Return V.A.L.U.E. of WoW/Keepers


DMs (3-6):

  • cat4laugh :spider: T2 … :warning: content warning
  • Potifex :sheep: T1
  • ThatGuyTed :dove: T3 (max. level 13?)

Potential DMs (3):

  • Arthilas :beetle: T2 … or hopes for a T2-T4 table
  • Takanari :biking_man: T1-T2 … or joins a T1-T2 table
  • Tersidian :black_joker: T1-T2 … or joins a T1-T2 table

Players (21-24):

  • Artanen :spider: T2
  • Istariel :spider: T2
  • Janlocks +1 :spider: T2 (x2)
  • truecrawl :spider: T2
  • Alaadu :dove: T3
  • BufoBufo :dove: T3
  • Burek :dove: T3
  • Darthbinks :dove: T3
  • Mexikorn :dove: T3
  • BDave +1 T1 (x2)
  • DieGio8002 +1 T1 (x2)
  • JuMiSu T1
  • Rezo :biking_man: T1-T2
  • William_A T1-T2
  • Alex T1 … wants to game with :point_down:
  • stollow T1 … wants to game with :point_up:
  • Astralchick T1-T2
  • Clove T1-T2


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max. gp per PC
and how magic item drops work

both found here :point_right: Our D&D Houserules


I’ll bring a T1 character


@schwick welcome :slight_smile:

lots of people already, so sadly no guarantees that you will find a :chair: to game, but we have a second potential location, maybe a group/DM wants to game/move there?

You find the thread for that :point_right: The V.A.L.U.E. of a Second Location

damn was gonna return this week but seems its full already… will keep a eye on the thread and see if anyone cancels @cat4laugh whats the max number of players you are willing to have at your table?

there is also a second potential location

maybe that will work out?

You find the thread for that :point_right: The V.A.L.U.E. of a Second Location

I put you on the :four_leaf_clover: list for now :slight_smile:

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What’s the minimum “critical mass” for the 2nd location? As in, it’s fine if we just have 1 table overflowing there?

I’ll take my table to the second location.

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@Darthbinks @Burek @BufoBufo @Mexikorn @Alaadu
Got caught up with uni stuff, but now without further adoo:

The countess has been informed about the incident at the prison and is gathering her troops to bring the situation back under control.

Rewards from the last session

Last time you guys sucessfully escaped The Cauldron by unleashing an avatar of Bhaal (the god of murder) on to the prison population. You also freed the source of the magic supressing effects active around the prison → A beholder calling himself “The pickled one”.

During your escape you picked up the following magic items, of which you may keep one:

  • An Immoveable Rod which was formerly used to keep the draining grate in place
  • The Ruinous Flail which had previously been in the posession of the Bhaal cultists.
  • A Portable Hole, which served as an item of religious significance to the cult of the void (the guys who worship the pickled one)
  • A Horn of Blasting which was held by the imprisoned members of the revolution.
  • An Ersatz Eye which you… found.

You also gain 480 gp, which you collected from various locked boxes after the guards had been dealt with, as well as 10 downtime days and a level up.

Homebrew story awards:

@Burek You sound like an ooze to me.
After pledging your loyalty to The Pickled One, his briney excelency determined that whether or not you were aware of it at the time… deep down, your true self was an ooze. As your physical form didn’t represent this yet, he decided to help you out. Your may change your race to Plasmoid gaining the new plasmoid racial features and loosing your previous racial features.

You may also take a level in warlock with the possible patrons of either “Fathomless” or “Great Old One” to represent your connection to your new master.

@Darthbinks Unlimited Power!
You unleashed the wrath of Bhaal onto the prison by freeing his avatar from the chains which bound him, causing a carnage truely worthy of the glory of Bhaal.
In his eternal bloodlust Bhaal has deemed you worthy of carrying his mark. Prove yourself to him and he may also deem you a worthy vessel… to become another Avatar of Bhaal.

Once per day you may use the mark to gain advantage on an Intimidation check. (refreshes at dusk)

@BufoBufo The adventures of a moth and her secretary.
You managed to escape from the cauldron together with the prison secretary, by flying away on a giant fly. (as one does) For this service Rosanne has sworn to do her utmost to help you if you are ever in legal or bureaucratic trouble.

If you find yourself in need of a permit or require minor criminal charges to be dropped on a technicality, you may call on your faithful secretary to smooth things over. (This feature may be used only once) (PS: The moth and her secretary might also become an adventure in the future)

Homebrew Downtime Actions

As we did a whole thing with leveling up and stuff, you guys each get 10 Downtime days to be spent on these downtime actions (in addition to downtime days you may already have). You may also split up the cost of these downtime actions between multiple players.

Repair and Refurbish. (Cost: 15 downtime days; carpenter, mason or smiths tools)
The recent rampage inside the prison left behind a lot of damage. You attempt to repair most of the critical systems which have been broken and return the prisons basic defensive measures against attacks from the outside.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Cost: 10 downtime days, requires access to: Animate Dead, Summon Undead or create undead)
Due to recent events, there seems to be quite a large amount of… potential servant… at your disposal. You attempt to teach some of the remaining spellcasters your craft to create a small troop of undead to fortify your defences.

Re-Soaking The Pickled One (Cost 10 downtime days and 500 gp)
You attempt to build a contraption for The Pickled One to soak in, so you may use the anti-magic properties he seems to be imbuing the waters with against your enemies. This would weaken attacking spellcasters.
Note: This Downtime action has the potential to go horribly wrong if The Pickled One isn’t convinced successfully.

Sneaky Sewers (Cost: 5 downtime days)
You attempt to clean out the monsters in the sewers beneath the prison to create a possible escape route. This route could potentially also be used to sneak behind the enemy lines.

Mi casa e su casa (Cost 5 downtime days)
You attempt to convince the local groups of revolutionaries to join your cause and help you in defending your new hideout/lair. Given that your methods don’t quite allign this might be a hard sell but in the end you share the same goal…

Mi guarida es tu guarida (Cost 5 downtime days and 1000 gp)
You attempt to convince the local criminal underworld to support the foundation of your new lair and join your cause. If you manage to convince them you would gain the support of a troop comprised of assassins and thieves.
Who knows? They might even sublet from you!

Prisoner Pugilists (Cost 10 downtime days and 500 gp, requires: Levels in a Martial Class)
You try to train the remaining prisoners in armed and/or unarmed combat to get them ready to defend the prison.

We’ll pay 'em off (Cost 5 downtime days and something to bribe a bunch of mercinaries with)
As the Countess has reinforced her ranks with mercinaries, this creates an opportunity to exploit. If you successfully bribe the mercinaries they may not show up in time for the fight or… if you are especially generous… they may even switch sides entirely.

Into the mountains (Cost 10 downtime days and 1000 gp (most of this is travel time so no time-cooperation is possible here))
You travel to the dwarven kingdom of Gwytnoch and try to appeal to their king, asking for his support in taking down the Countess. This will be difficult, but if you succeed you will have a powerful ally in the final battle against Elowen.

Into the flower fields (Cost 10 downtime days and 1500 gp (most of this is travel time so no time-cooperation is possible here))
You travel to the somewhat-nearby elven school of art and poetry Vanimelda and try to convince them that the countess herself has invited them to a fancy dinner party (those sorts of affairs usually take multiple days). If you succeed you will most likely send the Countess into a frenzy as soon as a multitude of unexpected elven guest arrive on her doorstep, expecting to be entertained.

Rally the Masses (Cost 5 downtime days)
You attempt to rally the masses by giving public speeches and praising the voice of the revolution, thia probably won’t give you additional manpower, but it will give you access to additional weapons, armor and other supplies, depending on which groups you manage to convince.

Reseaching the occult (10 downtime days and 500 gp)
The ground beneath your feet has experienced lots of strange and unexpected things over the eons. Rituals of great power, secrets so mysterious that their content is only ever mentioned in legends. The powers to give and take life, the secrets to transformation and personal excelence, spells lost to time… lost… but not forever?
You attempt to re-discover some of these ancient secrets to gain an edge in the battles to come.

If possible: Do let me know which Downtime actions you plan to take. → Either here or per DM, whatever you prefer.

(I might still add some more downtime actions in the next couple of days but they should suffice for now)

Sup dudes and dudettes!

I can also always run a T2 should it be necessary! :partying_face:

@Darthbinks @BufoBufo @Mexikorn @Alaadu

I have another 10 downtime days (besides working on a pickling contraption), let me know if you want to use Harry for any bigger downtime activities.

This kinda sucks well 7 is really pushing it. It’s sort of my fault because I didn’t write that previous players would get preferential seating. I am willing to try though!

Will have to cancel on Friday, something came up. Soz :frowning: (@Matteo98 )

Should it get too crowded for you, I could whip up a new T1 char and switch to xaosseed’s table at the 2nd location.Otherwise I would love to let out my evil side :smiling_imp:

Just let me know :blush: :+1:


I won’t be able to make it after all :cry: so one :chair:freed up.

We’ll see how it goes, thank you for the offer, though! If we find another table desperately needing players, I might take you up on it :slight_smile:

Hi ! I’d love to join with a T1 character

I’d like to be at a table with stollow please :smiley::+1:

Q has 40 downtime days and they will use them on these activities: -Sneaky Sewers -Mi casa e su casa -Mi guarida es tu guarida -We’ll pay 'em off -Into the mountains -Rally the Masses With 5 downtime days left, Q can help someone else. Unless there’s limit to how many a PC can do.

I will come and would like to play Tier 1 or Tier 2, but Tier 1 is preferable