The Criminal V.A.L.U.E of Eberron

The Criminal V.A.L.U.E of Eberron

For Information on Eberron for Age of Worms see the second post

Hey guys I’m going to run a small campaign starting in end of march set in the Eberron campaign setting, and you all are free to join whether new or old.

Note this is not a sign up post. This is for information.

Style: pulp (think Indiana Jones), investigation, intrigue, urban adventure

Setting: Eberron is a wide magic setting, where magic is a part of the world as much as normal science is. Streets are lit by everbright lanterns, there are repair shops using mending to repair things, lightning trains and airships are powered by bound elementals. Wandslingers duel at high noon, while halfling mobsters accost a shopkeeper for protection money. However higher magics are still there and mystical.

You are in the City of Sharn, also known as the city of spires and the biggest city on the continent in the south of Breland. It is well known for the large skyscrapers reaching far into the sky, connected by bridges and skycoaches. The higher you are up, the richer you are. The city is full of problems, crime and conspiracy and you are a new detective bureau in the middle of all. You are located in the district of Hareth’s Folly in middle Dura a poorer district, but also the multicultural melting pot of the continent. You are faced with wealth in the face of poverty, many different perspectives and living between the law and crime.

History overview: Over a hundred years ago a great civil war over the succession of the crown erupted in the kingdom of Galifar. The five provinces (Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath, Cyre) fought each other in a brutal war where no one won and Cyre lost, after it was destroyed in the Mourning. After this the war ended in the Treaty of Thronehold with the formation of twelve new nations. The war has been over for two years but there are still tensions.

Dragonmarked Houses: Twelve houses of common races are marked with symbols granting them mystical power. Over time the houses have grown into titans of industry, especially since they stayed neutral in the war while profiteering. Now they have political power while also competing with each other. One can think of them similar to megacorporations.

I don’t know what V.A.L.U.E is, can I join?

V.A.L.U.E is our 5e open game that happens every Friday. You can certainly join. If you have questions you can check the document ( V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players ). (Note it might get updated soon, will link the new one then)

I don’t know anything about Eberron?

No problem. I will include some of the lore and important points further down but don’t worry about knowing it all. It is more of a useful background for character creation. You can also check the book and the Eberron wiki if you want more info. I will try to put respective links to the wiki in case you want more info

Can I play X?

All races and classes that are official are present in Eberron. The exception are the backgrounds from other settings such as the Ravnica or Strixhaven backgrounds. Monstrous races all have their place in Eberron from bugbear accountants to lizardfolk hairdressers. Otherwise if it is official, go wild! If you have any questions you can ask me via dm or discord (I’m BufoBufo both here and on the Discord).

Is this a campaign?

This a series of connected one-shots with a plot that connects them all, think of a crime series structured in episodes and seasons. You will level up after each “episode”.

What’s the theme/tone?

This game is set around a your detective agency, solving crimes and mysteries and getting drawn into a greater conspiracy. The tone and genre is pulp, that means dramatic heroes, dastardly villains and big drama. There will also be choices and factions that might like you more or less depending on what you do.

Anything else to know about characters?

You don’t need a backstory but if you want to for roleplay purposes that’s fine. This will be not particularly backstory focused but if you want to you can ask yourself the following questions: Two years ago a massive continent spanning war ended. Were you involved? Did you dodge the draft? How do you feel about the outcome? Why did you come to the big city? How did you come to be an investigator.

You might also be interested in Eberron specific races and backgrounds such as: Dragonmarked races (possessing mystical Dragonmarks), Kalashtar (Sharing their mind with a good dream spirit), Changelings (Featureless humanoids that can shapeshift into different persons), Shifters (Weretouched humanoids, that can shift into a more bestial appearance) and Warforged (A race of living constructs).


Eberron History

This is mostly focused on the main continent of Khovaire. You don’t have to read it, just wanted to include it.

Ancient History

Time of the Dragons: The three creator dragons created the thirteen planes with the material plane intended to be their final work. But Khyber sought to dominate everything and tore apart her sibling Siberys. Eberron fought Khyber but couldn’t defeat her and so bound her in her coils and became a living prison. Siberys became a ring of golden dragonshards around the planet and the source of magic known as the dragon above. Eberron became the source of all natural life and Khyber became the underdark and spawned all lesser and archfiends known as the Overlords.

Dragons (and Coautls) vs Fiends

The Archfiends and their rhakshasa lieutenants conquered much of Eberron enslaving many races. The dragons fled in the beginning but uncovered the draconic prophecy. With its help and the help of the coautls they managed to beat the fiends and the coautls sacrificed themselves to bind the archfiends in Khyber with the Silver Flame. Some say that instead of dragons and coautls the gods known as the Sovereign Host defeated the fiends.

The Dhakaani Empire

The goblins (hobgoblins, goblins and bugbears) conquered most of Khovaire (the largest continent) and unified it under the empire of Dhakaan. The empire was militaristic with great craftsmanship. However the daelkyr, beings from the plane of madness Xoirat opened gates and sent their minions. The goblins fought them and in the end managed close the gates and bind them in Khyber with the help of the orcish druids known as the Gatekeepers. However the war took a toll on the empire and it fell apart.

Modern History:

Galifar and the civil war

After the end of the goblins, humans came and began to settle Khovaire. The kingdom of Galifar conquered most of Khovaire and was made up of the five nations: Breland, Aundair, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane. These rulers of these five nations descend all from the royal bloodline of Galifar the Wynarns. This kingdom lasted for hundreds of years until the death of king Jarot in 894 YK who wished his eldest daughter princess Mishann of Cyre to succeed however her siblings, who ruled the other territories disagreed and a war over succession broke out.

The war way a bitter struggle of shifting alliances and gruelling conflicts that tore the land apart and deeply scared the countryside. Everyone lost. In 994 YK the nation of Cyre was consumed in an event known as the Mourning. Almost all inhabitants died and now a dangerous fog hangs over the land. The shock and fear brought the nations to the negotiating table and in 996 YK the Treaty of Thronehold was signed. There were twelve new nations now and Galifar was no more.

The situation now:

It’s been four years since the war and two since the peace treaty has been signed. Some believe that peace will last, others that war will soon break out again. The nations are in a state of cold war, seeking advantages over each other for the conflicts that could lie ahead.

The dragonmarked houses have stayed neutral but sold their services to the highest bidder. They emerged stronger than ever, amassing political power. Now no ruler can afford to break with the dragonmarked houses or face the consequences.

The New Nations

Aundair: A fertile nation that is built on and with magic and used its arcanists in the war

Known for: Fertile farmlands, aristocrats, magic university of Arcanix, lots of magic, fancy wine and cheese

Ruled by: Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn

Breland: Southern nation known for its industry that built large flying fortresses

Known for: Heavy magic-industry, innovative, pragmatic, subterfuge, shady

Ruled by: King Boranel ir’Wynarn

Cyre, now Mournland: Seat of wealthy now a glassed, cursed wasteland

Known for: Formerly art, commerce, culture, Now: Ruins, mist, Lord of Blades, monsters

Karrnath: Martial nation, that used undead as soldiers after multiple famines

Known for: Ale, dairy, lumber, textiles, undead, martial discipline, Blood of Vol

Ruled by: King Kaius ir’Wynarn III

Thrane: Theocracy ruled by the church of the silver flame and used it’s clerics in the war

Known for: Silver flame, divine magic, fine crafts, fruit textiles

Ruled by: Speaker of the Flame Jaela Darn and Council of Cardinals

Darguun: A new nation formed by goblin mercenaries under a warlord during the war

Known for: goblin mercenaries, ancient ruins, warlords

Ruled by: Lhesh Haruuc Shaarat’kor

Droaam: A new fledgling nation of monsters ruled by three hags

Known for: monstrous mercenaries Besesh’k ore, strange magic

Ruled by: Daughters of Sora Kell

Eldeen Reaches: Woods of western Aundair that became independent during the war

Known for: Agriculture, animal husbandry, druidic magic, stone circles, shifters, fey

Ruled by: Different druid circles overseen by high druid Oalian a tree

Lhazaar Principalities: Loose confederacy of pirate lords, merchant princes and sea barons

Known for: Fish, mercenaries, pirates, ships, trade, independence

Ruled by: Each principality rules itself.

Mror Holds: Ancient holds of the dwarves, that became independent during the last war, brimming with gold and artifacts

Known for: Banking, dwarves, metalwork, jewels, ancient daelkyr artifacts

Ruled by: Loose confederacy with an Iron Council

Q’Barra : young frontier jungle nation sitting next to ancient empires of the lizardfolk and dragonborn

Known for: Eberron dragonshards, rare herbs and woods, lizardfolk, dragonborn, frontier living, ruins

Ruled by: King Sebastes ir’Kesslan, Cold Sun Federation and Poison Dusk (lizardfolk) Ka’rashan (dragonborn)

Talenta Plains: Home of dinosaur riding nomadic halfling clans

Known for: Dinoaurs, halflings, livestock, fey, spirits of the land, tribes, ancient ruins

Ruled by: None

Valenar: Steppe land taken over by Tairnadal elvish mercenaries and their ancestor worship during the last war

Known for: Elves, horses, mercenaries, cavalry, raiders, ancestor spirits, double-bladed scimitar

Ruled by: High King Sharas Vadalia

Zilargo: Homeland of the gnomes full of knowledge, library and conspiracies

Known for: Alchemy, Education, elemental binding, entertainment, newspapers, gnomes, espionage

Ruled by: The triumvirate


Demon Wastes; Wasteland of lava, fiends and primordial ruins

Known for: Fiends, Pestilence, orcs, tieflings

Inhabited by: Carrion Tribes, who are a savage people worshipping the archfiends,

The Ghaash’Kala: A tribe of orcs and half-orcs devoted to containing the evils of the demon wastes

Shadow Marches: Fetid swamp filled with the remnants of the daelkyr conflict

Known for: Eberron dragonshards, rare herbs, Gatekeeper druids, daelkyr influence

Faraway lands

Aerenal: Massive island populated by the high elves. Good undead walk the streets and the elves wish to become great enough to live on after death as an undead as part of the Undying Court.

Argonnessen: Home of the ancient dragons and barbarian tribes, hardly anyone that visits returns to tell the tale.

Sarlona: Continent and ancient home of the humans. Now ruled by the Empire of Riedra which is opposed by the mountain refuge of Adar of the Kalashtar. Outsiders normally aren’t welcome

Xen’drik: Ancient home of the now destroyed giant empire. Warped by magic and unpredictable

Faiths of Eberron

Sovereign Host: Biggest religion in Khovaire, believed to be the embodiment of all that is good in the world, very diverse deities that can have different names, all can be worshiped or only one, don’t have a hierarchical structure

They are: Arawai – Light and Love, Aureon – Knowledge and Law, Balinor - Horn and Hunt, Boldrei – Hall and Hearth, Dol Arrah – Sun and Wisdom in War; Dol Dorn – Strength and War; Kol Korran – World and Wealth; Ollandra – Feast and Fortune; Onatar – Fire and Forge;

Dark Six: Shadows of the Sovereign Host, opposite side of the same coin, worshipped but mostly in secret, often devoted to a single member of Dark Six. It is believed that they are kin to the Sovereign Host but turned or got banished for their actions.

The Devourer – Destructive Nature and Savagery in Beasts; The Keeper – Greed and Undead; The Fury – Passion, Revenge and Despair; The Mockery – Treachery and Terror; The Shadow – Dark Knowledge and Ambition; The Traveler – Chaos and Change

Church of the Silver Flame: Religion built around the Silver Flame and the legend of Tara Miron. Less a god and more a source of power. Big on fighting evil such as undead, lycanthropes, defined structure with military might in the form of templars, sometimes overzealous. There are other faiths based on the silver flame.

Blood of Vol: Believing that death is the end, the gods are not good, all we have is each other and that true divinity lies within, founded in Aerenal and was popular in Karrnath during the war. Using undead as tools is alright with them and they wish to reach divinity, some become undead to guide others.

Cults of the Dragon Below: Describes various cults that worship the archfiends and/or the daelkyr and wish to free them. Often based on madness and power hungry, Believe that when these powers are freed they will be spared and granted power. Secret cults often hunted down

Spirits of the Past: The Tairnadal elves of Valenar believe that the spirits of champions are your ancestors can live on through the living and one of them lives on in you. You must emulate the deeds of this ancestor and achieve great deeds of your own

Undying Court: The wisest and greatest members of the high elves are preserved after death becoming good undead fuelled by positive energy and the devotion of the living elves. This Undying Court has power and the living elves honour the past and wish to become eternal through their deeds. They hunt down evil undead.

Dragonmarks and dragonmarked houses

Dragonmarks are mystic symbols on the bodies of certain people granting them special arcane powers in certain fields. Many believe that they are tied to the mystical draconic prophecy. It is impossible to buy or develop one consciously. They run in specific bloodlines, so called dragonmarked houses. Those who possess a dragonmark are a part of the house and trained by them and symbolized by the prefix d’ Infront of a name for example Cadan d’Orien.

Due their power they have become titans of industry similar to megacorporations. In the past the united power of the Kingdom of Galifar held them in check but after the war they no nation dares to cross them. They are ubiquitous, you don’t go to a temple for healing, you go to a Jorasco healing house and many taverns are led by house Ghallanda.

The twelve dragonmarked houses are:

Mark of Detection: House Medani

Gives powers of perception and investigation. Often working as bodyguards and inquisitives

Mark of Finding: House Tharashk

Gives powers of perception and finding. Often working as bounty hunters, inquisitives and prospectors

Mark of Handling: House Vadalis

Grants power over beasts. Often working in animal farming and animal breeding

Mark of Hospitality: House Ghallanda

Gives powers that help provide good service. Often working as shop and tavern owners.

Mark of Healing: House Jorasco

Gives power of healing both magical and mundane. Often working as healers

Mark of Making: House Cannith

Gives powers over making and creation. Often working as engineers, architects, factories.

Mark of Passage: House Orien

Grants power over transportation. Often working in the postal service, lightning train, carriages

Mark of Scribing: House Sivis

Gives power over communication both written and spoken. Working with long distance-communication, notaries, interpreters, lawyers

Mark of Sentinel: House Deneith

Gives powers of protection. Working as mercenaries, bodyguards, law enforcement

Mark of Shadow: House Phiralan and Thuranni

Grants power over illusions and shadow. Works officially as entertainment, unofficially as espionage (Phiralan) or assassination (Thuranni)

Mark of Storm: House Lyrandar

Grants power over the weather. Works for weather control, airships, ships

Mark of Warding: House Kundarak

Grants power over warding. Working as locksmiths, security specialists, banks, sometimes prisons.


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Allies and Enemies:

Henrietta Skalizka: Old gnome baker and professional gosipper
Germaine Villroy: Guard Sergeant of Middle Dura, willing to give you missions and look the other way if the party commits a crime, willing to give away information
Fenia: Gnoll crime boss of the Daask, owner of the club “The Dungeon”. Known for giving a face massage to those who displease her. Willing to impart information and jobs on the party.
Alden d’Orien: Ranking member of the d’Orien family in Sharn. The party has a favour with him for rescuing his son.
Prof. Ambronsius: who will help you if you need university materials especially ancient goblin lore
Tem/Jannis ir’Selan: the changeling is now working for the agency as his “community service”. You might ask favours of him to investigate on his own, otherwise he still has contact to the upper class of Sharn.
Coal: The warforged secretary of your office, whom you gave a job and a new arm. A bit nervous but knows about the Warforged community
Eagle Supporters Your team is now beloved in the Eagle’s districts of Broken Arch and Stormhold. If you make a reasonable request in these districts people will want to help you free of charge because you are famous now. This has also a negative side as you might have fans now.

Blue: Aundarian Warforged who is in charge of the Cog Carnival in lower Central. Coolheaded and knowledgeable about the district
Tina: Human beggar girl in lower Central. Has absolutely never seen you, no sir.
Victor Saint-Demain: Rival investigator who wishes to join house Medani. Brilliant but Prideful
Danica Calamum: Karnathi necromancer who is wheelchair bound (although the wheels are animated legs), Comes from a wealthy family
Deniam Barrak: Tiefling scholar from the Venomous Demesne. Keeps an eye out for his “grandmother” and his fellow people from Droam. A bit of a people watcher.
Michél Adamoun: Aundarian half-elf student who lives an alternative lifestyle and is probably connected to an Inspired cult. Knows a lot of people
Mr. Calico: Strange man who asked after the party. Member of the Dark Lanterns
Ms. Teal: Junior Lantern and former subordinate of Mr. Calico, willing to treat with the characters.
Garra: Former Daask underboss who conspired to usurp the leader of the Daask in Sharn Cavallah. Works now with the mysterious Zargeb. Can send assassins and spies. Caught and apprehended.
Zargeb: Mysterious man behind the man, who plans and conspires to get his hands on ancient Dhakaani artifacts. Uses espionage, subterfuge and blackmail.
Mysterious Changeling: Has been seen spying on the party several times.
Lord of Blades supporters: Got in the way of the Lord of Blades’ supporters plans. Might have consequences later
The Rajah: The man behind the man, controlling the black heart and trying to bring the Overlord Eldrantulku back. Has high political connections and is willing to use them.

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Season 1 Guide:
A Threat Unseen
Episode 1: Ghosts from the Past
The new Investigation firm researches the cause of several murders in Dura, where several people were assassinated by an unseen sniper, leaving only puzzles behind. After another victim they watched was murdered, they find out more about the military unit of the Steelhammers, a warcrime that was never prosecuted and a warforged on the path of revenge against them. During the final shootout they manage to surprise Remnant the Warforged and manage to save the dwarf before the Lord of Blades sympathizer could finish what he started.

Episode 2: Forgotten Relics
After a nice face massage by the Daask leader Fenia. Their ally Guard Captain Villroy alerted them to a strange disappearances of warforged all over lower Dura. The Team searched for clues in the Cog Carnival where they met Coal, an one armed warforged who told them that her friend worked for a secret project of house Orien in the lower parts of the city, only accessible by a certain elevator. They began to see that a certain splinter of the Daask seem to go after their own goals and that they were followed by a certain man.
Finally reaching the Old City of Dashaarat in the underground they found ancient Dhakaani ruins and an archive that contained strange stone tablets. The halfling was able to make out some words pertaining to a seal and a danger. Apparently the work and the tablets were dangerous for the warforged as they found a pit full of corpses. After questioning the guards they found a child of the Orien house and after bringing it back the whole story was unveiled.
Alden d’Orien was blackmailed as his son was kidnapped by a half-oni called Garra, who wanted an easy and disposable workforce in order to unearth something. After the return of his son the party went to Garra’s home and found Garra and the stone tablets gone and a band of Kenku trying to burn papers in a fireplace. From what they could rescue they found out that Garra was a traitor to the Daask trying to usurp leadership with the help of a Z.

Episode 3: Undercover Student
Professor Ambronsius from the Morgrave University called for help as the stone tablet that was given to him by the party disapeared. He wants the Team to join his course as new students and find out who of his students might have stolen the tablet from the Library.
After settling into their dorms and new student personas they began to delve into the web of student relationships full of breakups, old flames, cults and political extremists. After an exciting night out they found out that Jannis ir’Selan was acting strange and that he was the most suspect person.
After stopping his and hearing the Jannis, or rather the changeling Tem out, they found out that he was blackmailed by a person called Zargeb with the truth of his current state of living. He gave back the tablet to the party and decided to help him as his “Community Service” in order to atone for his actions. Professor Ambronsius was able to tell them more about the tablet such as that the inscription describes a seal that holds back a great danger of corruption.

Episode 4: Blood and Games
The race of Eight Winds is here and the party is hired by both the Boromar and the Daask, as they worry that someone else is trying to fix the game, making an outsider win the race. An unknown party was attacking the riders of the teams scaring them and making some of them unable to fly. The party split up trying to join the Teams of the different district to find out who might be responsible.
They found out that the attacker might be Garra as a strange horned person was seen attacking them with a maul. Also the riders and animals were manipulated to fail a doping test as their food and drink was laced with Potion of Heroism, which disqualified multiple people.
There seemed to be a conspiracy between the mysterious Mr. Panthera, Garra and the mysterious changeling. They found the changeling and Garra in the doctors office where the original doctor was murdered and replaced by the changeling. Before they could arrest the perpetrators the Dark Lanterns and Mr. Calico showed up to take over the arrest and warn them that they would meet again.

Episode 5: A Betrayer’s Answer pt. 1
The Team was invited to a “friendly” meeting with the Dark Lanterns in an empty open air theatre. After a questioning Mr. Calico was assassinated and the Dark Lanterns intending to tie up loose ends and get their hands on the potential assassins gave an order to kill the Team. With the help of a several documents they began the search for the true perpetrators and in order to prove their own innocence.
After a save stay at the Dungeon, their first target was the shop of Drakewell’s Arcana where they found out that Drakewell was part of a cult of the Dragon Below and Eldrantulku, and that he was a double agent in the Lanterns spying on them and they were probably framed. They took both statues of Khyber and Eldrantulku with him.
After almost being seen by the Dark Lanterns they returned back to the Dungeon to rest up and discuss their next steps.

Episode 6: A Betrayer’s Answer pt.2
After a short rest and teaming up with another member of the Team they decided to visit Khaled ir’Zafir, to find out more. While on the street they were ambushed by Kenku in wingsuits trying to restrain them using lassos and shooting them with their hand crossbows. They scatter them and found out that the wingsuits were made by Zafir, and that the Kenku were both sent to watch and assassinate them.
After a short meeting with Victor Saint-Demain the arrogant but brilliant rival of H.I.M they snuck up to upper Dura under disguise.
Through the inventor they found out that Alexei d’cannith was a high ranking member of the cult and that there was a meeting at Carasan Top. After being chased over a railing and barely escaping the Dark Lanterns they made it to Broken Arch where they found out what Carasan Top was. A tower in middle Menthis.
After making to the half finished tower they fought a fiendish bird and finally made it up to the top of the tower where they faced Mr. Panthera or rather Zargeb. He tried to convince them the reign of the Overlords would be preferable but the Team disagreed and it came to a fight. Mr. Panthera or rather Zargeb showed his true form as a Rakshasa Zakya and began to strike at them with his massive greatsword. Rick Longfeather swayed by the betrayer’s words changed sides and started attacking the party. However after a grueling fight Zargeb and Longfeather were dead and the surviving party was able to make a deal with the Dark Lanterns for their freedom.
However when coming back home to their office they noticed something. The Rod of Eight Winds was gone. This was all just a setup by Zargeb’s master, the Rajah.


DM Rewards

Big In little Dura
Your team has participated in the Race of Eight Winds. You are well known as riders and often welcome in sports bars and with sports fans all around the city. However some fanatics might think otherwise.

His Majesties Dark Lanterns
You have made contact with the Dark Lanterns and they owe you a favour for keeping quiet and solving a dangerous case. You can receive help from them one time by calling on Ms. Teal in the Smoky Towers Accountant Bureau. If you do this this reward expires.

With Friends like These
You are considered a friend of the Daask underboss Fenia. She will always welcome you for free drinks and safe harbor you in her bar “The Dungeon” and will help you with information about the lower parts of Sharn. In return for favors of course.

Favor of House Orien
You gain lifetime tickets for the lighting rail and other Orien based transportation businesses, additionally Alden and House Orien will support you politically in every way he can.

A Favour for Fenia @ potatoes
You are indebted to the Daask underboss Fenia. She might call in the favour with you having to help her with Daask business.

Downtime Options
Please write or tell me if you wish to complete one.

Research the Khyber Statue
Time needed: 10 days and 100 gp
You spend time with the statue of khyber the dragon below and the strange crystal it is holding. The statue is magical and seems to charge up over time, but you do not know yet how to use it. Maybe some time doing research might help.
Reward: Work on gaining the potential powers of the statue.

Hitting the Books
Time needed: 10 days and 150 gp
You have heard about a strange cult worshiping something called the Overlord Eldrantulku, but to you those things mean very little. Choose one religious institution or the university and do some research there.
Reward: You gain knowledge about the Overlord and the cults surrounding them and you count as having proficiency in this topic. If you already have proficiency in religion you gain expertise on questions about this topic.

Probably Not a Tabaxi
Time needed: 5 days and 50 gp
You have met the lion headed villain Zargeb and saw that he was more fiend than a leonin or tabaxi, but rather a thing called Rakshasa. maybe it would be good to find out more about them.
Reward: You gain knowledge about rakshasas and their strengths and weaknesses, and how they operate.

The Mantle
You possess the damaged mantle of Echo that seems to possess magical properties next to being made out of glammerweave. Maybe if you find a good tailor you can fix it up again. Additionally washing it might be a good idea.
Resources needed: 10 days and 400 gp
Reward: The Cloak is fixed and can be worn.
Currently done by Jackfruitchilli and maybe Stracci

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions @ Stracci @ Jackfruitchilli
Time required: 5 days 450 GP
You have to decide which and if you want to incorporate new material into your cloak. Master Danavadi is more than happy to work with both. Or do you want to wait if something else turns up?
Roc Feathers: These large feathers are imbued with the elemental power of the wind. You gain the Manta Glide ability of the Simic Hybrid , and once per day you can spread your feathers to gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed for 1 minute.
Succubus Hair: This smooth silky hair is imbued with the charming power of a succubus. You are immune to being charmed. If you are attacked you can use a reaction to force the creature to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15) If the creature fails the attack is redirected to another creature within 10 ft. of the attacker.

Study Buddies
Time needed: 5 days and 5 gp for coffee
You help the University students to prepare for their finals for this semester (and maybe also the great celebration that follows). Your motivation and advice is needed for them to pass (and maybe help them romantically)
Reward: Love??

The Thrill of the Hunt
Time needed: 5 days
Fenia has favours and her favourites and you might be among them. Help Fenia with some Daask business ranging from catching traitors to the organization, to helping with some “deliveries”. Of course Fenia would be very thankful for that.
Reward: A gift from the Daask

The Rod of Eight Winds
Time needed: 10 days and 350 GP
The rod of eight winds is an ancient and strange artifact with a connection to Syrania the plane of the sky and winds. You can try to explore the nature and power of the rod, and maybe unlock its powers for your own gain.
Reward: Unlock the powers of the Rod of the Eight Winds.

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also had:

You are the Dancing Queen~~
Time required: 5 days and 150 GP
You take a dancing course, which Henrietta advised you to take, in preparation for the great university ball. It can’t be that hard can it? The only question remains, beginner course or advanced.
Reward: You gain proficiency in the Performance skill pertaining to dancing and moving gracefully. If you already proficient you gain expertise.

thanks again for running this :clap::clap:
was really awesome