The Place V.A.L.U.E. of Hidden Valleys

:house: location: WOW/Keepers. Holochergasse 53 , 1150, Vienna, Austria

Post below if you are coming - all tables are open. Players of any level of experience are welcome.

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or character?
  • If you are new and need some help with character creation. (If you don’t need help with character creation → please check out our Houserules - link below)


  • T1 : levels 1-4
  • T2 : levels 5-10
  • T3 : levels 11-16
  • T4 : levels 17-20


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:point_right: Our D&D Houserules

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. magic item bazaar (costs 5 Downtime Days for both trading characters, each)

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

Lost Mammoth Valley

:mammoth: T2 (levels 7-10)

will contine my “Primal” mini hop-in / hop-off campaign

Players, who played twice already, will have prefered seating:
@BufoBufo (:orangutan:), @Istariel (:orangutan:), @Janlocks (:lion:), @Potifex (:lion:),

People who asked me to be put on the waiting list and/or played at least once:
@Atanen (:orangutan:), @JuMiSu (:orangutan:), @Mexikorn (:bear:), @ThatGuyTed (:bear:), @truecrawl (:lion:)

:camping: you can trade :meat_on_bone: rations for gear (weapons, armor, healing potions, etc.) at the beginning of the adventure


Unique Downtime Activities

:orangutan: Leader of the Apes

prerequisite: being a (non-Druid) member of the :orangutan: Clan

Grandfather Eiwar died, and his only relative Pakano was tried for treason and killed.
You stand up to try to win the title of :orangutan: Clan Leader.
note: more than one :orangutan: PC can try to win the title
cost: 10 Downtime Days

:male_detective: Dead Dwarves

prerequisite: being @Janlocks

Some of the dwarven slaves, who you adopted into the :lion: Clan during the first adventure (‘Broken Tusk Moon’) seem to missing? Might be worth to investigate, maybe?
cost: 5 Downtime Days

:world_map: Undiscovered Country

prerequisite: being proficient in Perception, Stealth, AND Survival

You try to get glimpses of the things to encounter in this valley.
cost: 5 Downtime Days

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I will be there, hoping for a high tier table :slight_smile:

I can also continue White Plume Mountain if the people from last time are ready for that.

any tier 1ttables for newbies??

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Tulku will be joining and also taking 5 downtime days to investigate the missing dwarves along with his trusty imp companion Kava.


Cirra (lv 9) will be there and fight for ape clan


I’ll be there to continue the Primal :mammoth: adventure if possible.

(Note: If 3 or more of the Plague adventure :syringe: are there and want to continue, I’ll prep and run part 2 (T2))


I’ll be there, for realsies this time ^^’


I would be up for the continuation of the Plague this Friday

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Would be there again with Sulik, most probably no downtime activities this time, need the levels!


:mount_fuji: :ninja: :mount_fuji:

DMs (3):

  • cat4laugh :cat2: T1
  • Darthbinks :mammoth: T2 (levels 7-10)
  • Resil :crystal_ball: T2

Potential DMs (2):

Players (15-16):

  • Atanen :mammoth: T2
  • BufoBufo :mammoth: T2
  • Istariel :mammoth: T2
  • Janlocks :mammoth: T2
  • ThatGuyTed :mammoth: T2
  • truecrawl :mammoth: T2
  • NonnoKai :crystal_ball: T2
  • maybe Xerdor :crystal_ball: T2
  • Tequila_Sunset +1 :crystal_ball: T2 (x2)
  • Arthilas T2-T4
  • timodeus T1-T3
  • alexman90gg T1
  • Avallona T1-T2
  • Dharaxas T1-T2
  • Tiero T1-T4
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Will we be training as :ninja: in Iga :mount_fuji: or Kōga :mount_fuji: ? :smiley:

Oaklig continues the journey together with his fellow hunters :grin:

He will also offer his shield and staff in guidance to his clan (Leader of the Apes Downtime Activity, if the clan would accept a ranger as their leader).


@Darthbinks I would vote on him! :metal:t2: :joy: :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

Hattori Hanzo style :bowing_man:

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If possible I would like to join the PRIMAL table again with my Druid. Clan leader is not a goal for Cain, so he will leave it up to others that he can build up from without.

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Will be there to join any table. If Resil shows up and decides to dm i will join his table

If work allows ill come this week to play T2+

Ill update on friday when I know more

Also I’d be up to continue the campaign with @ThatGuyTed although Id bring another char, more suited to combat and dungeon crawls

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I will be there to continue the page campaign or play T1-T3

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