Our | V.A.L.U.E. | games are absolute positive

:point_right: location: WOW/Keepers. Holochergasse 53 , 1150, Vienna, Austria

Come one, come all to our weekly DnD 5e open games!

If you plan to be there make sure to let us know by posting the Tier of the adventure you plan to run or the Tier(s) of character(s) you plan to play.

I’ll be there to run a super happy fun murder T1 dungeon … or join any T1-T4 table that will have me :slight_smile:

p.s.: sorry about the math pun :joy:


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


:point_right: New? Or got Questions about the location?

:point_right: Our D&D Houserules

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs 5 Downtime Days for both trading characters, each)

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

i’ll be there to play T1 or T2

I’m either joining Super Happy Fun Murder Dungeon :imp:

or I’m running maybe T2, T3 or T4 if I’m crazy :frog: (also depends on interest). Or if some people who want to play a campaign with me, want to play. I can also run an one-shot for them.


  • A Fairytale Wedding :fairy: T4
  • Journey to the Center of the Tarrasque :lizard: T3/T4
  • Dragons, Destinies and Duels. :dragon: T2/T1

Edit: The People have spoken and it will be T1/T2 :dragon:

Ill be there. If Ted continues the T4 game im doing that. Otherwise im open to anything

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I will be running a high T2 Halloween themed one shot “The Sweetest Shadows” :lollipop::black_circle: Looking forward :grin:

I’ll be there to join @Alaadu :ok_hand:

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Will be there either to play, hopefully T3 or T4, or to DM something spooky for Halloween - either Don’t Say Vecna (T4) or the Death House again (T1/T2).

Could also start White Plume Mountain (T3) if folks are interested.

I am also working on another T4 adventure for those who already have finished Baldur’s Gate 3, so stay tuned… :slight_smile:

I will be there to play T1. I am a complete n00b, i have played a couple of time in my life, but i am really interested and I hope you could help me :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! everyone were noobs at one point so nothing to worry about:)

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Just make sure to follow the V.A.L.U.E character creation right here and you’re golden :grin:

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I will be there to run another Brancalonia T1 adventure.


  • Nothing special to prepare for Brancalonia - just rock up with any T1
  • There may be a little setting-specific tweaking to backgrounds
  • You can find some background in the campaign log, but it is not necessary to play

Would love to join!

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Hey! Relatively new player here. I played a couple of times a few years ago, but its been a bit, so I’d jump in with a T1.


Welcome to the forum, here is everything you need to know about creating your first V.A.L.U.E character :grin:


I will also be joining, accompanied by a friend, and possibly one more person. So it might be just me+1, or even me+2. We’ll all be T1. However, if there’s not enough room at T1, I can opt for a separate table, either T2 or T3.

Edit: My other friend just confirmed so it is gonna be me+2 all T1. I am still open to play at a separate table as T2 or T3

Hey @Lukki25 and @setarcos, as @Alaadu mentioned, you can check out the rules on the website. If you need help with creating your character or anything else, just show up about 20 minutes early and ask the folks there for help, or hop on our Discord server and ask there.


I will be joining this Friday early in case someone needs help i will be happy to :slight_smile:


I’ll be there with T1-T3.5… (so close to T4!). I’d love to join Alaadu’s Halloween adventures if there’s room.

I can bring some character sheets with me for any new folk (also feel free to check out online resources!).

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I’ll be there with T1 and T2 characters open for any table with space!

Would be there to continue tabaxi shenanigans at your table or DM a oneshot called pumpkin spice twatté

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