Open D&D Table - Episode 13: Dreams

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Maps … all the maps …

Maps of other caves of the ravine:
Caves 1+2 (Goblins, Ogre): Open D&D Table - Episode 5: In which - #4 by irx
Cave 5 (Cult): Open D&D Table - Episode 9: Views & Reviews - #2 by irx
Cave 5 (Cult, downstairs): Open D&D Table - Episode 10: Anniversary - #14 by irx
Cave 7 (Minotaur): Open D&D Table - Episode 8: COTTAGECORE! - #3 by irx

Sessions list (to keep track when we encountered whom):
Sessions List

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If you’re keeping score, the first session was a prolog on a distant island. Everybody nearly died about 4 minutes into the game. There were pirates involved.

In Episode 4, the adventurers explored the swamps to the east. That’s where the spider’s head in the tavern is from.

Ep. 11 featured the discovery of the statue and an encounter with those who found it first, and eventually the sighting of the tomb.

And after the events of the last two sessions, Ep. 14 should be a doozy!

Due to a great typo about the location of session 2, we might have found a den, where multiple hermits could share the same place without forming any kind of community and still live afar from any societies.

Thanks for the feedback. List is updated.