Return V.A.L.U.E. of WoW/Keepers

I will be there to continue running Evil :spider: shenanigans. Now at tier 2! It’s time to show Neverwinter.

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Would love to join your table :smiley: :blush:

I’m excited to join for the first time. Happy to play at any T1 table that likes to welcome a level 1 character.

Am I allowed to join your table? :slight_smile:

I will join @ThatGuyTed and my comrades for Revelation part 2 :slight_smile:

If there is a free seat, I’d love to join! Would prepare a fresh T2 character. Lvl 5 should work?

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Level 5 will work. Just remember to bring a character that is evil or at least low on morals. :slight_smile:

Perfect, I’ll go for unseelie court morals. :smiley:

hello i would love to join with a t1 character ! :slight_smile:

I shall be there to follow the will of the Pickled One. Let the great pickling commence!

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My necro-Druid will be to help the revolution :dove: to reuse, reanimate and recycle :recycle: :skull:

Hey i would like to try out DM’ing. The (T1) adventure is going to be about a wizard, who got himself into a little enta-a-anglement🐑.

(Are there any logistical things I have to worry about as a DM?)

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I would love to join @cat4laugh ‘s table with a plus one:)

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Nope, you just declare you’re available to run then we see how the DMs vs players balance out on the night.

besides what @xaosseed wrote, it also is a good idea to check out our homebrew rules, specifically the section(s) adressed towards DMs, to make sure what you’ve planned to give out as a reward to the players matches what is allowed

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I would like to reserve our 2 seats too for me and @truecrawl :grin:


Would love to join, if you’ve still got space!!

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DMs (3-6):

  • cat4laugh :spider: T2 … :warning: content warning
  • Potifex :sheep: T1
  • ThatGuyTed :dove: T3 (max. level 13?)

Potential DMs (3):

  • Arthilas :beetle: T2 … or hopes for a T2-T4 table
  • Takanari :biking_man: T1-T2 … or joins a T1-T2 table
  • Tersidian :black_joker: T1-T2 … or joins a T1-T2 table

Players (21-24):

  • Artanen :spider: T2
  • Istariel :spider: T2
  • Janlocks +1 :spider: T2 (x2)
  • truecrawl :spider: T2
  • Alaadu :dove: T3
  • BufoBufo :dove: T3
  • Burek :dove: T3
  • Darthbinks :dove: T3
  • Mexikorn :dove: T3
  • BDave +1 T1 (x2)
  • DieGio8002 +1 T1 (x2)
  • JuMiSu T1
  • Rezo :biking_man: T1-T2
  • William_A T1-T2
  • Alex T1 … wants to game with :point_down:
  • stollow T1 … wants to game with :point_up:
  • Astralchick T1-T2
  • Clove T1-T2


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max. gp per PC
and how magic item drops work

both found here :point_right: Our D&D Houserules


I’ll bring a T1 character