Open D&D Table - Episode 8: COTTAGECORE!

Yeah, I have no idea what cottagecore is, either. But my players assure me that this is a thing, and since we’ll be playing in a bucolic setting that’s actually im Cottage, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get more cottagecore than that.

Anyway, Sunday. D&D. Time yet to be determined, but why not brunch. A spot or two still open at the rustic table.

See you!


See you on Sunday!

Come to the ravine they said
Create a map they said
It’s the minotaurs maze they didn’t say :stuck_out_tongue:


This may well be the greatest map I have ever seen.

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You can feel the passion that went into making the map!

Also, I still have to pay for making the bearskin into a cloak. Plus I’d like to buy a bucket so we can supply some water for Bartholomule in our absence.

Would we get a small cart through the woods? That’s a question I’d ask the rangers probably, they should have a good feel for that. It could come in handy to transport treasures and wounded (in that order).

@irx Dernard sucks for -1 at all missile weapons, right? How about we supply him with something that comes cheaper? A simple sling should do. We do have some dexterous members who could teach you the very basics.

“Dernard! Stop grumbling about those lost daggers. Get a sling, we used to play with those as kids, even you shoukd be able to handle one. Stones are cheap.”

@H prices please for: making bearskin cloak; bucket; cart; sling and ammunition

It might be better to get another mule.

Yeah, the problem is proficiency. I’ve dagger proficiency, and that’s it. So there might be a bigger penalty because of this. But I’ve already an idea about the dagger situation. H will receive it as part of my downtime activities.

if you’re getting together next sunday, would you be open for a new character?

You could probably get a small cart through the woods, but it would slow you down significantly and involve considerable detours.

Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about proficiency. You’re going to gain another at level 7 anyway … :slight_smile:

In any case, unfortunately, magic-users can’t use slings, for arcane reasons that will be immediately obvious to anybody who has studied the mystic arts for just a century or two. But you’re both right in asking for a more efficient option; we’ll handle the details ahead of Sunday’s session.

Bucket: 15 sp

Cart: 50 gp, but see above


How much are you offering?

We are and we would.

A cloak itself is below 1gp, so the manufacturing costs aren’t that high, but I’d offer a very generous 2gp for making the cloak while NOT cleaning the fur!

The Guild of Furriers immediately took out a contract with the Assassins’ Guild next door …

Fine, make it 5gp. grumbles

5 gp and a saving throw vs disease. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for an excuse to roll on the Parasitic Infestation Table …

Is this a negotiation or extortion? 8gp and drops change on table 7sp and 11cp. How about that?

Negotiation or extortion? Why not both!

But the money isn’t the issue. That thing is simply nasty …

10gp, and you have the honor of working for the dwarf who strangled this mighty beast with his bare hands. bear hands. whatever.

There’s a tag on it that says “pre-strangled.” :b

Lies! That’s just one of those practical jokes that halfling always pulls on me. 12gp and half a dozen tankards of ale to make you forget the smell of the thing.