Do you V.A.L.U.E the passing of time?

Hey Players! It is time for another V.A.L.U.E Friday and what a one it is.

I will dm a T4 Oneshot* because it will be my Birthday! :tada:
If not enough people show up for T4 I will scale it down and weep a little bit.

Let us know wether you will be playing or DMing in the thread below!

*cat4laugh™ will not be held liable for character death due to natural circumstances, decision making or shattering of the weave.


:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

Note that we did a Character/Item-Reset affecting all PCs created before May 13th '22

Will be there

ideally as :frog: (T2) to join Sharn Investigations again

If my voice recovers I will dm the next part of Sharn Investigations

Sharn Investigations Returns
I will run the next session of Sharn Investigations. The Eberron based crime-solving mini campaign. For more info check here
Level: T2, the max level is 9.

Don’t forget you can start at level 5 now.

Previous players will have preference but I welcome all new players as well. So if you want join just write on the forum. I will try to reserve a space for players that specifically ask me but I can’t promise anything.

This Episode: Paper Chase
I reserve a spot for KKevin should he show up, since he didn’t get to play last time.


I will be there on friday. If possible to join Sharn Investigation again :slight_smile:

Since its our favourite feline’s birthday, I will certainly try to be there. Unfortunately, no promises so far.

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I will be there too, unfortunately I do not have T4 characters yet, only T3.

PS: I would like to DM a T4 oneshot soon too, once we have enough people with T4 characters :slight_smile:

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Ronja will also be back to investigate some fishy things going on in Sharn :face_with_monocle::cat:

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I would love to join again the VALUE Fridays after a long absence.
I can bring T2 chars

Is it always at Zehnsiebzig Café ?




p.s.: edited the adress to the thread

I’d like to join a table on Friday if possible, either T1 or T2 :slight_smile:

Heyo, will be there DMing :japanese_goblin: Lost Goblins of Phandelver. (T1, very very tough combat encounters still ongoing)

The first assault on Cragmaw Castle ended in disaster with half the party taken prisoner! Can they break free? Can they be saved? WILL THE GOBTAUR ASCEND TO THE GOBLIN PANTHEON?!? Who knows? Not me, that’s for sure! Players be Cray Cray.

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I will join as a T1 or T2 character :slight_smile:

I will join as a T1 character: Lost Goblins of Phandelver. Or I could also play with a T2 character at a different table :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I might not be able to join tomorrow. Ill post here if it does work out.
I would ofc love to join both our final goblin madness adventure, as well as Cat’s T4 adventure of epicness.


-BufoBufo (T2; :female_detective:; max level 9)
-cat4laugh (T3-T4; :birthday:)
-Rayce_Kaiser (high T1; :japanese_goblin:)

:female_detective: players:
-Darthbinks (T2)
-Jackfruitchilli (T2)
-Stracci (T2)

:japanese_goblin: players:
-Elenaa (T1)
-Emma (T1)

:japanese_goblin: / :female_detective: players
-KKevin (T1-T2; will show up late ~ 8:30 pm)

:birthday: players:
-Resil (T4)
-Semako (T3)

players to distribute:
-Hamer (T2)
-UncleEbo (T1-T2)
… also Tiero (T1 :japanese_goblin: / T3 :birthday: ) might show up

@Hamer & @UncleEbo
Note that we did a Character/Item-Reset affecting all PCs created before May 13th '22
:point_right: see here for details
… also don’t forget that pcs created/reaching level 5/11/17 get to pick an item




I’ll be there to play T1/T2 but can also use a DM reward to get my char to low T3

If necessary, I can bump my table to low T2 (max lvl 6), as I see we dont have any T1 players other than those already at my table and I know they’re both lvl 4 and can hit lvl 5 pre game.

I will be there tonight, and would love to be part of the Phandelver adventure. I have a level 3 character I could join with; or can create a new level 5 char for the occasion.

Hello. I’m brand new, so would be starting from scratch if a table can accommodate me.

Well, I guess enough T1 people have jumped in that I’ll stay officially as a T1 table, but lvl 5 are allowed (for encounter balance) xD

@Emma @Elenaaa Do please lvl up to 5

@Col_Mustard_Ret I’ll be there by 18, so I can help you with character generation if anything is necessary.