Vienna AL @ 1070 To reach beyond our limits


It is looking good since we have 4 DMs.

At the moment I would reserve seats for:

  • PlusOneNico,
  • Martin + 1
  • Cyan
  • you (BrotDestroyer)
    I don’t know the forum name of the Gnome Monk Dunken who played at my table last time and whether he has announced himself yet. In that case I would hold a seat for him too.

Btw: For ToA I think it will be

  • Rene (DM)
  • Hamer
  • HDGames
  • Vic
  • Atoh-nym
  • Shadow
    So 6 people

That leaves 13 people for the 2 tables with Lup and Toni as DMs.

And we still have space for 6 more players…


Think @DanDan was the cooking monk gnome right?


Can i still join today with a t1?


@Martin: Ah ok, in that case we could just fit him and his +1 at my table (if they want to).

In general nobody should feel forced to play at me table (but everybody is welcome of course)!

@CaesarHadrian: Yes, there is still space, I believe.


Is it still too late to apply for a table today? :slight_smile:
Otherwise, I’ll come in next week. (I’m new)


Should be space left :slight_smile: so see you there!


Okay! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Seems I won’t be able to make it after all, so that’s one spot open for ToA :slightly_smiling_face:


@rene: I will be a bit late, around 19.30. Don’t wait for me,


I’ll come with tier 1


Have to cancel today unfortunately, not feeling so well

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