“The joys of the rich man are nothing, as they who hang around with sinners, scoffing at the simple paths of righteousness. Their delights are a pittance compared to eternity, and their rewards shall be devoured by the wriggling powers of darkness. They seem as trees along a riverbank bearing luscious fruits, but I tell you: they are plagued from within by blind, consuming things that eat without mercy and leave nothing behind. Not a one of them will be safe on the day of final judgment, when the slithering darkness feasts upon them. We tread toward a red day, full of writing doom and a dread feast of bloated, ravenous hunger. Dark times is coming. Slithering times, when the clouds snuff the sky and the austerity of flesh is the path of salvation. Be ready, and prepare your body for the coming Age … an Age of Worms …”

  • Jierian Weirus, Priest of the Silver Flame

Diamond Lake

:bug: small town (population 1200-1300)

The ramblings of Knuckston Grizzlebeard, common miner and regular patron of the Feral Dog Tavern, a week before his death by a falling girder in the Tilgast Mines:

So, you wanna know what life is like in Diamond Lake? Dark Six man, why would you want ta give a shit about this place? It’s a piss hole. My old bones sweat their last in those mines, and I’ve got nothing to show for it except a case of gout and the hacking lungrot.

You ain’t going away are, ya?

Well then, sit down. . . I’ll talk to ye about the sights around here, but it’ll cost ya a few rounds . . . the Good Dwarven stuff too, you cheapskate.

Okay, where was I? Diamond Lake, a shithole like no other …

:bug: Politics

Governor-mayor Lanod Neff is the head cheese around here. He’s been appointed by Wroat itself because his father was a head cheese and got him started with a position at the Garrison that he didn’t deserve. Now, he sits in his massive manor house on the hill overlooking the town. It’s constantly under construction, mostly so Neff can try to outclass the other bigwigs in this berg.

The man himself? Dark Six! He’s a lying, cheating philanderer who spends more time chasing tail than doing any real work. He lines the pockets of his cronies to stay in power, and pays off that sheriff to keep him and his boys in line.

If it weren’t for his brother, Allustan Neff, Lanod’s body would have been dumped into a dry mine years ago by the other power brokers in town. Allustan’s a pretty powerful Wizard, probably the smartest man in town. I heard that back in Sharn, he had designs on being the head of Morgrave University, but fell out of favor and was forced into retirement. Since he was born and raised here, he ended up back where he started. I like to think he may have ran away from the big city with his tail between his legs, but, um . . . don’t tell anyone I told you that.

Anyway, the law around here, if you wanna call it that, is a big old bastard named Sheriff Cubbin. It’s no secret he’s in the pocket of the Mayor, and spends his time drinking and carousing in the various cathouses. When he got elected Sheriff, we laughed in our cups and threw darts at his head, until he arrested us all with his private battalion of cronies. Son of a b##ch. . .

The only other law in town is the Garrison, ran by Captain Tolliver Trask. He runs about 60 men in the old keep, but the snots never bother to step foot inside the town proper. Mostly, they patrol the miles of wilderness outside of town, and pray to their self-righteous god of honor. Truth is, Trask doesn’t care a lick for Diamond Lake, and he keeps his men out of our affairs. He’s just here to make sure his precious metropolis Sharn don’t get attacked from our direction. If anything really bad happens here, the gates of the keep will shut so fast that any honest wage earner standing in the way’ll get dashed against the walls.

:bug: Business

The mines are everything here, and I’ve been breaking my back inside of ‘em for 30 years. The mine managers come and go, and deeds exchange hands over blackmail, gambling, and even downright murder and theft. At least that’s the rumor. It a tough business and I can say that through it all, I’m still here, digging away to line the pockets for every backstabbing son-of-a-bich & that ever owned a mine.

Right now, there are six mine managers, who are considered to be the ones that matter in town. They have the chink to ignore the law, and hire their own thugs to keep order in their respective areas of business. They fight with the mayor sometimes, but for the most part they don’t do much but bicker amongst themselves for every scrap of ore they can squeeze out of the hills.

You want a rundown of who they are? What’s the point of that? It won’t last. . .

Ah . . . the Dark Six with it . . . keep the ale coming. . .

Right now, the comer is Balabar Smenk. He is a fat, lecherous bastard who got his start from his old contacts in Sharn. He spends his time gambling, drinking, and scheming up new ways to take over this entire town. The mayor hates him, mostly because he’s scared. Smenk owns 4 mines right now, and is poised to get more. Balabar may have just enough of the town in his pocket to stage a coup of his own, but he’s usually too powdered up with perfume and sweaty finery to think about lifting a sword.

Of course, this has really pissed off Gelch Tilgast. Right now I work for the old fart, but it may not last. Before Smenk come into the picture, Gelch reigned over this berg for years like a petty lord, and now he’s getting a taste of what it’s like to be on the outs. I’ve even heard rumors that he’s trying to get support from other mine managers to fight off Balabar Smenk, but that’s probably hogwash. Tilgast doesn’t know which way is up these days, and they sure as hell wouldn’t deal with him after the way he’s backhanded them over the years.

He’s still better off that Luzanne Parrin. She inherited her mines from her mother, who died in the Last War when she was still a pup. Now, twenty years later, she’s almost bankrupt, and it’s no secret that she’s sleeping with Chaum Gansworth to try and protect her own skin. She’ll be broke soon.

Chaum Gansworth has been in town for a while, and keeps a pretty low profile. Other than the fact that he’s sleeping with Luzanne, there ain’t much to tell. He does own the Rusty Bucket, and has dinner there quite often. I guess his mines are doing okay, but then again . . . how the hell am I supposed to know?

The same can be said for the other two mine managers. One’s an elf, some prancing panty waste named Ellival Moonmeadow. He only owns one silver mine, and doesn’t have anything to do with regular townsfolk like us. He just hangs out with his fellow elves, doing . . . well, whatever it is elves do when they’re together. Haw ha!

The other one is a dwarf, named Ragnolin Dourstone, who’s been here ever since I can remember. Like most Dwarves, he does well for himself in the mining profession, and has handpicked a number of spots to start new mines, all of them pretty damn successful. So far, neither Tilgast nor Smenk has managed to dent his business one bit . . . though they’ve both tried their best over the years.

In addition to the mines, all six mine managers share a single smelting house, located near the old piers. It’s pretty much monopolized by the city council in Sharn, and run like a tight ship. The chief smelter, Vulgan Durtch, is a recluse, and the entire operation resembles a fortress with no windows, and no unguarded entrances. They had to step things up a bit security wise, after one of the mine managers sabotaged a rival’s shipment.

:bug: History

Well, I can’t really go back all that far. My memory gets a little fuzzy when I think back to the old days … I do know that the area near the lake was run by some uppity feudal lord a long time ago. He built a keep, which currently houses the Garrison’s men. There are also a couple of old fences in the cairn hills where he tried to get his farming subjects to grow carrots and potatoes. I wonder how many of the idiot’s subjects starved to death!

Well, his sons started exploring the cairns and old gravesites that litter this whole area. I guess they found quite a bit of loot from the olden days . . . and I don’t mean 50 years ago. I mean really old days. Hundreds of years ago.

Anyway, all this loot attracted the attention of Sharn and Wroat, and pretty soon they bought off the noble kids and annexed this whole area for themselves. They hired a group of adventurers to explore it all, and sucked every last treasure dry from those old tombs.

That would have been the end of Diamond Lake, except prospectors and surveyors came in and took measure of the land. It’s still shit for growing anything but weeds, but wouldn’t you know they discovered a massive cache of silver lodes and massive veins of iron under the hills, including the one we’re sitting on right now?

Now, years and years later, it’s said that that we’re the cornerstone of Sharn’s ore supply. Not like they’d pass any of that wealth onto common laborers like us, you understand. When I was a kid, getting a meal was as easily as casting a line in the Lake. Now, the smelting house and associated runoff has polluted the water so much, the merchants have to send off to Sharn just to get a week-old, salted flounder.

As far as recent history goes, there ain’t much to tell . . . honest folk are still getting screwed and the wealthy are still getting richer off of our sweat. Let’s see. . .

There’s an old ring of stones out in the boonies, called the Menhirs. It’s visited by Rangers, Druids, and other freeloaders. No one knows who built it, but they say the worn stone have been there for centuries.

The Old Observatory used to be a haven to some scholarly Monks, who used to prance about and read off astrology. They packed up shop when I was just a kid, and since then it’s pretty much sat abandoned.

Then, of course, the Last War killed a good many of us. I lost my sister to the Boneyard, and me son’s still got vapors from some weird spell close to the Cyre frontier and can’t make a living. I even was hit by it myself, but it’s weren’t too bad on me. I did get a pretty lumpy scar from it on the back o’ my head though. You wanna see it?


Ah well …

:bug: Entertainment

There’s nothing like spending a day’s wage in Diamond Lake. We may not get much in the way o’ housing, sanitation, or any of that frilly city crap that doesn’t do any good anyway . . . but we do have entertainment in spades.

If you have the money, the Emporium is the place to be. It’s run by a lady of the night, Zalamadra, and she’s got a whole cadre of the sweetest ladies you ever saw at her disposal. They sit in perfumed glory in the upstairs area she calls the Veiled Corridor. There aren’t any veils there that I’ve seen, but then again, I’ve never asked for one. There’s also a Den on the top floor where you can obtain the use of other substances that twist your mind around and make you talk funny, if you’re into that. There are plenty of games of chance, and a very interesting freak show downstairs full of dangerous and exotic creatures. Just last week, I heard a rumor that a crazed demon child escaped it cage and went on a fiery rampage. They haven’t caught it yet, and I’m keeping a sharp lookout. They say its hide has magic designs on it, and I’ll bet its worth a few pennies to its owners. I have a boot dagger handy in case I run into the thing.

If you like boredom, you can always visit Lazare’s House. It’s a fancy, high class place with a steep price I remember when Lazare managed a mine in town, until his wife got sick and he was bankrupted, selling everything to that bastard Smenk. Inside his place, there’s no music, no dancing girls, and no fun. I heard everyone sits at tables and plays Dragonchess, a game with over 40 pieces and a multilevel board. Lazare used to be a champion, and has somehow pushed his habit on some of the upper crust. It’s a snore, but at least you can gamble on it.

If you find yourself a little light of chink, there are a few other places you can visit for fun. The Midnight Salute is a pretty cheap place to get some female action, but they cater heavily to the Garrison’s crowd. If you’re looking to get drunk or do some low-end betting, there’s the Feral Dog, where you can see some pit dogs tear each other to pieces, and get into a bar brawl or two. It can get rough, even for a guy like me, but it’s worth it because they don’t charge you to get in. Your other choice among the chaff is the Spinning Giant, but the other patrons are usually garrison soldiers, so you have to be tolerant of drunken chants and men who like to slap each other on the butt. They don’t tolerate stealing or bad manners, and there isn’t a card game to be found anywhere in the vicinity.

If you’re just hungry for some food, you can go to the Hungry Gar. The chef there is a pretty decent cook, but there’s only so much you can do with snared rabbits and deer meat. One alternative is the Rusty Bucket, which has a pretty decent common room as well.

Finally, if information of the outside world is your cup of tea, many out-of-towners stay at the Able Carter Coaching Inn. The main thrust of the business is running coaches and supplies back and forth to Sharn, Shadowlock Keep, Wroat, and other parts west. Boarders from all over stay there, mostly for short term business, so a good conversation about Sharn and other part o’ the world are in good order there. Plus, if you’re willing to pay, they’ll take horses too.

The Dark Six be damned, you can always do what I do. You can always spend thirty years of your life slaving away to Gelch Tilgast, only to see your life get poured down the drain when he sells the mine to Balabar Smenk in a few years. Smenk pays two coppers cheaper, and you work a longer shift. Bastards.

:bug: Shops

There are plenty o’ places to get business done in Diamond Lake. You got something to buy or sell, you can most likely procure your needs right here.

Let’s see. . . we got the local Tidwoad’s Bank & Jewelry, run by the uppity dwarf of Tidwoad d’Kundarak. He cheated my mother out of her jewels for half their worth, so I can’t vouch for his honesty, but you should see his collections in the window – whew! . . . He swears that his shop is burglar proof, and so far, no one’s taken him up on the challenge. I’d like a few of those baubles for myself, that’s the honest truth.
He holds a House Sivis speaking stone, allowing residents to send and receive messages for a fee. A number of Sivis gnomes reside in the shop to operate the stone and assist Tidwoad with bookkeeping. The senior Sivis representative is Lylana Lyrriman d’Sivis, a garrulous female gnome woman, who likes small talk a bit to much, that it would be considered healthy.

The General Store is where you can pick up just about any mundane equipment you’d ever need. Taggin runs it pretty reasonable, and has all the supplies you need to travel overland for a month, or survive a mountain climb. He stays outta people’s business, and sticks to his own outfit.

The Lakeside Stables are run by a half-elf named Lanch Faraday. I ain’t ever owned a horse myself, so I don’t know him well. I only met him once, during a card game, but I took my leave when he upset a table and pulled a knife. He’s a mean, sour drunk, but he takes care of most of the community’s horses, so he can’t be all bad.

If you’re looking for weapons, Tyorl Ebberly has a good shop. He claims to be a watch captain in Sharn, but be must’ve done something wrong to end up here. He has a few artifacts from the Cairn hills that he’s found. If your interested his place is called The Captain’s Blade.

Venelle’s contains some of the finest bows in the land. Venelle herself is happy to sell anything she has, if she can locate it through all the clutter o’ her shop. I took up bow hunting myself once, and stood all day in a tree stand, on her advice. The only thing I caught was a damned cold.

Manlin Osgood … now there’s a man I can hang a reputation on. He’s a right fellow and an able drinking companion, if his head’s right. He doesn’t bluff at cards, he’s always ready with a backslap and a handshake, and he makes the finest masterwork armor in the region. A few from Sharn come to Osgood’s Smithy special, just to access his team of apprentice blacksmiths.

That’s about it. There are other places in town to get things, but I wouldn’t recommend it. When your life depends on a wooden girder underground, you better make sure the right hands set it up, if you catch my meaning.

In Diamond Lake, it’s better to be gouged by an honest exploiter than outright cheated by a thief, so stick to those places I mentioned . . . you should be fine.

:bug: Churches

There are a few churches in town that have gained a following, but I wouldn’t recommend any of ‘em. The best church for me is the Veiled Corridor upstairs in the Emporium, where you can tithe your money for a cause that’s worthy of your coin, and get a little bit of sweetness besides.

However, if you insist, you can go to the Church of the Silver Flame, right on the center of town. The sermons there are full of piss and vinegar, led by Jierian Wierus, whose favorite activity is to flog his own backside with a cat-o-nine-tails, and go to the seedy parts of town to covert others to do the same. His following is 150 strong and growing.

If they’d make you feel welcome, you can go to the garrison and sit at the Chapel of Dol Dorn, the Sovereign of Strength and Steel. It’s mostly full of soldiers, who like to puff themselves up with honor before riding around the countryside in their fancy armor. Valkus Dunn is the righteous bastard in charge, preaching about public do-goodery, but doing nothing about it. He opens the service up to the public, but no one goes except men who swing swords for a living.

If you like nature, you can traipse out in to the boonies to visit the Bronzewood Lodge. Its run by Nogweir, a druid from the Eldeen Reaches, who likes to scare people about bogeymen in the hills, but I can’t imagine why they’d sit out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to entertain them. Trying to fill the coffers so he can get back to real civilization is my guess.

There’s also a Temple of the Blood of Vol around here somewhere, called the Cult of the Green Lady, but you won’t see them much unless you go the Boneyard and visit the graves they tend to. When my Suzie died in the Last War, they took her thin, deformed bones from some magic and washed her up real pretty. Then they stood around and gave a little speech about mortality and life, but I didn’t have a penny to give ‘em. They went ahead and did it for free.


Anyway, that’s pretty much a good rundown of Diamond Lake for ya. You wasted enough of my time, so get out of my face and stop asking questions. I got a few coppers left in my pocket, and I want to get to the Emporium to see that damned two-headed mule again . . .

:bug: R.I.P.

Knuckston Grizzlebeard was buried in the Bonyard of Diamond Lake. His burial was overseen by the Cult of the Green Lady, and he is survived by his adult son Renald Grizzlebeard, in the direct custody of the mine manager Gelch Tilgast.

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How to tie your character’s Background to Diamond Lake:

:bug: ERLW

  • House Agent
    The dwarvish House Kundarak (manages banking) has a presence in Diamond Lake, who share an office with a few members of the gnomish House Sivis (manages post service). Those two would be the obvious best choices.
    note: take a look at the Dwarf (Mark of Warding) and Gnome (Mark of Scribing) races, if you want to take this backgound

:bug: PHB

  • Acolyte
    The priest(s) of one of the faiths in the town would aid you.
    You could be a member of the growing Church of the Silver Flame.
    You could worship the Sovereign Host, especially Dol Dorn the Sovereign of Strength & Steel.
    You could be one of the few faithful of the Temple of the Blood of Vol, who also manage the graveyard.
    Especially if your character is a refugee from Droaam or a changeling, you could also make offerings to the Traveler of the Dark Six, but this would be more a faith of warding yourself against evil divine influence.

  • Charlatan
    What is your cover identity in Diamond Lake, and why are you hiding in this small town?

  • Criminal
    This is especially good for Halflings, “monstrous races”, Changelings, and characters with the Aberrant Dragonmark Feat.
    You did some crime in Diamond Lake, but most miners are poor and the few rich mine owners were far beyond your reach so far.

  • Criminal (Spy)
    You can be an informant for the Brelish secret service, or a spy from Aundeir or Karrnath.
    So far you have failed to find anything of significant value in Diamond Lake. That is why you have failed to earn any money yet.

  • Entertainer
    You are regularly playing in most of the local establishments, except Lazare’s House, because they like it quiet there.

  • Entertainer (Gladiator)
    You regularlywork in the Feral Dog tavern in staged pit fights. You are dreaming that one time you could do a fight in a big arena in Sharn.

  • Folk Hero
    You are probably a local miner, who saved fellow miners or children when they were trapped during a cave-in. So you are a local legend among the common people.

  • Guild Artisan
    You probably either a member of the metal-forger guild and a pupil of Vulgan Durtch, or an apprentice blacksmith to Manlin Osgood from the smith’s guild.
    A bowyer apprentice to Venelle would also work well.

  • Guild Artisan (Guild Merchant)
    You are working for Lanch Faraday, who manages the Lakeside Stables.

  • Hermit
    You are plagued by nightmares of worms, who will come forth devouring the world. Somehow those visions have drawn you to Diamond Lake.
    note: if you are not into personal horror be advised to take another background.

  • Noble
    You still have a title, but your family is actually quite poor. Most of your lands were lost to Droaam in the war and the rest was bought of by mine owners.

  • Noble (Retainers)
    Your family was so devasted in the Last War, that many nobles don’t even recognize your noble heritage anymore. You have a few retainers left.

  • Outlander
    You know the surrounding areas of Diamond Lake very well, especially the locations of the Cairns. Although that does not help you much since they had been looted generations ago.

  • Sage
    You are a pupil of the local mage Allustan Neff. You still can ask him for advice.

  • Sailor
    You help manage ore shipments from Diamond Lake to Sharn and back. The Dagger river is big and tough and additionally it’s a very monotonous work. Although those ships would take you and your group a free ride.

  • Sailor (Pirate)
    You were a member of a fearsome band of privateers, who had letters of marque to plunder enemy ships. After the Last War has ended, those have expired and also everyone kinda knows what you were doing for a living up to 4 years ago.

  • Soldier
    You were a member of the Brelish army and stationed at Diamond Lake’s fort. Thanks to austarity and the Last War being over, they didn’t renew your contract. Many of the soldiers at the Keep think that this was a bit unfair, because you have been a good soldier and would be inclinded to help a buddy out.

  • Urchin
    You were probably orphaned during the wara dn are trying to get by, dreaming of a better life somewhere else.

:bug: SCAG

  • City Watch
    You were a member of Sharn’s City Watch. After loosing your job in a corruption scandal (which might have been not your fault), you are stranded in Diamond Lake and lack the founds to leave. Because of the scandal the Army refused to hire you.

  • Cloistered Scholar
    You were working in the library of Sharn’s Morgrave University. You followed the mage Allustan Neff to Diamond Lake, hoping it would work out for you and your career. It didn’t.

  • Courtier
    You were working for Lanod Neff the governor-mayor of Diamond Lake. Something you did - or didn’t - annoyed Balabar Smenk and after some lobbying the governor-mayor was forced to let you go.

  • Far Traveler
    You are from a foreign land far away somehow stranded in Diamond Lake and laking the funds to leave. Be it a a Drow from Xen’drik or a spooky Elf from Aerenal, or somewhere else. The local mage Allustan Neff is really interested in you, and you could trade stories from your culture for information.

  • Inheritor
    Your father/mother gave you a strange magic metal piece on their deathbed, and told you that this is the secret family trinket given to them by their parents and should give you luck & grant protection. With all your family being killed in the Last War, what are you gonna do now?

  • Knight of the Order
    You were a member of the knights of Shadowlock Keep, who keep watch at the Droaam border. The Keep is located a couple of days to the west. Also hit by austarity and the end of the Last War, you were let go … with distinction but no money … and are now looking to get by in Diamond Lake.

  • Mercenary Veteran
    You were a mercenary during the Last War. Your old company suffered so many losses that it disbanded afterwards.

  • Urban Bounty Hunter
    You are working for Balabar Smenk, who wants you to spy on miners should they try to form a union of some sorts, so that his goons can take care of the “problem” before it would get too big. Pay is bad and you are still not sure how comfty you feel about this work.

:bug: VRGR

  • Haunted One
    You survived the fall of Cyre. Something … maybe a weird spell … hit you there. Since then you are plagued by pains. Drinking a lot of alcohol seems to work. You returned to your hometown Diamond Lake after the Last War.
    note: if you are not into personal horror be advised to take another background.

  • Investigator
    You are working for Balabar Smenk, who wants you to find dirt on other mine owners, so he can take over yet another mine. Pay is bad and you are still not sure how comfty you feel about this work.

:bug: AI

  • Celebrity Adventurer’s Scion
    Your parents were heroes in the Last War. Sadly they perished in one of the last battles.
    Somehow you look strinking similar to one of your parents when they were young. The few old people of Diamond Lake constantly remind you of this fact.

  • Failed Merchant
    You tried to start a business in Diamond Lake and faled to do so. What to do now?

  • Gambler
    You are a regular in Lazare’s House, where they play Dragonchess, a game with over 40 pieces and a multilevel board. Where you made your money by beting on the winner. Last week you lost almost all your money. What to do now?

  • Plaintiff
    You are working for Balabar Smenk, who wants you to find legal loopholes, so that so he can take over yet another mine. Pay is bad and you are still not sure how comfty you feel about this work.

  • Rival Intern
    You are a frustrated intern working as a secretary for Balabar Smenk. Pay is bad, his demeanoor is worse.

:bug: GoS

  • Fisher
    You lack the abilities to be good miner, so you try to fish in the Daggerfall river. Good news you are not starving, but the lack of perspective started grinding on your soul recently.

  • Marine
    You were a junior member of a Brelish secret elite unit during the Last War. Losses were so great, that after the war had ended your unit was dispanded. Afterwards you returned to your hometown Diamond Lake. What to do now?

  • Shipwright
    You are repairing ore ships that sail on the Daggerfall river.

  • Smuggler
    You started smuggling for a shady organisation in the past. You don’t know much about them … maybe that’s for the best. Considered the risks the pay is suprisingly bad, because they also charge you for the warehouse.
    note: choose if you want to work for Halflings or “monstrous races”

:bug: ToA

  • Archaeologist
    You came to Diamond Lake to study the Cairns, but were brutally disappointed, when you had to found out all have been plundered a long time ago. Now you are stuck in this mining town lacking the funds to leave.

:bug: ALCoS

  • Dragon Casualty
    You met a dragon once and it scarred you for life. The local mage Allustan Neff is really interested in dragons and thus you, and you could trade dragon stories for information.

:bug: ALEE

  • Diamond Lake (Earthspur) Miner
    You are an experienced miner from Diamond Lake and know the mines well. You probably have worked for all six mine owners in the past and know from experience, that working for Balabar Smenk is a bad idea.

  • Harborfolk
    You grew up in Sharn’s harbor in the cliffside docks. One day you were taking a ride on an ore ship on its way back to Diamond Lake to find fame and fortune there. This was a bad idea and you are still stranded there, lacking the funds to leave.

  • Droaam (Phlan) Refugee
    When Droaam was conquered by monsters 10 years ago you had to flee to Breland. You had hoped to make it to Sharn but are stuck in Diamond Lake.

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What Happened So Far

:bug: AoW 01 - The Whispering Cairn (T1)

The adventures explored secret tunnels beneath a cairn, that hasn’t been explored yet and discovered a gravesite complex devoted to couatl and some sort of (armoured) air elementals from Syrania the Azure Sky. There were also murals dedicated to the blue dragon prophet Ourelonastrix from the Age of Demons and a Sphere of Annihilation.

To get into the final room they helped a ghost of a teenager getting his bones reunited with his family in his family grave. To do so they had to fight a necromancer though, since the family grave had been recently robbed. This necromancer, Filge who really loved syringes, had been tasked by the mighty mine owner Balabar Smenk to investigate a strange cult, calling themselves the Ebon Triad, and even stranger worms in the mines owned by another mine owner, the dwarf Ragnolin Dourstone.

After putting all the family bones to rest, they entered the final chamber where they found the grave of the couatl prophet, Hezcalipa, guarded by armoured air elementals, who all perished in the Age of Demons.

:bug: AoW 02 - The Three Faces of Evil (T1)

The adventurers, after befriending stranded airship pirates and allying themselves with the unscrupulous mine owner Balabar Smenk, infiltrated the mine of the dwarf Ragnolin Dourstone, where they found cultists of the Ebon Triad deep below one of his mines.

After ambushing flaying monks as well as their biomorphed abbot of The Mockery (the Sovereign of Bloodshed & Betrayal) in some sort of arena,
and murdering blind grimlocks on a rope bridge over a deep chasm as well as their oracle of The Keeper (the Sovereign of Death & Decay), who had sewn beholder eyes to his eye sockets,
as well as finding the secrets of the labyrinth of The Shadow (the Sovereign of Magic & Mayem) infested with kenku ninjas as well as a warlock with a facemask using shadowmagic, …

… they fulfilled parts of the Draconic Prophecy, when they also brought a shard of Eberron, Khyber and Syberis to a Dark Cathedral, while no Dragonmarks were close to stop this from happening.

But they have triggered the prophesied events too soon … the stars were not right … yet.
So the manifestation of the Overgod’s Aspect of the Ebon Triad was too weak … to instable to last.

Has everything been averted?
Have the adventurers doomed the world?
The leads point to the lizardfolk living in the Mistmarsh, a swampy region of the Skyraker Forest in the west close to the Breeland-Droaam border, from which the cultists had collected the strange green worms.

:bug: AoW 03 - Encounter at Shadowlock Keep (T2)

The adventurers assisted the “smartest man in Diamond Lake” Allustan to visit his friend the recently appointed new warmage to Shadowlock Keep, which is located in the Mistmarsh, a temperate swamp on the Droaam border, a region that had been recently reclaimed by monsters in the Last War.

There they had to realise that the keep was under siege by lizardfolk. After Allustan had teleported away to alert the garrison in Diamond Lake, the adventurers quickly realised, that the keep won’t stand the siege, even though bringing and creating food for the few starving soldiers left helped a lot.
Also the warmage friend had been abducted by the lizardfolk.

After creating a quite impressive distraction by ballista shots in the night, the party sneaked out and bypassed the lizardfolk warrior encampment only to reach the lizardfolks’ village.

There they befriended a shaman, who seem to worship the Silver Flame.
It turned out that strange worms seemed to appear again … worms that once killed one entire generation of lizardfolk in the past.
Also the new Lizard-King was enthroned by a blue dragon, that gave them one of her eggs to guard … an egg that gave the shaman evil vibes.

As they all went to the egg-chamber, fearing the worst, “thanks” to the Aberrant Dragon Marks of one of our heroes the corrupted egg “popped” and unleashed evil green worms, that threatened to infect the other eggs. After defeating the worms and saving the eggs they defeated the Lizard-King in a duel, so the tribe released the captives including the warmage and stopped being on the warpath … for the moment.

When the adventurers returned to the keep, everyone was dead … or undead … as they rose one by one as powerful undead filled with evil green worms :worm:.
Somehow fire damage as well as the radiant power of the Silver Flame seem to work.

Thankfully the worm-infested undead have all been put to rest now … and will never show up again
(dm rolls deception ^^)

:bug: AoW 04: The Hall of Harsh Reflections (T2)

In Sharn a bugbear barbarian master thespian, whose investigation skills put every House Medani detective to shame, solved his most difficult case.
Aided by a stout halfling lady and a yuan-ti, who both were acolytes of the Silver Flame, as well as a tribal half-orc mage-fighter, they uncovered a group of doppelgangers, infested with intellect-devouring cockroaches, who tried to frame our heroes for crimes they didn’t commit …
… by e.g. stabbing important people in public.

The group was led into the trap, but prevailed nevertheless … but they were, after defeating some mimics posing as treasure, sadly sucked into the abyssal realm of Khyber.
There the boss, creator, and mastermind a fleshwarping mindflayer warlock with an umber hulk bodyguard made his last stand against the adventurers, after those had traversed quite a bunch of caverns filled with mirror-riddles and demonic traps.

After the heroes won this 3staged boss-battle, their names were cleared with the help of another anonymous crime/blackmail syndicate … a syndicate who feels a bit sad that the adventurers refused to sell them the secrets they had uncovered in the mindflayer’s lair.

Tequila can be deadly, when the :worm: is a mind-altering undead aberration … taste was great though :tropical_drink:

:bug: AoW 05: The Champion’s Belt (T2)

After discussing the events with the master sage Eligos in Sharn and finding out that the potential leader of the Ebon Cult cell in Sharn is non other than the organizer of the Brightblade Festival Gladiatorial games in the Hollow Tower, Middle Dura,
the adventurers decided that they want to infiltrate the place by joining the games.

After paying a middle-woman to meeting someone, who had his own reasons to investigate Hollow Tower as well as more importantly having a gladiatorial-manager licence, they were ready to go.

The group decided on a “pirate theme” and did surprisingly well. Their airship pirates friends, who had employed the homeless halfling woman from Diamond Lake as a cleaning lady, were super pumped for this and made quite the noise!

Also after some quick and smart investigation aided by magic, they found the centre of the cult right under the arena floor, where a Rakshasa lich powered a gargantuan undead maggot, called Ulgurstasta, to fulfil parts of the Draconic Prophecy.
It seems the heroes have forced the hand of the Ebon Triad cult by triggering some events mentioned in the Draconic Prophecy too early.

After exchanging some “pleasantries” the defeated the Rakshasa and managed to dispel the protective ward to be able to destroy the Ulgurstasta as well.

In the end they defeated the team who won the two previous times in the finale to claim …
… The Champions Belt!

When they returned to the master sage Eligos, they had to realize, that the Ebon Triad cult had already murdered him as well as his warforged maid and ransacked the place.
… thankfully they did not find his secret room, where he left them his research notes as well as remedies (= guns) to continue their adventures.

:bug: AoW 06: A Gathering of Winds (T2)

Going back to their hometown of Diamond Lake the adventurers found it in ruins.
A powerful sapphire dragon destroyed it to find their mage Allustan, who had been researching more about the couatl dungeons below the cairns and seemed to be missing.

After driving the dragon away by excessive uses of fireballs, the went into newly excavated caverns below to find Allustan, who had petrified himself in an attempt to escape dangerous underground spiders. At the moment they freed him however, the sapphire dragon returned but this time she could not escape and was finally defeated.

Having rested for a bit and helping a few survivors they went back down and through a portal that Allustan had restored, that brought them into the main chamber, that had been connected to all cairns in ancient times ages ago when all this had been built.

There they first met two other groups, one travelling exotic elven cleric Alefirin and her undead retinue who travelled through the underdark and one powerful fiend in hiding. They teamed up with Alefirin to kill the fiend and had a long talk. The elven cleric was bewildered … she could not simple believe that the heroes have simply stumbled on all this …

Since the start were right (this time) a gate opened that would lead to the tomb of Icosiol, the general of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, who was pledged to the couatl and led forces of Syrania the Azure Sky into battle during the Age of Demons.

After overcoming quite a bunch of tasks and riddles, the got into the final room, where Icosiol himself, a powerful planetar, tasked them with proving their worth to loot his tomb for ancient treasures to fight evil.
When two heroes asked how they could do that, he asked them if they would be willing to sacrifice themselves to fight evil … and as two of the adventurers replied “yes”, he killed them both.

Afterwards he resurrected both and told them, that those two had passed the final test.

:bug: AoW 07: The Spire of Long Shadows (T3)

In desperate need for help the heroes were looking for the archmage Tenser.
Thanks to the gnomish infobroker Celeste, they learned that retreated to a remote hamlet in the jungles of Q’Barra.

After persuading friendly airship pirates giving them a lift, the reached their destination and avoided a TPK, after succeeding in convincing Tenser, that they are indeed adventurers and not assassins send to kill him.

After telling the archmage about Kyuss, Draconic Prophecy and the Ebon Triad, he remembered that another archmage, a diviner named Balakarde, asked for his help about this 10 years ago.
Regretting that he did not help his former colleague from the archmage council back in the day, he aided the adventurers in following Balakarde’s research in this area.

Deep in the jungle they found the Spire of Long Shadows, a unholy site dedicated to the Daelkyr Lord Valaara the Crawling Queen. Going deep into the Khyber/Underdark they encountered chitineous beholders, who were also infected by these strange worms.
Finally they reached a cavern with a strange destroyed obelisk, where alien worm creatures transported worms out of a portal.

After a short but hard fight, they party stepped (partly unwilling) through the portal to arrive in a future where the worms have already won. In these apocalyptic future the worms some sort of crystal obelisk to maintain several time portals.
It seems that these worm creatures travel back in time to fulfill a selffulfilling prophecy.

Deciding that “Grit” is more powerful than fate, the heroes tried to destroy this strange apparatus and also engaged an eldritch weaver lich, from a forgotten species, who had build these chronomagic obelisks aeons ago.
With aided efforts they succeed in both.

Returning to their timeline they experienced a glimpse of the Draconic Prophecy, showing snippets of the doom that once had been created, and the doom that is destined to come …

… Kyuss the Worm That Walks

:bug: AoW 08: The Prince of Diresharks (T3)

Trying to find out more the group wished for a meeting with the elven sorceress Lashonna, who lives in Port Verge in the pirate Lhazaar Principalties. :pirate_flag:

Since she seems to be the “it-girl” of that city, the group successfully got an invitation to the 20th anniversary celebration of the “liberation” of Port Verge by the Diresharks pirates under the command of Prince Kolberkon. :shark:

After finding star sapphires in a sidequest, they went shopping for the gala and everyone dressed up super-fancy :dress:.

How hard can it be to survive a gala?
Pretty hard as it turns out!
Two adventurers were poisoned, one of them luckily shared the night with someone with an antidote, the other succeeded on his last Constitution saving throw before the poison could have devoured him from within. One hero drew the attention of “someone dangerous”, who would have killed her for being too noisy. Thankfully later that evening, due to the actions from another adventurer, that dangerous individual’s attention was 100% focused on something else.

Aside from that the adventurers managed to establish themselves as a group in the local social circles as well as finding Lashonna in person without causing a ruckus, …
… who told them that she will arrange a meeting with them next week.

:bug: AoW 09: The Library of Last Resort (T3)

Meeting with Lashonna, she told the heroes, that the missing archmage Balakarde was funded by her up to 16Y ago.
He had investigated the demon cult of the bound Katashka the Gatekeeper (~ demon overlord of undeath), especially the link to its herald the first dracolich Mazyralyx.
It seems his last mission was investigating the lair of said dracolich, against her advice (she advised destroying its phylactery first).

She now generously funded the adventures of our adventuring party as well as handing them Balakarde’s remaining journals (at least those that were in her possession).
Then advised that they seek out the “Library of Last Resort”, a fey realm on a dangerous island nearby to find out the location of the phylactery of said dracolich.

After arriving there and defeating recurring villains (from AoW 02 Three Faces of Evil), they realized that the “library” is actually a fountain named “Fountain of Former Fortuned Folly”, that lets anyone get one answer to an event related to an object or a person … by becoming part of that past’s story.

The orc druids, who became fey 1000ds of years ago, to guard this location , thanked the adventurer group for saving them earlier from the “recurring villains”, so everyone could “cast one question” each:

those were:

- Where did the Gatekeepers hide the phylactery of the dracolich Mazyralyx
… brought them to an massive battle against Kyuss 4000y ago. There they also realized that Lashonna is actually an ancient silver dragon.
:point_right: the phylactery is hidden in an ancient, secret giant fortress in the Mror Holds

- How was the Rod of Law splintered?
… send them (yet again) to the fight against Kyuss 4000y ago, when they witnessed an orc hero shattering the rod when attacking Kyuss

- How was the Sword of Kas lost?
… transported them to a fight of Vecna vs. Kas, when Vecna summoned & compelled the heroes to defeat a wounded but still strong Kas. Vecna took the sword and left through a portal.

- When did Lady Eva Green felt vulnerable the last time?
… failed, since that seemed not be be her real name …

- Where was my god, when I did became a paladin back then?
… was a personal question of a character, who had a crisis of faith.
There (again) she realized that “It Was with Her All Along” … her faith is about who she is as a person and about her own convictions, and not about someone else.

:bug: AoW 10: Kings of the Rift (T3)

Our heroes persuaded their friendly air pirates to drop them off in the northern Mror Holds canyon, so they could infiltrate a hidden fortress of giants, who still possessed the powers of their ancient kin (= they were empyrean titans), to find the phylactery of the white dracolich Mazyralyx.

The heist went surprisingly well, they even dealt with an undead worm infested fey spy and even more importantly also sabotaged the ancient, reality warping Giant Orrery, that warded this hidden fortress.

The last thing though seemed to alert a large force of dragons (mostly brass and bronze), who started to attack the fortress en masse.

Being thankful for this distraction they manage to bypass the final lock to the treasure room via knock spell … but this alerted an enemy they didn’t expect:
The adult titans had been fooled by our heroes with ease, but it’s far harder to fool the kids!

After a hard fight our heroes prevailed and realized that the titan’s treasure had been stolen from dragon hoards ages ago. Looting as much they could carry they somehow managed to escape the battle as they flew out of the fortress as it collapsed behind them …

After a while the air pirate ship picked them up to fly them to their next adventure …

:bug: AoW 11: Into the Lair of the Keeper (T4)

You don’t simply walk into the Lair of the Keeper

  • Rigo Mortensen, undead ranger

Our heroes figured that at least partly restoring the splintered ghost of the archmage Balakarde, woudl be a great idea, since no one knowns more about the dracolich Mazyralyx then he does.

So they went to find his failed clone, who was in a vat in the lab of Mordain the Fleshweaver, a creepy archmage living in the Forest of Flesh in Droaam. On their way there, thanks to some teleport shenanigans, they also made some deals with a powerful hag named Sora Katra.
In Mordain’s sanctum, he helped them, because of our adventurer’s emotionally blackmailed the archmage Tenser, who they had contacted via a fleshcrafted scrying orb, to settle a old feud with Mordain in the latter’s favour.

After exhausting all their individual resources to gather a small force of troops, they managed to convince Justin, a rich kid / mage, to sail them to the Demon Waste … where his parents’ ship crashed on the obsidian cliffs.

After our heroes learned valuable life lessons, that sleeping in an eerie ruins is maybe not the best idea in the Demon Wastes, they managed to get lost … but thankfully found a stone age Tiefling town, that was more than willing to help them, after the group gave them more water than they had ever wished for.

Approaching the manifets zone of Dolurr, the realm of the dead, the group met Alastor Land, the ghost boy they had help long ago (AoW 01 Whispering Cairn) again, who told them that a being called the Raven Queen send him back, because he has to help the group one more time.
He pointed out a location, where a warhorn of a fallen army of Ghaash’kalar, the orc barbarians who died battling demons, was buried … sadly there was a camp there, and two pit fiends were playing a game close to the area.
Nevertheless, aided by magic, a stealthy hero prevailed, and the group blew the horn to summon an army of orc ghost berserkers.

During the mass combat against an army gnolls, derro, tieflings, and undead, some of them riding worm drakes … they managed to pierce the enemy lines to reach the heart of the Lair of the Keeper.
After a hard battle against the rune-scribed dracolich Mazyralyx, thanks to all the ghosts (Balakarde as well as the orc army), the heroes won as they pierced his armor and exploded his bones.

In his death-scream of vengeance hordes of undead beetles swarmed the heroes, only to be engulfed in a holy silver flame, that purified this unholy place.

… but our adventuring group had also learned that the elf sorceress Lashonna, who is a powerful silver dragon in disguise, set them up, because she plans to take Mazyralyx’s place to become “Kyuss’ bride” …

:bug: AoW 12: Dawn of a New Age (T4)

After having successfully scry-teleport-ambushed an ancient silver dragon vampire and her (summoned/controlled) allies, the heroes were ready for the 6-stage boss battle Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Showdowns.

Involuntary self-sacrifices were made, the rod of seven parts was detonated its pieces shattered across the world again, heroes changed their shape into beholders and planetars to unleash heaven and hell upon their enemies, foresight spells were casted, power word kill spells were countered, legendary weapons were wielded, luck and destiny was called upon to not be charmed stunned or worse, as finally a sphere of annihilation was unleashed, that defeated the final form of Kyuss the Worm that Walks.

… during that epic battle Blast (strongheart halfling artillerist artificer 20) involuntarily self-sacrificed himself as he used the hand of Vecna to steal Kyuss’ secrets for Vecna herself … although this probably saved his fellow adventurers from a TPK.

The session ended with a big party for the new Pirate-Princess Sheshka, who had defeated the old Prince in a duel.
There the victory over the worms as well as all fallen heroes were celebrated.

:bug: AoW: Epilogs

Sheshka (yuan-ti cavalier fighter 3/celestial warlock 17), now the Pirate-Princess of the Diresharks, stays in Port Verge. Thanks to the heroes the town survived the epic showdown with Kyuss quite unscathed. How her reign will be, remains to be seen …

Iptar d’Cannith (mark of making human transmutation wizard 19), mourning the loss of Blast Iptar d’Cannith finishes his studies with Mordain the Fleshweaver and then returns to his old sanctum in Diamond Lake. There he starts plans for magical experiments to fleshshape a likeness of his deceased ally, compadre and life partner into life. Why create one aberrant fleshgolem, when you can you can craft thousands …

Lalia (strongheart halfling light cleric 20) stays in Port Verge and becomes the new archpriestress of the Silver Flame there. With the help of the new Pirate-Princess Sheshka she tears down the fighting pits and rebuilds the old temple. Since the power of the Silver Flame was fundamental in saving the town as well as Prince Kolberkon, the head of the Mockery, being dead, the citizens of Port Verge embrace her faith.

Hewguard (bugbear ancestral barbarian 19) is the only goblin with a Dragonmark … and it is also the Mark of Death. This certainly will lead to several powerful groups in Eberron having an interest in this epic bugbear … the goblin warlods of Darguun, the mysterious “Eva Green”, the other Dragonmarked Houses, the Dragons themselves and not to mention his (former?) allies in House Tarkanan …

Hogar (half-orc eldritch knight fighter 20) teams up with Hemriss, the half-fiend daughter of the dead Prince Kolberkon, and together they travel to the Demon Wastes to help the barbarians and fight demonic evil. There they arrive in the Tiefling town of Vostethratra again, where they both help the villagers to strike an alliance with the tribes of the Ghaash’kala.

Wow, blast from the past!

Did you convert this yourself, or is there an official 5th ed version?

:bug: TL;DR:

did / will do the conversion myself

:bug: long version:

yes and no official ones
there are unoffical conversions done in the earliest days of 5E though
but I want to change some stuff anyway
(aside that the encounter economy in 5E works different than 3.5E)
I have met (online) 2 dms who happen to run this for their Eberron groups - so we share handouts etc.
back in 2005, there was stuff included how to run this in Eberron - but I wanted to “increase” how the plot was entrenched in that setting


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:bug: Goods in Diamond Lake

  • Birdcage, small (2gp; 1lb.)
  • Breathing Mask (6gp; 1/2lb.)
  • Canary (1gp; --)
  • Diamond Water Elixir (40gp; --)
  • Miner’s Hat (1gp; 1lb.)
  • Miner’s Outfit (3gp; 6lb.)
  • Pickaxe (8gp; 6lb.)
  • Rockhammer (6gp; 10lb.)
  • Smelling Salts (20gp; --)

:bug: R.I.P. Wormfood

  • Bruteforce a warforged fighter, who worked as an urban bounty hunter, bravely scouted ahead and identified an extremely dangerous trap. He successfully warned his fellow adventurers, so they were able to bypass this deadly area later. Sadly this also caused him to fall to his death.
    His sacrifices will not be forgotten.

  • Foxton a lightfood halfling ranger, who was a criminal of the Boromar Clan, successfully identified a necromancer as a potential recurring villian and sacrificed his life helping his fellow adventurers ridding the world of this evildoer. He was killed by the necromancer’s deadliest syringe.
    His sacrifices will not be forgotten.

  • Blast a strongheart halfling artillerist artificer, who had been polymorphed into a sharda-kai, involuntarily self-sacrificed himself as he used the hand of Vecna to steal Kyuss’ secrets for Vecna herself in the last battle … although this probably saved his fellow adventurers from a TPK.
    His sacrifices will not be forgotten.

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:bug: Goods & Services in Sharn - City of Towers

  • Sharn feather fall token (50gp)
  • House Cannith magic item identification service (110gp)
  • House Cannith magic weapon service (40gp/weapon; 1h)
  • House Cannith mending service (25sp)
  • House Deneith phantom guard dog service (10gp + 160gp/dog; 8h)
  • House Ghallanda goodberry (1gp/berry; 24h)
  • House Jorasco healing potion (50gp)
  • House Kundarak arcane lock (10gp + 40gp/lock)
  • House Kundarak “lost-key” service (10gp + 40gp/lock)
  • House Medani detective service (950gp)
  • House Medani trapfinding service (10gp + 40gp/room)
  • House Phiarlan pride silk outfit (500gp)
  • House Lyrandar licensed skycoach taxi service (1sp/mile)
  • House Orien post service (1cp)
  • House Sivis translation service (10gp)
  • House Sivis sending service (200gp)
  • House Tharashk gargoyle flying courier service (5gp)
  • House Vadalis potion of animal friendship (125gp)
  • House Vadalis trained hippogriff mount (800gp)

:worm: New Spells: Wormbound Kyuss Magic

  1. path of worms, visionworm
  2. consume the parasite, the worm within
  3. mindworms, spellworm
  4. extrude wormswarm, servant of the green corruption

:bug: Consume the Parasite

3th-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you fail an Intelligence skill check
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award, which the spell consumes)
Duration: Instantaneous

You magically drain your Knowledge Worm for all its stored lore.

You gain +20 to the failed skill check, potentially turning the fail into a success.

:bug: Extrude Wormswarm

5th-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 300 feet
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

Swarming, biting worms fill a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within range. The sphere spreads around corners. The sphere remains for the duration, and its area is heavily obscured. The sphere’s area is difficult terrain.

When the area appears, each creature in it must make a Constitution saving throw. A creature takes 4d10 necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. A creature must also make this saving throw when it enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or ends its turn there.

Any living creature killed by this spell rises as a Spawn of Kyuss under the DM’s control.
Losing Concentration does not affect the creation or disappearance of these undead.

At Higher Levels.
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 6th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d10 for each slot level above 5th.

:bug: Mindworms

4th-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You point at one living creature you can see within range and unleash spectral worms, that feeds on the target’s mind.

The target must succeed on a Intelligence saving throw or loose 2 of its highest spell slots or “spells per day” up to 3rd level. When a target would be unable to do so, it will take 4d8 psychic damage instead.
The target has to repeat this spell’s effects at the end of its turns. On a successful save, the spell ends.

Any living creature killed by this spell rises as a Spawn of Kyuss under the DM’s control.
Losing Concentration does not affect the creation or disappearance of these undead.

At Higher Levels.
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, the spell effects slot levels of lower level than the level of the spell slot you used. Additionally using a spell slot of 5th level or higher increases the inflicted damage by 1d8 for each slot level above 4th.

:bug: Path of Worms

2nd-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you failed an attack roll, an opposed ability check, or a saving throw, or when you are hit by an attack.
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: 1 round

The spell infuses your perception with a shard of the coming Age of Worms, filling you with insight but also maddening visions of a doom to come.

You gain a +5 bonus on the relevant attack roll, opposed ability check, or saving throw turning a potential failure into a success. Alternatively you gain +5 bonus to your AC against the triggering attack.

Directly afterwards you will have to pass a Intelligence saving throw against DC 15 or be stunned until the end of your next turn.

:bug: Servant of the Green Corruption

5th-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You turn a willing, living creature you can see within range into a vessel of the inevitable apocalypse, granting it destructive power but also making it susceptible to the influence of Kyuss’ evil.

The target gains a +5 bonus on all its attack and damage rolls, including the damage rolls from its spells and effects. Although it will suffer from a -5 penalty on all saving throws and contested ability checks against “certain NPCs”.

:bug: Spellworm

4th-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: Concentration, up to 8 hours

You infest a willing, living creature with a magical worm, that can infuse it with some of your power.

You can transfer one of your spell slots and one of your prepared/known spells up to 1st level, and the ability to cast them, to another creature. Only a creature with an Intelligence score of at least 5 can receive this boon.

The transferred spell’s variable characteristics (range, duration, area, and the like) function according to your character, not to the recipient.

To cast a spell with a verbal component, the subject must be able to speak. To cast a spell with a somatic component, it must be able to move freely. To cast a spell with a material component or focus, it must have the materials or focus. Should the spell recquire concentration, the creature must maintain concentration.

At Higher Levels.
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, you can transfere a spell slot, that is three levels less than the level of the spell slot you used.

:bug: The Worm Within

3rd-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You create three Kyuss worms on living creatures of your choice within range that you can see. You can direct the worms onto one creature or several. Creatures may attempt to pass Dexterity saving throws, one for each worm, against your spell DC to negate the effect of one worm.

Any living creature killed by the worms rises as a Spawn of Kyuss under the DM’s control.
Should you Concentration end the worms will disappear, but not undead created by this spell.

At Higher Levels.
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, you can create an additional worm for each two slot levels above 3rd.

:bug: Visionworm

2nd-level necromancy (Kyuss)
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you want to recall anything you have seen or heard
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (having a Knowledge Worm story award)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You magically recall your Knowledge Worm’s recently stored information.

You can accurately recall anything you have seen or heard within the past month for the duration of the spell.

To be able to gain access to those spells you would need the Wormbound Magic Hombrew Story Award

:worm: Wormlore

Insights gained from the Apostolic Scroll, the research from the master sage Eligos, studying the experiments of the mindflayer Chyrassk, later getting help from Tenser himself, as well as offered aif from Mordain the Fleshweaver allow you to use your character’s precious Downtime Days to gain one, or more of the following Homebrew Story Awards.

:bug: Greater Infestation: Devouring Worms

You discover greater power hidden in an often overlooked cantrip.

Prerequesite: Having studied the Apostolic Scrolls as well as being able to cast infestation.
Effect: You may deal necrotic instead of poison damage with the infestation cantrip.
Cost: 5 Downtime Days

:bug: Greater Infestation: Maddening Worms

You discover greater power hidden in an often overlooked cantrip.

Prerequesite: Having studied the Apostolic Scrolls as well as being able to cast infestation.
Effect: The forced movement from your infestation cantrip does explicitly trigger oppertunity attacks.
Cost: 5 Downtime Days

:bug: Greater Infestation: Writhing Worms

You discover greater power hidden in an often overlooked cantrip.

Prerequesite: Having studied the Apostolic Scrolls as well as being able to cast infestation.
Effect: The forced movement from your infestation cantrip is not random anymore. You may choose in which direction the target of your cantrip has to move.
Cost: 5 Downtime Days

:bug: It’s Still a Dragon to Me

Done it once - can do it again!

Prerequesite: Having defeated an undead dragon as well as having a dragon slayer sword
Effect: Your dragon slayer weapon also works against undead dragons.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days

:bug: Knowledge Worm

You consume a prepared Kyuss worm and acquire the devoured knowledge within.

Prerequesite: Must have defeated at least one Kyuss worm infested undead in your last session.
Effect: You become trained in either Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion by unlocking this Homebrew Story Award.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days and 666gp.

:bug: Tenser’s Apprentice

You learn Tenser’s lesser known spells.

Prerequesite: Being friends with Tenser as well as having the Wizard class plus either having Tenser’s floating disk or Tenser’s transformation in your spellbook.
Effect: You may scribe one or more lesser known spells by Tenser into your spellbook.
Cost: as the "Copying Spells" Downtime Activity

:bug: Staff of Swarming Insects

After studying Kyuss’ Apostolic Scrolls, you craft a powerful magic staff for yourself.

Prerequesite: Having studied the Apostolic Scrolls and being a Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard as well as being a Tier 2+ character.
Effect: You create a staff of swarming insects. Only you can attune to the staff.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days & 666gp.

:bug: Worm Shard

After studying Kyuss’ Apostolic Scrolls, you craft a powerful magic orb for yourself.

Prerequesite: Having studied the Apostolic Scrolls and being a Sorcerer as well being a Tier 2+ character.
Effect: You create a far realm shard. Instead of a tentacle, it is a worm. Only you can attune to the shard.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days & 666gp.

:bug: Verminshroud

After studying Kyuss’ Apostolic Scrolls, you craft a legendary magic cloak for yourself.*

Prerequesite: Having studied the Apostolic Scrolls as well as being a Tier 4 character.
Effect: You create an exalted verminshroud. Only you can attune to the cloak.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days and 6666gp.

:bug: Wormbound Magic

You uncovered some of the secrets of Kyuss magic.

Prerequesite: Being a Spellcaster as well as having any Knowledge Worm Homebrew Story Award.
Effect: You add new unique spells to your spell-list(s). You always have these spells prepared, and they don’t count against the number of spells you can prepare each day / don’t count against the number of spells you know. Should you ever loose your Knowledge Worm Homebrew Story Award this benefit will be negated till you regain said story award.
Note: You can find the spells here.
Cost: 10 Downtime Days.

:bug: Worming for Artefacts

You finished your base in ruins of Diamond Lake. Now the real work starts …

Prerequesite: Having the “Artefact Dig Site” Story Award
Effect: You may roll a d100 on the Artefact Dig Site Loot Table ™ before an adventure. Archeologists/Miners roll with advantage, as well as creatures with burrow speed. You may re-roll a result of 15+ with advantage by spending a blast disk. Criminals/House Agents may purchase blast disks for 900gp a piece.
Cost: 1 Downtime Day (or 1000gp with ritual cellar; exquisite ritual cellar lets you roll 3x)

Note: You exhausted the mines and cannot use this Downtime Story Award anymore. You can still keep the items you have excavated so far though.

please keep in mind, that these Homebrew Story Awards only work at my table

:tornado: New Magic Items

These magic items are Hombrew Story Awards, thus they only work at my tables.
Still they count to the maximum of magic items you can take to an adventure regarding the V.A.L.U.E. rules.
A character, who has such an item, can give can give it to another character during an \y game at my tables.

Sheshka (by @BufoBufo) had this item :point_down:

:tornado: Talisman of Annihilation (Charge Used)

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement by a spellcaster of good alignment)

You found this talisman in the Whispering Cairn.
Sheshka has the feeling that by passing Icosiol’s final test something has been unlocked. After defeating Mazyralx the artifact had 1 charge. She spend the charge to defeat the final form of Kyuss.

As an action you could spend a charge to create a 20 feet radius “sphere of annihilation” within 200 feet, that would desintegrate everything in its area. Creatures on the border of that area can save themselves by succeeding on a DC 25 Dexterity saving throw, that would only deal them 4d10 force damage on a success instead of being desintegrated.
Very powerful creatures could still withstand such annihilation, but would be weakened.

Note: Controlling the “annihilation zone” would be a spellcasting ability check + double your proficiency bonus.

Hogar (by @Stracci) had those items :point_down:

:tornado: Thunder & Lightning (Exalted)

Weapon, legendary (requires attunement)
Martial weapon, melee weapon, 3 lb.

Each is an ancient khopesh (scimitar) forged of Byeshk (a magic metal) wielded by Icosiol, the general of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa pledged to the Couatls during the Age of Demons.
During those dark times they became best friends and are really wanted to be used together.

You have to attune to both weapons to get the benefits.
:point_right: So they count as two magic items and take up two attunement slots.

Both share a hidden Loyalty stat with you, that could unlock more potent abilities later.
Giving the weapons to another character resets their Loyalty to their Dormant levels.

Thunder is a +3 scimitar in its exalted state, that also deals an extra 3d6 thunder damage to any target it hits. Also if Thunder in your main hand, you can cast thunder step (DC 17) as a 5th level spell once, as long as hostile creatures are within 10 feet around you.
Lightning is a +3 scimitar in its awakened state, that also deals an extra 3d6 lightning damage to any target it hits. Also if Lightning in your main hand, you can cast lightning bolt (DC 17) as a 5th level spell once, as long as hostile creatures are in the affected area.
Should both spells have been expended, you will regain both at the next dawn.

Additionally, should you wield both weapons at the same time, you can cast whirlwind (DC 17) at will as a 7th level spell, but every time you do so, you will gain one level of exhaustion.

Thunder as well as Lightning are sentient chaotic good weapons with an Intelligence of 15, a Wisdom of 16, and a Charisma of 20. They each have hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.
The scimitars can read, and understand Auran, and they can communicate with their wielder telepathically transmitting their emotions. They know every language you know while attuned to it.

Battle-loving djinn live within Thunder & Lightning. The weapons desire to push their wielder to use only them in combat and also to don’t favor one blade over the other as they can get quite jealous.

These weapons are cursed, and becoming attuned to them extends the curse to you. While attuned to these weapons, you have disadvantage on attack rolls except on weapon attacks made by these scimitars.

You can break the curse in the usual ways. Additonally the scimitars can end the curse as well as ending your attunement to two both weapons at any point in time. Also when you wield both weapons at the same time, they can choose to attune you to them.

Sheshka (by @BufoBufo) had this item :point_down:

:tornado: Circlet of Aaqa (Exalted)

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This ancient circlet was once worn by Icosiol a general of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. It had been gifted to him by Chan, his princess, as thanks for his service during the Age of Demons.

It shares a hidden Loyalty stat with you, that could unlock more potent abilities later.
Giving the item to another character resets its Loyalty to its Dormant levels.

Exalted While wearing the circlet in its exalted state, the Circlet of Aaqa grants you +d6 on Charisma and Wisdom checks as well as on Charisma and Wisdom saving throws.
Also you can cast the 2nd level spell zone of truth (DC 17) at will.

Additionally at any time you can learn every knowlingly untrue spoken word you have heard within the last 10 minutes, but every time you do so, you will gain one level of exhaustion. The circlet will also reveal the truth behind those uncovered lies to you.

The Circlet of Aaqa is a sentient lawful good wondrous item with an Intelligence of 17, a Wisdom of 20, and a Charisma of 20. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.
The circlet can read, and understand all languages, and it can communicate with its wearer telepathically transmitting its emotions.

Personality. A law abiding deva lives within the Circlet of Aaqa. The circlet can be quite conceited and is filled with a strong sense of Law. It desires to push its wielder to uphold its noble legacy by suggesting, that the privilege of being attune to it entails the responsibility of honorable behavior.

Curse. This magic item is cursed, and becoming attuned to it extends the curse to you. While attuned to the circlet, you cannot knowingly tell a lie and have disadvantage on Deception, disguise kit as well as forgery kit checks.

You can break the curse in the usual ways. Additonally the Circlet of Aaqa can end the curse as well as ending your attunement to it at any point in time. Also when you wear the item, it can choose to attune you to it.

Hewguard (by @PatrickD) had this item, used it and it exploded and splintered again …

:tornado: Rod of Seven Parts (Rod of Law)

Weapon (mace), artifact (requires attunement)
Simple weapon, melee weapon, 4 lb.

Your group has found a strange metallic piece in the grave of the final room of the from Whispering Cairn. Detect magic only revealed that It radiates a strong aura of Law.
Later you got another one from the Mistmarsh lizardfolk shaman.
You got two more from an elven cleric of the Undying Court and another one from Icosiol’s tomb. You also found one during the visit of past stories at the Fountain of Former Fortune’s Folly The last piece was a spliter that got struck in Mazyralyx’s bones.
As the pieces touched, they fused into a larger piece.

The mace is very unstable and breaks easily. Should you hit an aberrations, fiend, or undead with the weapon, the rod explodes and that creature will be banished to Khyber.
The strength of the explosion depends on the strength of the banished creature.
Very powerful creatures could still withstand such a hit, but would be weakened.

Should you miss an attack roll by 10 or more, the rod would break and explode without having any effect.

… currently Blast (by @ThatGuyTed) has this item :point_down:

:bone: Hand of Vecna

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

To attune to the hand, you must lop off your left hand at the wrist and the press the artifact against the stump. The hand grafts itself to your arm and becomes a functioning appendage.
If the hand is ever removed, you die.

Your alignment changes to neutral evil, and you gain the following benefits:

  • Your Strength score becomes 20, unless it is already 20 or higher.
  • When you hit with a weapon attack while attuned to the artifact, the target takes an extra 1d6 damage of the weapon’s type.
  • Any melee spell attack you make with the hand, and any melee weapon attack made with a weapon held by it, deals an extra 2d8 cold damage on a hit.
  • While attuned to the artifact, you deal 1d6 necrotic damage to any plant you touch that isn’t a creature.
  • While attuned to the hand, you gain proficiency in the Sleight of Hand skill if you don’t already have it.
  • The hand has 8 charges. You can use an action and expend 1 or more charges to cast one of the following spells (save DC 18) from it: finger of death (5 charges), sleep (1 charge), slow (2 charges), or teleport (3 charges). The hand regains 1d4 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn.
    Each time you cast a spell from the hand, it casts the suggestion spell on you (save DC 18). The hand might have a specific act in mind or leave it up to you.

please keep in mind, that these Homebrew Story Award items only work at my table

:bug: KYUSS has to wait for a bit

the Age of Worms will continue in ~ 1 1/2 months or so as I take a break from dm-ing

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@Fridi @ThatGuyTed

“Artefact Dig Site” (Potential Story Award)

You seek out to create a base close to a potential artefact dig site in the ruins of Diamond Lake. The question is, do you invest money or time?

Several things have to be completed. Every step has to be completed (unless noted as optional), although it does not matter which option you use to complete each step. You can only choose one option at each step. You can combine Downtime Days, abilities, spells, proficiencies from several characters

:point_right: Completing this allows you to spend either Downtime Days and/or gold (via planar binding) to roll on a special Artefact-Loot Table ™.

Yard/Move Debree:

  • 20gp for hiring workers
  • 2 Downtime Days
  • 1 Downtime Day as a Wizard of 3rd level or higher
  • 1 Downtime Day with being able to cast the mold earth cantrip
  • being able to cast the move earth spell


  • 8gp for hiring an architect
  • 1 Downtime Day with proficiency in History
  • with expertise in History
  • being a Hill Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf, or a Mark of Warding Dwarf

Raw Materials:

  • 400gp for purchasing raw materials
  • 300gp with being able to cast the fabricate spell
  • 5 Downtime Days with the Outlander or Urchin background


  • 40gp for hiring workers
  • 4 Downtime Days with proficiency in mason’s tools
  • 4 Downtime Days with being able to cast the stone shape spell
  • 2 Downtime Days with expertise in in mason’s tools


  • 40gp for hiring workers
  • 4 Downtime Days with proficiency in carpenter’s tools
  • 2 Downtime Days with expertise in carpenter’s tools

Secure Lock (Optional but Recommended):

  • 90gp for hiring “House Kundarak”
  • 25gp with being able to cast the arcane lock spell
  • being either a Mark of Warding Dwarf or a Mammon Tiefling

Glass Windows (Optional):

  • 26gp for hiring workers
  • 13gp for hiring workers & being able to cast the fabricate spell
  • 2 Downtime Days with proficiency in glassblower’s tools
  • 1 Downtime Day with proficiency in glassblower’s tools & being able to cast the fabricate spell
  • 1 Downtime Day with expertise in glassblower’s tools
  • with expertise in glassblower’s tools & being able to cast the fabricate spell

Ritual Cellar for Summoning a Digging Servant (Optional):

  • 200gp basic summoning ritual cellar
  • 1200gp exquisite ritual cellar for summoning earth elementals (Xorn; CR 5)
    • instead: 6 Downtime Days & 300gp with proficiency in jeweler’s tools
    • instead: 3 Downtime Days & 300gp with expertise in jeweler’s tools
  • 1600gp exquisite ritual cellar for summoning earth fey (Korred; CR 7)
    • instead: 8 Downtime Days & 340gp with proficiency in weaver’s tools
    • instead: 4 Downtime Days & 340gp with expertise in weaver’s tools
  • 800gp exquisite ritual cellar for summoning burrowing fiends (Plaresh; CR 3)
    • instead: 4 Downtime Days & 260gp with proficiency in leatherworker’s tools
    • instead: 2 Downtime Days & 260gp with expertise in leatherworker’s tools

:worm: New Spells: Lesser Known Tenser Spells

  1. Tenser’s hawkarrow
  2. Tenser’s eye of the tiger
  3. Tenser’s giant strength
  4. Tenser’s flaming sword
  5. Tenser’s destructive resonance
  6. Tenser’s greater floating disk (rit.)

:bug: Tenser’s Hawkarrow

1st-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when a ranged weapon attack misses its target within the Range of the spell
Range: 120 feet
Components: V, S, M (a hawk feather)
Duration: Instantaneous

The ammunition turns into a hawk, that homes on its target, before vanishing.

Make a melee spell attack against the same target. On a hit you turn the miss of the ranged weapon attack into a hit.

The ammunition of the ranged weapon attack is consumed by the spell.

:bug: Tenser’s Eye of the Tiger

2nd-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a tiger’s whisker and a ground carrot)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You touch a creature and bestow upon it a magical fighting prowess. Choose one of the following Fighting Styles: Archery, Blind Fighting, Defense, Dueling, Great Weapon Fighting, Interception, Protection, Thrown Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, or Unarmed Fighting.
The target gains that Fighting Style until the spell ends. Should the targer already have that Fighting Style, this spell would have no effect.

:bug: Tenser’s Giant Strength

3rd-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a hair of a giant or a titan)
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

Until the spell ends, you count as one size larger when determining your carrying weight and the weight you can push, drag, or lift. Additionally you can use your Intelligence score instead of Strength when doing so. You can also use Intelligence instead of Strength to figure out if wearing heavy armor would reduce your speed.

Also you may use your Intelligence ability modifier instead of Strength, when making Strength checks, as well as melee or thrown weapon attack and damage rolls.

:bug: Tenser’s Flaming Blade

4th-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a quarz crystal and dagger worth at least 1cp)
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

Thin and wispy flames wreathe a dagger for the duration, shedding bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet.

The flames provide you with a hot dagger or a chill dagger, as you choose.
When a creature is hit with an attack by this dagger, the dagger erupts with flame. The creature takes 2d8 fire damage from a hot dagger, or 2d8 cold damage from a chill dagger.

Casting this spell on a magical dagger, that already deals fire or cold damage has no effect.

:bug: Tenser’s Destructive Resonance

5th-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 120 feet
Components: V, S, M (tiny orb of finely crafted gold worth 500gp with a small removeable ring surrounding it)
Duration: Instantaneous

You impart a single nonmagical object weighting no more than 2000 pounds with an immense amount of destructive energy, causing it to spontaneously explode. This spell can be used to target a worn or carried object. Casting this spell on living or dead flesh automatically fails.

The spell has two effects: First the object is disintegrated. If that object is worn or carried by a creature, a successful Dexterity saving throw would negate both effects of the spell.

Second any creature in a sphere centered on that disintegrated item must make a Dexterity saving throw. Those who fail suffer damage proportional to the weight of the item detonated. A successful saving throw halves the damage.

  • Tiny (≤ 5 lbs): 5d4 thunder damage within a 2.5 feet radius sphere
  • Small (6-25 lbs): 5d6 thunder damage within a 5 feet radius sphere
  • Medium (26-100 lbs): 5d8 thunder damage within a 10 feet radius sphere
  • Large (101-500 lbs): 5d10 thunder damage within a 20 feet radius sphere
  • Huge (501-2000 lbs): 5d12 thunder damage within a 40 feet radius sphere

The detonation can be heard from up to 500 feet away.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 6th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 5th.

:bug: Tenser’s Greater Floating Disk

6th-level conjuration (ritual)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 300 feet
Components: V, S, M (a gallon of mercury)
Duration: 8 hours

This spell creates a circular, horizontal plane of force, 300 feet in diameter and 1 inch thick, that floats 3 feet above the ground in an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see within range. The disk remains for the duration, and can hold up to 500000 pounds. If more weight is placed on it, the spell ends, and everything on the disk falls to the ground.

The disk is immobile while you are within 200 feet of it. If you move more than 200 feet away from it, the disk follows you so that it remains within 200 feet of you. It can move across uneven terrain, up or down stairs, slopes and the like, but it can’t cross an elevation change of 10 feet or more. For example, the disk can’t move across a 10-foot-deep pit, nor could it leave such a pit if it was created at the bottom.

If you move more than 1000 feet from the disk (typically because it can’t move around an obstacle to follow you), the spell ends.

To be able to gain access to those spells you would need the Tenser’s Apprentice Hombrew Story Award

:pirate_flag: Welcome to the northern Lhazaar Principalities

  • Regalport = biggest city; "Seadragons" Fleet; officially the capital
  • Port Verge = second biggest city; "Diresharks" Fleet; trades with Sarlona (eastern continent)
  • Skairn = town; half the population are tribal tundra halflings
  • Tantamar = town; many elves; very strong House Thuranni (elves; shadow) presence
  • Aupaluk = small village full of faithful of the Blood of Vol (divinity within; undead martyrs)
  • Piritar = small village, lots of violence
  • Dreadhold = maximum security prison operated by House Kundarak (dwarves; warding)

The Lhazaar Principalities is a country comprising a strip of land and a collection of islands on the northeastern coast of Khorvaire. Pirates, sea barons, merchant traders and all with a love of the water find their home there. With a history that is equal part piracy and seafaring trade the Principalities have remained a separate entity from the Kingdom of Galifar even during the years they pledged allegiance to the crown.

Now, with the nation of Galifar officially shattered, the Lhazaar Principalities have formed a loose confederacy of states each ruled by their own sea prince living a life where might makes right and the person with the most and biggest ships rules the sea.

map by @Vulkarion

:pirate_flag: Port Verge - City of Sharks

Port Verge is a small city on the southern tip of the island of Questor in the Lhazaar Principalities. It is governed by Prince Kolberkon and is the seat of the Principality of the Diresharks

A major trading hub in the Lhazaar Principalities, Port Verge has been an important stronghold since before the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar. Though it was originally founded as an outpost during Lhazaar’s famed expedition from Sarlona that brought the first human settlers to Khorvaire, Port Verge was later destroyed during naval skirmishes with the fledgling kingdom of Galifar I. It has been rebuilt over the centuries and today stands as the capital of the Diresharks Principality and ruled by Prince Kolberkon. It is regarded as one of the safer and more civilized settlements in the Principalities, but this is far from saying it is an orderly place to visit.

Even aside from the Great Events of the Prince, the glatiatorial games are the biggest commodity produced in the port. It is said that Port Verge, despite the trade that flows in and out, produces only violence.

Port Verge is divided into two main areas, divided by the bluff which overlooks the town’s harbor.

:shark: Upper City

Rustic formality, rich merchants attempting to remove all sign of the rough trading backgrounds that led to their current fortunes.

  • Sunset Square = wide plaza of reddish-orange sandstone that serves as a meeting place and informal market
  • The Teeth = three gladiatorial arenas build on the ruins of a leveled Silver Flame tempel
  • Bonehouse = temple of the Blood of Vol (divinity within; undead martyrs)
  • House of Calm Waters = Sarlona ambassy
  • Kolberkon Keep = tall and imposing keep of Prince Kolberkon
  • Stormbringer’s Tower = House Lyrandar (half-elves; storm) headquarters

:shark: Lower City

Rowdy and simple. Depending on the street, buildings are welcoming, intimidating, or abandoned.

  • The Bilge Market = meeting locations on the dry walkways next to sluggish sewer water
  • The Wharfs = wharves; they are essential to the life of the city
  • Crooknose’s Raft = floating shop
  • The Laughing Crow = tavern as old as the city itself

:shark: The Reaches

The muddy streets are frozen in the winter when residents struggle simply to survive. In the small confines of Adartown things are more orderly, but poverty still abounds.

  • Adartown = built on land that was deemed too marshy for construction; desperate refugees from Sarlona live here

:shark: Authority Points gained:

+1 from making the dwarven pirate Princess Mika Rockface of the Cloudreavers helpful
+1 from making the only “real” noble present, the gnome Toris Tan ir’Lorghalen helpful
+1 from winning the “possessed cockatrice battle”, without Prince Kolberkon feeling vengeance
+1 from acing the “bowling of skulls from unfortunate criminals” game
+1 from telling a better story than the Fabler during the dinner without getting assassinated
+1 from eating the terrible “tojbasarrirge” while successfully hiding your disgust
+1 from not hestitating to eat the potentially toxic “purple worm aspic”
+1 from bragging better than the Fleet Captains of the Diresharks during the dinner
= +8

:shark: Authority +8

Should one of your group need to roll a check to see how people in Port Verge respect you,
you roll d20+8.

:bug: KYUSS has returned

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This run of the AGE OF WORMS has ended.

It was quite a ride … thanks to everyone who played 1 or more of those games :slight_smile:

(I already updated the Story Summaries and the Story Awards)


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