufo)

:foot: “The Curse of the Stubbed Toe”

Status: USED

At any point during a game, you can spend this Story Award to choose a creature with toes and reduce its walking speed by 10 feet until it regains hit points. This does not affect swimming and flying speeds.
This curse does neither require line of sight, nor an action. You even can use this Story Award against a creature your character does not even know.

:funeral_urn: “The Curse of the Priceless Drow Vase”

Status: USED

At any point during a game, you can spend this Story Award to choose a creature, who is holding a nonmagical object. That item will “accidentally” fall on the floor, shatter and be destroyed. This curse does neither require line of sight, nor an action. You even can use this Story Award against a creature your character does not even know.
Note: Just touching an object (e.g. “holding a door”) won’t be enough to qualify for this curse.
Note: You cannot use this curse against Liandrin (@Stracci) however since she made an offering to your goddess Beshaba.

:black_joker: “The Curse of the Losing Streak”

Status: ACTIVE

At any point during a game, you can spend this Story Award to choose a humanoid, who is currently gambling. The target will lose as much as possible in that game, followed by trying to win their losses back only to lose even more. The curse will end at dawn.
This curse does neither require line of sight, nor an action. You even can use this Story Award against a humanoid your character does not even know.
Note: You will not be able to use this curse, if a player character is involved in that game.
Note: You cannot use this curse against Quentin Togglepocket and his employees however since he made an offering to your goddess Beshaba .

please keep in mind, that these Homebrew Story Awards only work at my table