The V.A.L.U.E. of New Beginnings

New week, new luck for the open games!

If you plan to come as a player, just drop a message below telling us what Tiers of characters you’ll bring with you. If you are new, please make sure to read the VALUE rules and also let us know with a quick message down below.

I am going to dm the first adventure in Eberron, so I would prefer that you create a new lv. 1 character if you want to join. For more info. If you have any questions just dm me here or on discord (BufoBufo)

T1: levels 1-4
T2: levels 5-10
T3: levels 11-16
T4: levels 17-20

If you are planning to DM this time, make sure to include the Tier (and optionally the name) of the adventure you want run in your post.
If you are planning to join a specific game, please let the respective DM know.


:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

Item unlocks and their TCP cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff


will be there and join the investigations
(level 1; T1)

I’m planning to be there with a fresh T1 character :slight_smile:

Planning to be there with Level 1 or Level 2 half-elf mark of detection paladin, yuan-ti rogue or mountain dwarf dao genie warlock. Would like to talk party composition before I decide. Might create from scratch on the spot.

Goes back to reading the history books and getting some education.

Like also to join @BufoBufo campaign. Will play a half elf mark of detection Artificer. „Every mystery gets solved by H.I.M.“

Hey there :smiley:
Pfeifer and I would also like to join a game again! It has been a while and since we probably won’t be there next week, a Oneshot would be better for us (T1 or T2)

Would be there with T1, T2, or T3 characters - and hope for @ThatGuyTed 's T3 game :smiley:

May or may not make an appearance… Will know for sure later in the week :relaxed:
Would love to join @BufoBufo’s table if there is space.

If I’m out of quarantine by Friday I’ll either play(will bring T1 and lvl 1 char) or run a combat heavy T2 adventure depending on demand.
(Would need to know on thursday)

I would like to come too, but I’m a beginner and don’t have a character. Should I prepare a character concept?

yes, since that saves a lot of time

I’ll try to come too. It depends on whether or not I can ‘test’ myself free of my quarantine. (Depending on Symptoms I’ll be able to confirm it by Thursday or Friday)

I’ll be there and bring T1-3 Characters. And a T1/T2 and T3 adventure. :+1:


BufoBufo (Eberron, Investigation)
ThatGuyTed (T1-2 / T3)or T1/2/3 player

Maybe cat4laught if required

players (11):
Darthbinks (T1; Eberron)
mane (T1/L1, Eberron)
grudm (T1; Eberron)
PatrickD (T1; Eberron)
Michi +1 (T1/2)
Semako (T1/2/3)
Tomato_joe (T1/L1)
cat4laught (T1/2/3/4)
Tiero (T1/2/3) at 7:15
Gammageddon (T1/2/3) prefer T2/T3

Heyo, I shall be there too. Would prefer to play but can run a t1 adventure on a whim if required.

I will stay at home, because it seems likely that I’m still infectous tomorrow.

get well soon!


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Hey everyone, Id like to join as a player, any tier, can only make it at 7:15, hope a table will still have me. Looking forward to seeing everbody! =)

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Id like to join as well I have a T1/2/3 character each but would like to play t2/3 preferably if there is still space at the table ^^

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No 18:30. Sorry my mistake I thought I put it on 18:30

@mane @grudm @PatrickD @Michi @K-the-fox @Tomato_joe @ThatGuyTed Time is 18:30 just fixed it. Sorry for pinging you all.


Hey, I forgot to mention, but I was hoping to join in the Eberron adventure if there is still a slot :slight_smile: but if not, I have another T1

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