Vienna AL @ 1070 To reach beyond our limits

… for fame, gold, power and glory.

And once again the fable continues @ 1070 Burggasse 68.

Please announce If you will be coming, and whether you are planning to play or to DM. If you are going to play, It is also preferable to announce the tier of play, that you will like to participate in.

I myself will most likely want to play, T2 or T1. Maybe Ill prepare another fun and hardcore adventure for you to enjoy, probably T1, but I suggest not counting on it, and I’m open for suggestions of the Tier of play.

And as always, see you on friday!

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Coming! I will probably bring my +1 again :blush:

I can play tier 1 or 2, will probably DM tier 1: Breath of the Yellow Rose (DDEX02-06), 4 hours.
It is the continuation of the Mulmaster storyline and for once there is no reference to fire in the title. Or is there??
Again there is quite a bit of role playing and investiagion to challenge the players. And deadly yoga.


Im getting horrifically strong Dragon vibes.

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Would love to continue that. Coming with my T1.

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@mulog’s +1” can speak for herself now! I figure I’ve shown up often enough to make an account ; )
but yes, I’m up for continuing to play with fire - T1/lvl3 Cleric.


Coming, T2 / lvl7, I’d like to continue ToA

I will be there dm ToA (lvl1-11 t2 chars Recommendet)

Oh, I’d like to join again too if possible, I’ll bring my T1 character :smiley: (alternatively, I also have a T2 character)


Coming, playing, T1 or T2. The usual :smiley:

will be there

I’ll also be there again :slight_smile: With my t1 sorceror.

I’ll be there with my T1 character.

would love to be there but i got a prior commitment this week (first session 0 for one of the characters in my new campaign, i’m excited, let’s hope that character will not die during session 0 :smiley:)


I’d like to come play ToA, I’ll bring my tier 2 (level 5) character.

I am in. Will bring a T2 (lvl 5 character) to try ToA, and a T1 in case all previous ToA players show up…

If, IF we need more DMs and nobody else steps up I could prepare a T1 adventure. Right now, I think we’re balanced on two tables, but just in case more people show up… :slight_smile:


It would be amazing, if you could prepare something!
It is only Monday and with the fantastic turn out we had in the past weeks it is quite likely, we might even need 4 tables again. I’d love to play at your table but my people need me :wink:
So it would be equality great if @Resil or someone else could have something prepared as well.

@Martin, are you bringing your +1 as you have indicated in another thread?

@Lup Yeeey more DMs!!! :slight_smile:

@mulog yea just talked about it with him and I will bring a +1 this time. T1 at your table preferably :slight_smile:

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Aren’t you a very experienced DM yourself? :wink:

What? Me? Never! :stuck_out_tongue:

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