Open D&D Table - Episode 20: Hold on to Nothing as Fast as You Can

Happy 2023!

It was a pretty good year, wasn’t it? Let’s kick the new one off with a bang. It’s a Thursday night, too - just like old times!

D&D. Tomorrow. See you!

Uhm… Where? And when?

Edit: just found that out says 19:00
Place I’d guess 1070? I’m motivated but I’m questioning how many will come.

1900 is an approximate time, I guess. It’s not the regular friday group, we’re meeting in 1030 somewhere. It’s an open table, we seem to have four players so far this time…

PM with details sent. See you guys tonight!

Tonight’s table is now full. Thank you, and sorry for the short notice.

Best of luck in the forboding wilderness!

Update to the cult cave:

List of all Maps :
Ravine Map - Session 13
Ravine Caves 1+2 (Goblins, Ogre) - Session 5
Ravine Cave 3 (Red goblins) - Session 13
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult) (Session 20): See above
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult, downstairs) - Session 15
Ravine Cave 7 (Minotaur) - Session 8
Dungeon in the forest: Sesson 17
The Hill - Session 19

Sessions list (to keep track when we encountered whom), now including raw XP values:

# When Location Encounters / Events XP
1 08.05.22 Distant island Prologue game 500 something
2 21.05.22 Hermit’s den First arrivals at the keep, Hermit 97
3 04.06.22 Ravine, Goblin cave, Ogre cave Goblins, Ogre 147
4 06.06.22 Swamps in the east Giant spider (see head in tavern) 176
5 18.06.22 Ravine, Goblin cave Goblins, Prisoners freed 145
6 03.07.22 Ravine, Cult cave Undead, Throne room 303
7 17.07.22 Ravine, Cult cave Undead, Cultists 24
8 31.07.22 Ravine, Minotaur cave Minotaur, Maze 273
9 07.08.22 Ravine, Cult cave Evil temple 211
10 13.08.22 Ravine, Cult cave (downstairs) Medusa 119
11 21.08.22 Statue in forest Sighting of the tomb 37
12 27.08.22 Yarin’s tomb Released something, Found magic items 198
13 10.09.22 Ravine, Red goblin cave “Alliance” with red goblins 0
14 08.10.22 Ravine, Red goblin cave, Cult cave Assault on the evil temple, Yarins return 62
15 23.10.22 Ravine, Cult cave (Cont.) Rescue of the halfling rogue, Defeat of the cult(?) 722
16 10.12.22 Swamps in the east Search for the baron; Dinosaurs(?) 51
17 14.12.22 Forest in the east, Dungeon in the forest Search for moon berries; Fred the faerie @H to decide
18 28.12.22 The Hill Giant (on the way to the hill), Hobgoblins, Witches @H to decide
19 29.12.22 The Hill Ogres, Steam vents, Way to the monastery? @H to decide
20 05.01.23 Ravine, Cult cave Altar room 0