Do you V.A.L.U.E. The New Beginning?

I’ll probably be there and I’ll probably be a bit late. :ok_hand:
(T 1-3 Chars.)
Would love to jump into the age of worms. :+1:

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Eberron is a fantasy setting mostly inspired by Pulp Magazines.

Pulp was a style of writing that emerged onto the scene in the 1920s, featuring a variety of stories. They were essentially regular periodicals printed on paper obtained from cheap wood pulp (hence “pulp”) featuring original text stories, in contrast to the slick magazines printed on higher-grade paper (often called “glossies” or “slicks”).

Back in the day, pulp content ranged from Indiana Jones, to the dinosaur filled hollow earth of Pellucidar, from the Cosmic Horror Stories of H. P. Lovecraft to the noir pieces of Raymond Chandler and from the over-the-top action of Doc Savage to the Heroic Fantasy of Conan the Barbarian and even the Raygun Gothic of Hugo Gernsback’s Amazing Stories.

some examples:

shadow Conan-and-the-Manhunters.Tor-1994-600x993 detective Doc_Savage_Magazine_-_March_1933 indiana Tarzan_at_the_earths_coreamazingBlack-Book-Detective-Spring-1944pellucidar Weird-Tales-May-1941black mask2

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I’ll join too as a player. Will bring a new level 1 character :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d also like to join again with a T1 character. :slight_smile:

I just walk in here and we have THREE dms dang. Well I guess I am playing at any table that would have me but specifically together with @Tiero would be a pleasure for me :wink:

I got sick so I sadly won’t be able to make it today. Have fun


I won’t dm more than 5 people at my table (6 at the big one; otherwise fine with a smaller one)
… so I would entertain players at a first-toldme-first-serve basis (either via chat/person or here)
see below:

-Darthbinks (T1; Age of Worms 01: The Whispering Cairn; :worm:)
-KKevin (T1; DDex1-6 The Scroll Thief; starts at 6.p.m., possible to join later; :scroll: :ninja:)
-Rayce_Kaiser (T1; continuing Lost Goblins of Phandelver :japanese_goblin: otherwise wants to join :worm:)

players :worm:
-BufoBufo (T1; :worm:)
-fleischlaberl (T1; :worm:)
-PatrickD (T1; :worm:)
-ThatGuyTed (T1; :worm:)
-Tokrak (T1; :worm:)

players :scroll::ninja:
-Semako (T1; :scroll::ninja:)

players :japanese_goblin:
-Emma (T1; :japanese_goblin:)
-Mexicorn (T1; :japanese_goblin:)
-Mexicorn’s GF (T1; :japanese_goblin:)

other players:
-cat4laugh (T1; want to join Tiero’s table)
-0815Popo (T1)
-grudm (T1)
-Martin (T1)
-Tiero (T1; if there is still space want’s to join :worm:)

we will prolly have 3 tables (all T1) with 5 players each
(if I get the big table, I could take on a 6th player aka Tiero)

:worm: :scroll: :ninja: :japanese_goblin:

see you soon :slight_smile:

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I see there’s three players from last time interested in continuing the Phandelver campaign. Is there a fourth still? I’d love to continue on this adventure. I just think it would be good to know before 19:00 o’clock.

Today I learned - was utterly unaware of what the genre actually encompassed. Do not know much about any of those books. However, thx for all the great pics! They sparked my imagination immensely - we might be fighting worms you say, creatures best fought with oversized bladed weapons you say… flowing robes, nay clothing in general being a hinderance for such endeavours you say… intriguing… very intriguing… :smiley: :smiley:


There are enough, so LGoP will happen xD

Still need approx 10 min

On my way. Will be there at half past 7 at the latest. Sorry for the delay.

@BufoBufo @fleischlaberl @PatrickD @ThatGuyTed @Tokrak

thanks for playing, surviving and dying in …

:worm: The Whispering Cairn

you all except fleischaberl got each a potion of heaing and a potion of false life
you all, except fleischlaberl got 160gp
… -20gp per each question your character asked Allustan the Mage

the item you found, and everyone can pick up was

:worm: Eyes of Minute Seeing

Wondrous item, uncommon

These crystal lenses fit over the eyes. While wearing them, you can see much better than normal out to a range of 1 foot. You have advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks that rely on sight while searching an area or studying an object within that range.

:point_right: Eyes of Minute Seeing

also got a "Homebrew Story Award Item"
that currently works as follows:

:worm: Dark Shard Amulet

Wondrous item, common (requires attunement by a warlock)

This amulet is fashioned from a single shard of resilient extraplanar material radiating power of Syrania the Azure Sky. While you are wearing it, you gain the following benefits:

  • You can use the amulet as a spellcasting focus for your warlock spells.
  • You can try to cast a cantrip that you don’t know. The cantrip must be on the warlock spell list, and you must make a DC 10 Intelligence (Arcana) check. If the check succeeds, you cast the spell. If the check fails, so does the spell, and the action used to cast the spell is wasted. In either case, you can’t use this property again until you finish a long rest.

:point_right: Dark Shard Amulet

(maybe it can unlock more properties later :angel:)

:worm: Strange Metallic Piece?

also your group found a strange metallic piece in the grave of the final room. Detect magic only revealed that It radiates a strong aura of Law.



:bug: Hidden Notes & Clues

:bug: Story Awards

:bug: Mini-Gazetter

For :japanese_goblin: folk:

Rewards for the session: Mundane Weapons, Armor up to 100GP individually and GP for a total combination of 160GP per Character.

A Magic Item has been found! Staff of Defense DMs: The Item is rare,I heard something about only Uncommon being allowed at T1?

Just to be clear: One CANNOT use their reaction to cast Shield from this item, the Item itself states one must use the action to cast it. Secondly, to cast a spell from an item a character must use the Use Magic Item action.

as T1 does allow for 1 Uncommon+ item and I don’t find anything in the posted rules about no items above uncommon in T1 I don’t see an issue with a rare item

@Rayce_Kaiser @Tersidian

regarding your question

to quote from the new VALUE Rules

  • The Magic Item must be of the Tier of your game or lower.
  • You can also drop a magic item of a lower Tier than the Tier of your adventure.
  • You may not drop a magic item of a higher Tier than the Tier of your adventure.
  • :exclamation: Not dropping any magic item at all is fine too … you do not have to drop one.

:point_right: so the answer is … "no you can’t"

possible solution:
:point_right: you could give out the item as a Homebrew Story Award … but then they would ONLY be allowed to use that Item on your table

it’s written in the DM-ING section in Drop Max. One Item Per Game

I stand corrected and am blind :smiley:

another idea would be giving them the
skyblinder staff
that’s an Uncommon (Tier 1) staff that’s also defensive