Vienna AL @ 1070 To reach beyond our limits


I’ll bring a folder or something so that you don’t have to deal with loose piles of paper falling behind boxes : )


I’ll be bringing my Lv2 character.


it’s not loose piles of papers … it’s 3 seperate paper folders :stuck_out_tongue:


then there will be a folder for the folders! all in the name of cleanliness. let’s matryoshka doll everything!


the biggest problem is space … right now i’m not even sure we’ll have enough space for the DM ressources we are going to store there, even though we do have the ok to do that :smiley:


The obvious solution is to leave stuff at my place upstairs, that’s no problem. I’ve printed a bunch of character sheets and log sheets that I’ll be bringing :slight_smile:


so we convert your place to storage? i’m game :stuck_out_tongue:


How are we standing with the DM/Player ratio? Still 2:16?


I think it even is 2:17 since Johle is coming too.

@Resil, @Lup can any of you (or both?) DM pleeeeease :heart:?


Ahh okay I guess


Hey all, I am Frank (31) and I am new here :relaxed:
I have experience with 5e but never played Adventures League. I read through some information (this & this) and wanted to ask if there is still a spot for me this Friday? If yes, would it be possible to come a bit earlier? Just to say hello and maybe to go through some slight onboarding ^.^


Ye. We will be welcoming you here


Awesome, thank you for the quick reply @Resil :slight_smile: What is a good time, in order to be there early? 18h?




Very cool, thank you and see you there!

Hello! Looking forward to meeting people @ AL :)


I will be there with a t1 character and I will bring someone. (also t1)


Will be there with a T2 character and a T1 backup.

I could also continue or restart DMing “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” or the " Lost Mine of Phandelver" in case we are lacking a DM.


Id bring a +1 maybe a +2


If @Resil brings “just” a +1 (uncommon), I count 24 people which would mean 3 full tables. If he brings a +2 (rare) then we would in fact need a fourth table.
And I don’t know if @Resil’s friends require attunement.

And there are a few regulars who haven’t announced themselves yet…


Is there any chance I could play at mulog’s table, or are those seats defenitely taken?