Open D&D Table - Episode 25: Take the Waters

Wow, 25!

After all that, I think the players have earned a nice relaxing day at a spa …

This session is already full. If you’d like to join us another time for a game of D&D as played circa 1982, drop me a line.

Pure D&D 1st Edition untainted by Errata

Well, technically it’s a hybrid of AD&D and B/X, because ain’t nobody got time for weapon speed factors. But yeah.

Thanks to Alrik for providing notes, to keep the maps updated

List of maps :
Ravine Map - Session 13
Ravine Caves 1+2 (Goblins, Ogre) - Session 5
Ravine Cave 3 (Red goblins) - Session 13
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult) - Session 20
Ravine Cave 5 (Cult, downstairs) - Session 15
Ravine Cave 7 (Minotaur) - Session 8
Yarins Tomb - Session 12
Dungeon in the forest - Sesson 17
The Hill - Session 25: See above
The Hill - Bat Cave - Session 23
The Hill - Monastery Grounds - Session 24
The Hill - Monastery Interior - Session 25: See above

List of of sessions
Sessions 1 - 20

# When Location Encounters / Events XP
21 15.01.23 The Hill, Monastery grounds Raft building; Centipedes, Skeletons 102
22 25.01.23 The Hill Goblin War! 32
23 03.02.23 The Hill, Bat Cave Boring cave, Hobgoblin zombie 89
24 16.02.23 The Hill, Monastery Magic fountain, Inside of the monastery @H to decide
25 23.02.23 The Hill, Monastery (Cont.) Inside of the monastery @H to decide
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Thanks for 25. Rock on.

Since I was playing around with my sheet a little bit, here’s a calendar graph of all the sessions we had:

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