Do you V.A.L.U.E. The New Beginning?

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm
and also the Tier of your game / characters you want to play


  • T1: levels 1-4
  • T2: levels 5-10
  • T3: levels 11-16
  • T4: levels 17-20

I plan to dm The Whispering Cairn (T1) the first AGE OF WORMS adventure
made for new level 1 characters.

what to expect:
:worm: starts as dungeoncrawl, followed by social/investigation
:worm: if there are any fights, they will be short and brutal
:worm: there will be a super-slim chance that there will no fight at all
:worm: no planned horror scenes

:worm: AGE OF WORMS InfoThread
:worm: What Background should my new AoW character take?


:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff


Note that we did a Character-Reset !!

this will affect any character created before May 13th '22.

:point_right: the New VALUE RULES in detail you can find here

Creating & Re-Creating Characters

  • All old characers are theoretically gone … but you can re-create any character you previously had as a new level 1 or new level 5 character.
  • Should you have a character of level 11 or higher, you could also create and re-create a new level 11 character.
  • Should you be of the few people, who have a character of level 17 or higher, you could also create and re-create a new level 17 character.

In ADDITION you can create or re-create ONE a single character, up to the highest level you previously had.
(e.g. your highest level character was level 8 before May 13th '22 - so you can create or re-create ONE new character up to level 8)

Magic Items & Gold Are Gone

Keep in mind that all your Magic Items and all your Gold your previous characters had ARE GONE.
Although characters of levels 5+ will start with magic items picked from the new “everygreen magic item list”.

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modest examples using myself

had the following alive V.A.L.U.E. characters before May 13th '22:

  • Lazuli Glintstone, a level 20 (T4) svirfneblin cleric/wizard
  • Benjamin Bloom, a level 11 (T3) loxodon druid
  • Cindy, a level 10 (T2) mephistopheles tiefling sorceress/wizard
  • Uldin, a level 10 (T2) vedalken wizard
  • TESLA, a level 8 (T2) warforged cleric
  • Jeremy Fisher, a level 6 (T2) grung monk
  • Al’Muftaris, a level 4 (T1) dhampir ranger
  • Nekomancer, a level 4 (T1) reborn wizard
  • Fritz Foewarden, a level 4 (T1) variant human fighter, who pretended to be a drow ranger

I will probably keep my highest = level 20 character.
So I now could re-create that character or create any level 20 character. In both cases that character would be statted as a new level 20 character using the rules found here.

Thus that level 20 character will start with 3 magic items, picked in order from the “new evergreen magic item lists”, and also start with 11360 gp (staring at level 17) + 3x 6000 gp (since that character is T4 with level 20) gold.
= thus the starting gold of that character would be 29360 gp.
That character’s previous magic items, gear and gold would be gone.

Should I want to play my vedalken Uldin again, I could re-create him as new level 11 character (since I have characters, with levels 11+), even though he had been only level 10 in the past.
Thus he would be statted as a new level 11 character with the rules found here.
So he would start with 2 magic items, picked in order from the “new evergreen magic item lists”, as well as 1760 gp.
His previous magic items, gear and gold would be gone.
Also according to the new rules, since his old background added spells to his wizard spell-list, this will no longer be possible anymore … so I have to keep that in mind, when re-creating him.

Should I want to continue BufoBufo’s Sharn Investigation adventures with my monk Jeremy Fisher, I would have to re-create him as a new level 5 character, although he had been level 6 in the past, since I already created / re-created another character at my previous max. level (my level 20 character).
So Jeremy Fisher would be statted as a new level 5 character with the rules found here.
Thus he would start with 1 magic item, picked from the “new evergreen magic item lists”, as well as 320 gp.
His previous magic items, gear and gold would be gone.

happy gaming everyone


hope that helps

I will join you again this Friday as a player, and would love to be a part of the Age of Worms adventure.

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I’ll be there for the Age of Worms

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DMing Lost Goblins of Phandelver (T1) if at least 4 previous players show up.

Would otherwise love to be at @Darthbinks table, but I assume we all want to be there xD

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I also sign up for the age of worms. Brutforce reports for duty :wink:

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I want to Dm this weak T1 ‘‘DDex1-6 The Scroll Thief’’ ! Because its a lot to do in one go ,i would like to start at 18:00 for those who are on my table ( to not get in Time Trubble) everyone can still join at the normal time it would be easier for me to do so but its not a must .


I would like join as a player T1. Can also do 18:00 if it’s the only T1 group

You have my sword :slight_smile:

Would like to join as lvl5 rogue or cleric, but can level down if necessary. 6pm is a bit hard for me. 7pm works best.

Will be there with my girlfriend again. We would love to continue playing the Phandelver campaign again. Although we would come bearing new characters, so I’m unsure if that checks out with the DM and the flow of the story. If it does then you will be welcoming two lovely centauren ladies to your game. (lvl1)

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As a first timer, i would like to join as a Player T1. I’ll try my best to create a character till then.

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If we have some that can come at18:00 it will be perfect I can fill in people if they come later, than I can advance the story .

Depending on the players, tables and tiers I’m flexible to play at either Kevin’s (18:00) or Kaiser’s (19:00) table. Will give another update on that on thursday evening or early friday afternoon. Let’s first see who’s coming this week and what there’s interest in.

Hi, i recently moved to Vienna and found your forum this week. 1I look for some people to meet and game with. I would like have a try at the AoW campaign as a Lvl1 player.

I played DnD 3.5 some years ago, but only played Pathfinder 1E for the last years so i need some help to get into DnD 5E because i can’t read the Players Guide until Friday. I try to have a character ready by then and look forward to see you.

@0815Popo @Tokrak

:tada: welcome

please try to show up a bit earlier so maybe someone could help you with character creation
(KKevin will there be at 6 p.m. anyway … I also try to be early, although AoW :worm: won’t start before 7 p.m.)

cya :slight_smile:

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New characters are no problem at all, the mini campaign accounts for that xD

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Would love to join the Age of Worms if possible =)

@Darthbinks Noticed its Eberron, of which I still do not know much about; to choose the character concept most appropriate, I would therefore like to ask:

  1. Which adjectives best describe the adventure arc: gritty, semi-realistic, steam-magic-punk, 1920’seque, semi-modern feel, epic, heroic, classic fantasy
    I am unsure if e.g. a classic high elven wizard in flowing robes wielding a staff topped by a radiant crystal would feel out of place and the character should rather be built in a way where it would fit in a steam-punky or 1920s setting.
  2. Are there (/magic) firearms?
  3. Does Eberron have theoretically possible connection to the Shadowfell? I remember someone telling me that there would be no way to travel in between those two places, which left me wondering.
  1. “Let’s Punch Cthulhu”
    both magi-tech characters, and classic fantasy flowey robe guys are fine

  2. explosives are easier to find, but firearms are crazy expensive and you have to find them
    … if you really really wanna have a gun, play an Artillerist Artificer

  3. There are other planes in Eberron that fill that purpose: Mabar the Endless Night is a blackened realm where the faintest spark of light is quickly devoured by the unending darkness.
    There are Manifest Zones, where these planes influence areas on Eberron.

The Gloaming is located in the southern parts of the Towering Wood in the Eldeen Reaches. Here the beauty and splendor of the forest changes to parasite-infested malformed trees, where monstrous insects prey on any wanderer.