Return V.A.L.U.E. of WoW/Keepers

Hi ! I’d love to join with a T1 character

I’d like to be at a table with stollow please :smiley::+1:

Q has 40 downtime days and they will use them on these activities: -Sneaky Sewers -Mi casa e su casa -Mi guarida es tu guarida -We’ll pay 'em off -Into the mountains -Rally the Masses With 5 downtime days left, Q can help someone else. Unless there’s limit to how many a PC can do.

I will come and would like to play Tier 1 or Tier 2, but Tier 1 is preferable

I’ll be going! T1 or T2 <3

@Alex @Astralchik @Clove

welcome :slight_smile:

we have a lot of players this FR, so sadly no guarantees that you will find a :chair: to game
… might still work out … just no promises

will put you on the :four_leaf_clover: list for now

there is also a second potential location

maybe that will work out?

You find the thread for that :point_right: The V.A.L.U.E. of a Second Location

I would love to join a table of any tier if possible, finally feeling the call of DnD again =)

I would certainly be partial to a game at Requisite (if still happening/to happen) and very much appreciate the idea of a second location.


I just might take my mobile seat (the hockerl) with me again, hope that helps :sweat_smile:

Afraid I can’t make it. Got a high fever all of a sudden >_>

I won’t make it today, so there is an extra free seat

Not feeling well this morning and don’t wanna spread my germy germs. :face_with_head_bandage::microbe: Maybe next week?

hope you get well soon

same goes for all the others that can not show due to sickness today

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Also I have to cancle - see you all next week!

@Alex @Astralchik @Clove & @Tiero
a few people cancled … so if you wanna show up at WoW/Keepers, there will be space for you


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i’ll leave this week out, you guys have fun though!

@ThatGuyTed Ill do with my downtime days “Mi casa es su casa” and “cleaning out the sewers”

Better to let you know late than not at all

Wishing everybody a speedy recover :hugs: get well soon :blush: :heart:

Hi, sorry we have to cancel, because I had my tooth removed yesterday and I’m still not feeling my best. We hope we can make it next week. Wish you all a fun evening.

The headstomper will be missed :,/

Running late, forgot there is a demonstration tonight. Be there as soon as possible.