D&D 5E DM Looking for Players [FULL]

Hey :slight_smile:
I think about running a bi-weekly D&D 5E campaign on Saturdays for the next ~ 6 months or so


  • Sword & Sorcery
  • Desert-Life (earlier), Ruined-City-Sandbox (later)
  • Ancient Cults & Civilisations


  • I would prefer to play in person

Roleplay / Fight:

  • I lean more to the roleplay heavy side, but I also love epic boss fights


  • English


  • Hard to tell, but I would say this is rather a short-medium campaign
    (hence my estimated 6 months length)

Safety Tools:

  • No sexual violence. No exceptions.
  • No explicit violence against children. Past trauma is alright but I don’t want to see a player abuse a child. It is a red line for me.
  • No blatant racism, slavery, sexism (especially from players), if you are unable to do anything about it. (Bonk/rob the guys who do it). There might be themes of that. But the thing is that it is presented as something bad, that needs to change.

Hi again :slight_smile:
I (he/him) ran a couple of open hopp-in / hopp-off campaigns here at RPGVienna,
such as :worm: Age of Worms, :cityscape: Ravnica, and :skull: Scoundrels of Skullport in the past, plus several oneshots

:partying_face: If you are interested, write me on Discord (Darthbinks), post here, or write me a PM :partying_face:


Jump on this, this will be awesome.

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I’d love to join, it sounds fantastic. It’s hard to believe but in a year+ of being at RPG Vienna I’ve never been able to join one of your tables! It’d be fun to change that.

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Published campaign or yours, Darth?


it is an old published campaign from the good ol’ days, I expanded “a bit”
(send you “spoiler” as a PM)

Thought it might be. Good stuff!

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The Setting:

The Raurin’ is a vast rain shadow desert locked beween ancient nations deep in 'The Hordelands’, each with their own rich history and all suffering from their own individual problems.

The Silk Road’, a very important trade route connecting the western continent of Faerûn and the eastern continent of Kara-Tur, goes right through this desert.

For those, who have seen the D&D movie:

  • we are south-east of Thay (the magocracy of the red wizards):
  • ~ 5,500km away from the Sword Coast (that is ~ the distance from Vienna to Delhi (India))

So most local cultures here are more inspired by Ancient Egypt / Kushite Empire, Assyria, Mongol Empire, and Indus Valley Civilisation myths … than JRR Tolkeen fantasy tropes.
Dwarves, elves, halflings, goblins, gnomes, orcs and kobolds do exist as well, but most of them with their own unique history.

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Im interested

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Would be interested!

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edit 2: look to run at least one game with the potential players, who I have not gamed with before (if possible), to see if our playing style will be compatible :slight_smile:

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fascinating! I’d be interested in a longer campaign as well. looking forward for more details.

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Darthbinks is a lovely dm. 10/10 would join if I had the time.


you are too kind :heart:

Do you still take people. When is your session


TL;DR yes, but chances are low

theoretically “yes”
but I already have quite a pool, and sadly will have to say “no sorry” to some people :frowning:

I try to run oneshots with potential players I have not gamed with before
(I already started; plus I will skip potential players I already know to save time)

the good news:
oneshots are always nice :game_die:

Thanks for your interest, and I hope the oneshots were fun

sadly … I cannot multiply and run this mini-campaign with all of you simultaneously at the same time


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