Vienna AL @ 1070 To reach beyond our limits


insight check :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Its actually just his third time playing the game…(adv. on deception)


Shhhhhhhhh! If you call it deception roll they already know what’s going on :smiley:


i only remember him dieing, must be a newbie (advantage on your “persuasion” check :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yes that is how it’s done… Double nat 20s ? :smile:


I’ll be there playing with my t1 lvl2 cleric


I’ll be there with my tier 2 (lvl 7) Ranger for ToA in theory


As I see we already kinda need a 3rd table…


Wellll, now that we’ve established how desperate @Martin is to DM it would be a shame to take that opportunity away from him… (I personally am an NPC with Cha 6 so this persuasion attempt is pretty much doomed)


in the right DMs hands (and dice) a cha 6 NPC can easily woo everyone around hir!


Nat 20 on the house I guess.


but … but… i just wanna play on my drum and dance with people :sunflower: #half-orc hippies


Like, when I played with him I could tell that he is far from a hippie.


the adventuring live changes you man!.. :smiley:


Coming with +1
First time playing for both of us, so I assume t1


quick reminder for everyone that i will not be there this time, so if somebody could print a couple of character and logsheets that would be a good idea


Total people: 18
including the 2 DMs: Rene and mulog

So we need a third table.

I will see what I can do about printing out log and character sheets but we can’t have too many I suppose. Does anyone have a link to the perfect character sheet?
Do we also need more pregens?


in theory there should be all sheets available at the cafe somewhere, but we couldn’t find them the last time we looked … maybe they fell down behind the little game case?


I can print character sheets at work, but I don’t have links for spellsheets and log sheets, do you have access to those?


I think these log sheets are state of the art and the once we use most.