V.A.L.U.E Friday - The Punless Uplands

:sun_with_face: location: WOW/Keepers. Holochergasse 53 , 1150, Vienna, Austria

Post below if you are coming - all tables are open. Players of any level of experience are welcome.

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or character


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


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:sun_with_face: Our D&D Houserules

:sun_with_face: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs 5 Downtime Days for both trading characters, each)

:sun_with_face: Discord for questions and stuff


I will be there to run another Brancalonia T1 adventure - rumors of a forest being haunted by ‘howling boars’ need investigating.


  • Nothing special to prepare for Brancalonia - just rock up with any T1 character
  • There may be a little setting-specific tweaking to backgrounds
  • You can find some background in the campaign log, but it is not necessary to play


We would be 2 not bloody beginner players with lvl5 characters and would like to play! We could downscale them to T1 if necessary.


@Atanen :vulcan_salute: welcome

as new players, you can start at level 1 (Tier 1) or level 5 (Tier 2)
for details please check out :sun_with_face: Our D&D Houserules as linked in the first post of every V.A.L.U.E. thread

you cannot play characters from your home games,
but you could def. re-build them using Our D&D Houserules :+1:

please be aware that downleveling a character is not an option so far
… unless we change the rules in the future

… should you have characters from other AL games (such as D&D Adventurers League Singapore),
importing them should not be a problem


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Thx for the fast response! Do you mean a background like urban bounty hunter? The “ear to the ground” is written as “background feature”

Or the given proficiencies are the problem (not really obvious without an example)?

We would then re-create our characters as lvl1 with pointbuy and along your rules

Put me down as a very likely T1! I’ll need to rock up a character, but I think I can manage that. First time playing in VALUE! @xaosseed, will you have me in Brancolonia?

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Barrún would love to continue a Brancalonian journey


@Atanen I guess you are referring to this :point_down:

the rules are not changing … but there might be some Brancalonia-style :spaghetti: reflavouring
since this is an open hop-in / hop-off campaign in a very special, spaghetti-fantasy setting

Will be there as well, playing high tiers if possible. Could also DM something if needed (White Plume Mountain T3 for example).

I’ll be there and would like to continue @xaosseed’s Brancalonia adventure

Ill be there to play T1 - T3 and I hope to make it to 18:30 to open up in case its not open already.

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Hej, I saw your group on meetup and would like to join. I haven’t played pen&paper in while and want to get back into it. Is there anything specific, I need to know/prepare?


Welcome to the forum fellow wanderer, all you need to create your PC is here for first time you can join as tier 1 level 1 or tier 2 level 5. :slight_smile:

I will probably be there. Might dm something


will be there

would join a T1-T4 table … also could dm a high T2 investigation adventure :beetle:

I’d like to join as a tier 1 player (o゚v゚)ノ


I will join as Tier 1


Will be there to preferably play T1 with @Mode7 and @Diistract, but can also join a T2 or T3 table if there isnt enough space for T1

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Hi everybody, I am new in Vienna and I am looking for a group with whom I can play DnD. I’d like to join you this Friday. Would it be fine? If I have understood correctly I have to start with a level 1 or level 5 PC using the VALUE Rules for the creation. Should I keep something else in mind or bring something with me other than my character sheet?


If you bring a character sheet and some dice you’re set :slight_smile: But even if you don’t bring either, as long as you’re early (say, half an hour) we will happily help you with character creation and if you don’t have any die with you I bet someone will be happy to help you out and borrow you some :slight_smile: Just bring a good attitude and prepare to have an adventure, that’s what we’re all about :slight_smile: