Open D&D Table - Episode 5: In which

Who’s up for some D&D on a lazy Saturday afternoon? If exploring dangerous places with way too few hit points sounds like your idea of a good time, drop me a line!

This is an old school D&D game with a rotating cast of players and characters. No experience required. Bring your own snacks.

For those who made it back to the keep in Episode 4: In which bridges are built, a dismal swamp is explored, and a halfling hides behind a Bush and Runs up that Hill, let’s exchange the experience!

Everybody receives 176 xp, and even more importantly, the prospect of a warm bath back at the keep!

The favourite song of the halfling is actually this.

Sadly, I can’t make it this weekend, but maybe next week (also interested about the boardgame part)

Shouldn’t there be something about climbing trees as well? Or maybe taking Spider Climb way too literally?

As for boardgaming, I’m playtesting a couple games with an 80s movie theme. One spot at the table still open should anybody wish to join. Noon, Türkenschanzpark.

See you!

I transcribed my map notes into something more readable.
This map doesn’t show actual sizes/lengths of things, but rather the overall layout.
Maybe useful for the future.

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Any map that starts with “Not afraid of jellyfish” is a great map.

I am missing a marker at the spot where our dwarf generously gave away most of her axes to the freed prisoners.

I assumed she got them back. After all, why would the prisoners keep them when we got back to the keep?

You could go back and install a plaque?