Hello! Looking forward to meeting people @ AL :)

Hello everybody.

My name is Frank (31) and I recently moved back to Vienna after having been in Paris for 6 years. I speak German (native), English and bits and pieces of other languages.

After having played D&D board games as a kid I got into 5e last year. I played with my friends in France (Homebrew Scenarios & Phandelver) and I would love to check out the community here in Vienna and maybe see if there is group I could match with :relaxed:

I already posted in this weeks AL thread and I hope to meet you there this Friday! I never played AL and I am excited to check it out.

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Welcome! See you on Fridays!
Also if you wanna try other systems than dnd, Thursdays at spielbar are also a thing. There will also always be a thread around.
Have fun!

Hey Martin! I always wanted to try Shadowrun but never got over the entry barrier myself nor had enough friends that were interested in it. After checking out the forum a bit more it also seems like Call of Cthulhu has some fans here :grin:
I’ll maybe check on Spielraum on Thursdays as well one day!

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