TheSun-Day V.A.L.U.E

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up

and also the tier of your game / characters you want to play.

There is a card tournament this friday so how about trying a new day eh?

I will continue the spelljammer oneshot which was left on a huge cliffhanger :wink: T1


If you’re completely new start here :point_right: RPGVienna Quickstart
:point_right: V.A.L.U.E Rules
:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar
:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

Is there a specific reason it is on a sunday rather than a friday? on sunday I am not available as this is the day I DM Curse of Strahd :slight_smile:

As I wrote up there, there is a pretty sizable card tournament on Friday which I would try to avoid for noise Reasons :slight_smile:


Sadly i work this weekend :confused:

I would love to continue with spelljammer but I’m afraid I can’t do Sunday…

I’d like to join as a player. (T1-3)

let’s see if we get enough people for a table.

I should have time on sunday… I’ll be there with T1-T3 characters and maybe also an adventure… I’ve recently had some T3/T4 ideas…

Looks like I can probably join.

I’d join as well :slight_smile:


DM (1-2):
-cat4laugh T1 :rocket:

Potential DM (1):
-ThatGuyTed T3-T4 :exploding_head: … or joins T1 :rocket:

Players (4-5):
-BufoBufo T1 :rocket:
-Jackfruitchilly T1 :rocket:
-jboimler T1 :rocket:
-Martin T1 :rocket:

I’ll also show up :blush: can play any tier.

I’ll be a little late. The public transport is a little slow at the moment

@cat4laugh @Jackfruitchilli @Martin @BufoBufo @jboimler
Thank you very much for the enjoyable and chaotic session. (I’m sorry it ran a bit long)

Blast thanks you for your cooperation in killing the late Eye of Vecna. Your contributions are appreciated. Each of you gains a sack of coins containing 1000 pp (10 000 gp) as payment for your services.

In addition to the money you can also choose ONE of the following items:

  1. Portable Hole
  2. Cape of the Mountebank
  3. Boots of the Winterlands (Thomas Van Richten - Winterclothes Outlet ™)

OR (as the DM realised that he can actually give out a way larger range of items that he previously thought ^^)

  1. Efreeti Chain gifted to the party by the Efreeti they freed from his prison, for not making him work too hard on those 3 wishes.

All of you may also keep the potions your character collected during the adventure. (I unfortunately didn’t keep track of who got which potion but I’m confident you kept track of it individually)

Which brings us to the homebrew story awards:

Ginny (played by @BufoBufo) gains:

The mysterious keep:
You gain the deed to the “Rockfeller Keep”. You aren’t sure how you came into its posession, but apparently it belongs to you now… and it’s full of monsters.

Zurga (played by @jboimler) gains:

The lucky draw of friendship:
You gained the friendship and service of a loyal 4th level half-orc fighter. How you plan to use his services and fighting abilities is up to you, as he is sworn to follow you even into the most deadly battles.

A most different set of cards:
You gained a deck of playing cards which seemingly have the power to change the reality and life of whoever chooses to draw them. You gain a Deck of many Things. May you use them wisely… and carefully.

Squasher (played by @cat4laugh) gains:

Desperate times call for desperate ingenuity:
After your encounter with the Talons card you’ve learned how to use your gifts of artifice to help you out in desperate situations.

  • Once per long rest, as an action you may use a charge of your “Flash of Genius”-Ability to either infuse one non-magical item of your choice or change one or your active Infusions to another one you know. To use this ablity you need to be able to touch the item you want to infuse or change. If the new Infusion would require you to attune to it you are considered to be attuned with it.

Leila (played by @Jackfruitchilli) gains:

No matter how crazy things get you always seem to be able to find a way to bring things back to normal. You gain the following abilty:

  • You may instantly dispell one magical effect (regardless of the level at which it was cast) without expending a spellslot OR you may instantly counterspell one spell cast within 60ft of you (regardless of the level at which it was cast) without expending a spellslot OR you may undo one reality altering effect on one creature.
    You may only use this abilty once.

Garlin (played by @Martin) gains:

A favour from a friend:
As you were the one who removed the Eye of Vecna from the Beholder without damaging it in the process, Blast was very pleased with you. Shorty after you landed back on the material plane you found a little piece of parchment in your pocket.

It reads as follows: “Thank you very much mortal. You saved me quite a bit of time sorting through hundreds of vaults. Should you ever need assistance, hold out this paper and say the words I’m calling in my favour and I shall know and assist you.”


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