Open D&D Table - Episode 35: Seasons Change (S2 Pilot)

With the mercury climbing, it’s time to take our not-quite-a-campaign back to the park!

The weather isn’t the only thing changing, however. So is the game world, and things are about to get more precarious …

If you want to get in on the ground floor as we kick off a new season of old school D&D, drop me a line. Adventure awaits!

(Seats for Sunday still up for grabs.)

Hi @H !
Friends of mine (2) and I were been keen to face an old-school D&D campaign.
I participated in several adventures based on the 5th Edition and never reached out for a prolonged campaign. Narrative and immersive-wise, I think, there a many advantages to running an ongoing adventure.
I’m also a big fan of Baldurs Gate 1, which is kind of based on an old-school D&D ruleset, I assume?
So, perhaps there are some parallels, we can build off!
The two friends of mine have no experience in pen&paper but are both into RPGs, mostly computer games, and are looking forward to being able to join the first games.
All the best,


Never played Baldur’s Gate, but it ought to be pretty similar, at least ruleswise. The gameplay’s going to be very different, though.

I’ll drop you a line with the details for Sunday. Looking forward to meeting you!

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(This is now quite full. If anybody would like to join future games, drop me a message.)

Should have been #35, not 34 as in the thread title.

But anyways, here’s the usual bookkeeping:

List of maps
World Map - Session 35: See above
Ravine Map - Session 13
Ravine Caves 1+2 (Goblins, Ogre) - Session 5
Ravine Cave 3 (Red goblins) - Session 13
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult) - Session 20
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult, downstairs) - Session 15
Ravine Cave 7 (Minotaur) - Session 8
Yarins Tomb - Session 12
Dungeon in the forest - Sesson 17
The Hill - Session 27
The Hill - Bat Cave - Session 23
The Hill - Monastery Grounds - Session 27
The Hill - Monastery Interior - Session 27
Eagle Mountain - Session 29
Eagle Mountain - Snake Lake - Session 31
Lake Flake - Underwater Tomb - Session 33

List of of sessions
Sessions 1 - 20

# When Location Encounters / Events XP
21 15.01.23 The Hill, Monastery grounds Raft building; Centipedes, Skeletons 102
22 25.01.23 The Hill Goblin War! 32
23 03.02.23 The Hill, Bat Cave Boring cave, Hobgoblin zombie 89
24 16.02.23 The Hill, Monastery Magic fountain, Inside of the monastery 149
25 23.02.23 The Hill, Monastery (Cont.) Inside of the monastery 76
26 09.03.23 The Hill, Monastery, Graveyard Night patrol, Undead 59
27 14.03.23 The Hill, Monastery, Graveyard Felonies: Grave robbery, Theft, Arson, Animal cruelty 66
28 21.03.23 The Hill, Monastery Random encounters galore 22
29 29.03.23 Eagle Mountain Kidnapped by eagles, Escaping the mountain 123
30 12.04.23 Eagle Mountain, Snake island Snakes and Fire 33
31 19.04.23 Eagle Mountain, Snake island (Cont.) Dungeon under snake island H to decide
32 26.04.23 Eagle Mountain, Snake island Pale dwarves 36
33 03.05.23 Flake Lake, Underwater Tomb Fred the faerie, Nixies, Mummies 238
34 09.05.23 Town “Kestria” Selling many things; Discovery of the “2nd moon”; Map of Talos keep 0
35 28.05.23 Village “Moonrise” “Witches” standing stones, Banished monster 87

List of treasures we haven’t dealt with yet

Session # Treasure Best found selling price Current holder(s) Recipient(s) Notes
31 1 shiny gemstone None so far Chylli irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ Magical
33 Dagger 75 GP cwebb irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, Violet_Red
33 Golden ring/bracelet None so far PH irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, Violet_Red Magical
33 Necklace (silver, blue stones) 500 GP irx irx [+25 GP], Chylli [+25 GP], cwebb [+25 GP], PH [+25 GP], Violet_Red [-100 GP]
35 Aris’ ruby ring None so far irx irx, Chylli, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ, hardvark, Violet_Red, Gandohar (+2 buddies) Magical; Can reverse petrification
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Thanks, everybody. That went surprisingly smoothly for an 11-player table. Fun atmosphere.

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It is more like a small change (but still count as a treasure), but when we ransacked the wizard’s house we found 12 gold for 10 person (e.g. 1 gold 2 silvers per person for irx, Chilly, cwebb, PH, alrik, s_journ, hardvark, Violet_Red, Gandohar + 2 buddies)

That was a lot of fun… despite the number of players, well done H! Season 2 off to a strong start. See you around.