Open D&D Table - Episode 41: In Touch with the Ground

Oops. Spoiler.

D&D like it’s '83. Drinks in the shade. Occasional guest stars. If this is your jam, drop me a line.

“Touch grass” wouldve been a funnier title


It’s a reference to one of the characters’ capabilities which is key to the party’s current situation.

It is also - because why stick to one meaning when you can have more? - if looked at from an entirely different angle a cryptic “In the next episode …” preview of something they’ll most likely encounter if they continue on their chosen tack, because DMs have to entertain themselves, too. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, i know it’s a bit short notice, but i just found this group and this sounds fun. Would it be alright if i swing by tomorrow? I’ve played DnD 5e a couple of times, never old school DnD though, if that’s a problem

Message sent. :slight_smile:

Map - the hill - monastery dungeon - 2023-07-09

List of maps
World Map - Session 37
Ravine Map - Session 13
Ravine Caves 1+2 (Goblins, Ogre) - Session 5
Ravine Cave 3 (Red goblins) - Session 13
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult) - Session 20
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult, downstairs) - Session 15
Ravine Cave 7 (Minotaur) - Session 8
Yarins Tomb - Session 12
Dungeon in the forest - Sesson 17
The Hill - Session 27
The Hill - Bat Cave - Session 23
The Hill - Monastery Grounds - Session 41: See above
The Hill - Monastery Interior - Session 41: See above
The Hill - Monastery Dungeon - Session 41: See above
Eagle Mountain - Session 29
Eagle Mountain - Snake Lake - Session 31
Lake Flake - Underwater Tomb - Session 33
Talos Keep - Session 41: See above

List of of sessions
Sessions 1 - 20
Sessions 21 - 40

# When Location Encounters / Events XP
41 09.07.23 Talos Keep; The Hill (Monastery) Wolves in keep, Fred the faerie, Monastery dungeon H to decide

List of treasures we haven’t dealt with yet

Session # Treasure Best found selling price Current holder(s) Recipient(s) Notes
31 1 shiny gemstone None so far Chylli irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ Magical
33 Dagger 75 GP cwebb irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, Violet_Red
33 Golden ring/bracelet None so far PH irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, Violet_Red Magical
33 Necklace (silver, blue stones) [-1 stone) 500 GP irx irx [+25 GP], Chylli [+25 GP], cwebb [+25 GP], PH [+25 GP], Violet_Red [-100 GP]
35 Aris’ ruby ring None so far irx irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ, hardvark, Violet_Red, Gandohar (+2 buddies) Magical; Can reverse petrification

What everybody thinks this game is like: Hard-nosed sword & sorcery.

What it’s actually like: Rewilding the wizard’s hat.

44 xp each.

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