List of DnD friendly places in Vienna

Since 1070 is down for a couple of week I wonder: Where can a group of people get together in Vienna (except their own houses naturally) and play for 4-6 hours without getting into an argument with the staff?

If you know a place where DnD (or any other game really) is welcome, please post below.

+1 to karma if you add full address and your experience (prices, noise level, good big tables etc)

Results so far

  1. Spielbar in 8th by @H @Tersidian . Notes: Loud, keep an eye on what you order and don’t drop your dice :wink:

  2. Brot & Spiele in 8th by @Jackfruitchilli and @Tersidian. Reservation is needed.

  3. Tunnel-Vienna-Live (Tunnel Cafe?) in 8th by @dangerEn. Tables upstairs might be available.

  4. Paradice Board Game Bar in 16th by @dangerEn (4 Yppenplatz). Reservation needed, 5 eur entrance fee. Reservation needed.

  5. Siren Games in 16th by @dangerEn at Friedmanngasse 13/1 1160. Have tables downstairs to play but would need to be contacted first. Only available during shop hours!

  6. Fladerei Skodagasse in 8th. Fladerbrot only but nice chilled student crowd. Contact to owners by @CloudVII

  7. Fladerei Salzgries (Salzgries 15, 1010 Wien) works pretty well for afternoon games.
    had been tested 1300-1730 on Saturday and it worked fine; by @xaosseed

  8. Pickwick’s (Marc-Aurel-Straße 10-12, 1010 Wien) works pretty well for afternoon games.
    had been tested 1300-1730 on Saturday and it worked fine; by @xaosseed

  9. Café Benno Alser Straße 67, 18th. Potentially good spot as it is stacked with board games and people playing them all night anyways by @ladydoomdaddy

  10. the terrace of Burger Bros (Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1B / OG1– Top G9)
    Saturday 1300-1700 worked ok - good space, quiet but it is open-air so after 4 hours I was chilled. Could be good for a better weather window (not too hot, not too cold); by @xaosseed

  11. Sägewerk. (Währingerstr. 22). Enough space, not overly full on fridays, open till 02:00 am, food & drinks available. Reserve table in advance. As long as table consumes some, not everyone need to order. by @Mexikorn

  12. Schlupfwinkel Kleine Neugasse 10, 1040 Wien. Owner plays Vampire the Masquerade, the barman D&D 3.5E. Cash only! definitely a solid option; has been tested at a Saturday. by @xaosseed

  13. Old Oak Pub, Landstrasse 1030 Wien. They own adjasent Wild Geese pub whith spearate room hosting up to 6 tables. Owners are very chilled and open for conversation. by @Atoh-nym


Currently doing some research on that - so far what I am finding is more day-time weekend availability rather than evenings. I will do some test sessions over the coming weeks and I’ll update here as I confirm the places are viable.


Oo, Spielbar comeback! :smiley:

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Is it this one?

Did you play there already?

Once or twice.

It’s fine. The food’s a bit unexceptional. It can get somewhat loud. The floor eats dice.

What kind of place are you looking for? Somewhere that specifically caters to gamers? If not, I don’t think I’ve ever had any problems in this town just going to a random pub or whatever and breaking out some games.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated in this. I am already part of one of them and will try to be as available as possible but can’t make guarantees for the rest :slight_smile:

the one thing with spielbar is that you most definitly want to keep very good track of what you’re consuming, we did end up paying stuff nobody ordered as we couldn’t proof it and it got worse in the end before we made the switch
most likely it was too confusing for the staff, but we did leave quite a substantial amount of additional pay this way


My idea was to fish for scattered knowldege and gather alternatives to 1070 in one place. Also a good option for 24th if people are wondering (I certainly do :slight_smile:

Brot und Spiele might be something for single tables? Probably too small for VALUE.

I’ve never played dnd there, but I don’t see how that would be different from playing their board games. It’s usually quite busy though, so you gotta be there early. Drinks, food, and atmosphere is excellent.

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Brot und Spiele and Spielbar are owned by the same people (and almost next to each other) if I recall correctly

one could see when Athenaes Siegel has their games and ask if they have a free table, would have an entrance fee as it is a club location, but besides that you could bring your own drinks/food

I think single games is a very good option too. Especially when a small group want to meet to finish a game or sporadically. DM can always try to call ahead and reserve a table for the group.

One bar/cafe that could work is the Tunnel Cafe at the Floriannigasse 39, there are some tables in the second floor where it is not regularly occupied, but could become a problem if too many people go. The other option is Paradise Game Bar. There we have to pay 5€ per person, but is only gor playing games. The problem there is that we have to do reservation and they are full sometimes.


Another place that may be interested in allowing us to host the VALUE games is Siren Games, they have a space downstairs with about five tables to play. Maybe if we ask them we could arrange for them to allow to host the events every week?


We could also consider the Fladerei Skodagasse, which is right next to Spielbar in the 8th district, they have quite a lot of space there and are often not full on fridays. As food they only serve fladen, which are quite good but can be a bit monotonous, drinks are good. It can become quite loud there, but ive been there quite often, also when it was full and you could always understand each other. I also know some people who work there.

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Another place I can think of worth trying is the terrace of Burger Bros, Landstrasse. It is pretty hidden, rarely anyone there (even when the rest of the food court is crowded) and has plenty of space.

Wow getting quite a list of locations here!

I might be wrong but at least when they host mtg games they close at 9ish. Also the space downstairs is pretty cramped. It would just be too narrow for multiple DnD tables.

Really nice! Thanks for keeping the OP up to date. I’ve moved it and pinned it :+1:


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