Open D&D Table - Episode 55: Always to Return

Dungeon? Check.

Deathtraps? Check.

Snacks? Check.

Yeah, we’re ready. Seat or two still open.

Your numbering is a bit off. There were already two 53 threads: Open D&D Table - Episode 53: Searching with Nowhere to Run and Open D&D Table - Episode 53: Home Sweet Home. So we should now be at 55.

This was entirely on purpose. When we set our clocks back, we also went back an episode. Obviously.

Or I just screwed up. Good catch.

Hey i would be interested in participating. Is this open for all? And is a seat still free?

I am new here and this would be my first game in this group. So a have some questions :grimacing:

For what character level would session be? Is it with a VALUE character? And what would i have to bring?


Yes, this game is open for all. And yes, there’s still an open comfy chair.

Characters begin at level 1 (with the option of starting at level 0). These aren’t VALUE characters; we play an older version of the game. We’re basically the kids in E.T. or Stranger Things, including the occasional supernatural encounter (I have no other reasonable explanation for session 51).

You don’t have to bring anything. Pencil & paper are good, so are dice if you have 'em. Snacks and drinks are always nice. Mainly, just good cheer.

Any further questions, just ask! I really have to get around to writing up an FAQ one of these years …

Bit more …

It’s an episodic anthology game with different people at the table each time, somewhere between a campaign and a collection of short stories. We play a hybrid of Basic (the rules chassis) and AD&D (the extras) as played around 1983 or so. It’s a sword & sorcery game heavy on exploration and emergent story. There’s usually no predetermined scenario for a given session (except occasional multi-parters); it’s the players who decide what they want to do. There’s a lot to discover in the game world - it’s really a kitchen sink - but a lot of it will never be found. The characters are all level 1-3. Advancement is slow.

The players are real nice.

Thank you for the fast reply. Okay I have to check up on it. Do I just look up AD&D rules?

I only played 5e up until now and I wanted to play a tabaxi swashbuckler/battlemaster But all those things are definitely too new haha :slight_smile:

Sure, you can read up on the rules, but you don’t have to. Most of the nitty-gritty is behind the screen. In fact, I think it’s probably more fun if you don’t read the rules, but that’s every player’s choice. Either way, knowing the rules doesn’t give anybody a significant advantage at the table. It’s deliberately not a game about rules mastery.

If you do want to look up the rules, the How is mainly from Moldvay B/X, Numbers and Options are from AD&D (no UA & following). In other words, we play with the extra array of AD&D classes, monsters, treasure, etc. and use AD&D xp and saving throw numbers, but don’t use weapon speed factors, training costs, and stuff like that.

It’s a version that was widely played at the time, but never codified. It’s basically an oral tradition.

If you want to play a tabaxi or whatever, go for it. We’ll figure something out. We play for fun; this isn’t some kind of weird exercise in purism.

(No comedy races, however, please. The tone can get extremely silly at the table, but remains serious in-game.)

Alright sounds interesting. Actually I prefer to not know all the rules, just wanted to check up on character options.

Is it ok if I get there without a character planned? Because I am not sure how to build on outside of 5e And is it at the WOW location?

Absolutely. We always create characters right at the table. Doesn’t take long.

And I’ll send you the address. See you tonight!

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Great! See you later :slight_smile:

Updates maps and tables …

List of maps

List of of sessions

# When Location Encounters / Events XP
41 09.07.23 Talos Keep; The Hill (Monastery + Dungeon) (Cont.) Wolves in keep, Avater of Akira, Fred the faerie, Monastery dungeon 44
42 10.07.23 The Hill (Monastery + Dungeon) Ape monsters, Destroying the forges, The idol room 213
43 19.07.23 The Hill (Dungeon) Centipedes, Wolves, Zombie Hobgoblin 47
44 23.07.23 The Hill (Monastery + Dungeon) Raising an ogre army, Demolishing idols, Killer bees 38
45 26.07.23 The Hill (Dungeon) “Open Sesame”, Aviary 32
46 02.08.23 The Hill (Dungeon) Secret rooms, Destroying the idol 49
47 09.08.23 The Hill (Dungeon) Party with the hobgoblin king, “Finding” dungeon level 2 22
48 15.08.23 The Hill (Dungeon Level 2) (Cont.) Gelatinous cube, Fissure deeper down 32
49 20.08.23 The Hill (Dungeon Level 2 + 3) (Cont.) Owlbear, Lava river, Dragon 273
50 25.08.23 Travelling from the Hill to the keep Nixies, Centaurs, Fred the fairie 0
51 08.09.23 The Keep Inspecting the damages, Talking to castellan 0
52 17.10.23 The Keep Getting expelled from the keep, Investigating the castellans missing assistant 0
53 21.10.23 The Hill (Monastery), Standing stones dungeon Taking over the monastery, discovering the standing stones dungeon 0
54 26.10.23 Standing stones dungeon Etherial spiders, Red feathered walking birds 210
55 09.11.23 Standing stones dungeon Etherial spiders, Raptor-birds, Unicorn statues 87
Session # Treasure Best found selling price Current holder(s) Recipient(s) Notes
31 1 shiny gemstone None so far Chylli irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ Magical
33 Dagger 75 GP cwebb irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, Violet_Red
33 Golden ring/bracelet None so far PH irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, Violet_Red Magical
33 Necklace (silver, blue stones) [-1 stone) 500 GP irx irx [+25 GP], Chylli [+25 GP], cwebb [+25 GP], PH [+25 GP], Violet_Red [-100 GP]
35 Aris’ ruby ring None so far irx irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ, hardvark, Violet_Red, Gandohar (+2 buddies) Magical; Can reverse petrification
? Jewelled dagger None so far irx ?
42 2 gemstones None so far hardvark irx, Chylli, cwebb, hardvark, Bearberry
46 4 crystal goblets None so far irx irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, s_journ, hardvark, theSovereign
46 Puzzle box None so far PH irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, s_journ, hardvark, theSovereign
47 Small statue of idol None so far irx irx, Chylli, cwebb, s_journ, hardvark, theSovereign
47 Silver candelabra None so far cwebb irx, Chylli, cwebb, s_journ, hardvark, theSovereign
48 Jewelled necklace None so far irx irx, Chylli, cwebb, s_journ, hardvark, theSovereign
54 5 blue gems None so far Chylli Chylli, s_journ, hardvark, Violet_Red
54 A short, metal rod with a flower-like ornanment (and two, inter-twined circle engraving) None so far Chylli Chylli, s_journ, hardvark, Violet_Red Magical
55 Bone ring None so far PH irx, Chylli, PH, hardvark, godspeed_death “Animal friendship” magic
55 3 casks None so far Chyli, irx, hardvark irx, Chylli, PH, hardvark, godspeed_death Consumable; Magical

The real treasure was the food we ate on the way.