D'n'D 5E - Barbarians and Clerics Campaign


Great, see you


Thanks Simon!

But please, take a break during the weekend, otherwise I might need to cast a “sleep” spell upon you!


See you guys tonight!


Hey friends,
I apologize for the late notice, but I’m not feeling 100% and I will sadly not be up for a game tonight.
Have fun - looking forward to seeing you next time.



Stuck at work but about to leave.
I’ll be late… :frowning:


Well, we missed you (in both senses) - get better soon!


Hey Folks,

I know, August is pretty packed for everyone (holidays, other campaigns, etc.); but if we put in some possible dates to a doodle, we might find a match which would fit to most of us and have a great time once again.
If not, then we can make a summer break and refresh our minds for September


Alright, unless somebody has a last minute objection, our next game will be Wednesday the 9th of August!


Thanks for the responses, guys!
According to our future-scrying crystal-sphere (which we tend to call “Doodle” for some reason) the next Wednesday (9.8) should fit to us.

@Ryou-Kenshin can you join to us?

If that date is still fine for you, see you on Wednesday!


Oh. Yeah. Just came back from iceland a few days ago but I should make it. ^^


Reporting back from Hamburg, I’ll be there :smiley:


I will not be able to make it tonight after all guys, sorry. Busy time for me.



Sorry to hear that


New doodle until the end of the month:



Xp break down for the 28.06:

  • 2 giant spiders 2 x 200 xp
  • 6 cultists 6 x 25 xp
  • 6 twig-blights 6 x 25 xp
  • 5 ash zombies 5 x 50 xp
  • 2 ash zombies 2 x 50 xp
  • 14 twig-blights 200 xp
    Total for the session 1200 xp
    New party total 7250 xp

Xp break down for the 12.07:

  • 5 ghouls 5 x 200 xp
  • Getting the info for Agatha 200 xp
  • Ettin 1100 xp
  • 5 ash zombies 5 x 50 xp
  • 2 ash zombies 2 x 50 xp
  • 14 twig-blights 200 xp
    Total for the session 1300 xp
    New party total 8550 xp

Xp break down for the 26.07:

  • Gundhra (Hill giant° 1800 xp
  • Evil mage + zombies 800 xp
  • Completing the quest for Daran 200 xp
    Total for the session 2800 xp
    New party total 11350 xp

Xp break down for the 09.08:
*Bonus xp from 12.07 1625 xp
*Bonus xp from 26.07 3650 xp

  • Dire gelatinous cube 700 xp
  • Orc camp guards 750 xp
  • Orc war chief & entourage 1300 xp
    Total for the session 2750 xp
    New party total 19225 xp

New party total per character 3845 xp


Thank you very much. :blush:

Very much appreciated.


Alright, still waiting for an answer or two, but right now the best candidate look like the 28-29 or 30.

Afterwards, I will be away for the first two weeks of September. Conference the first week and then vacation.
I’ll be back the 15th.


Is it possible to get in on this group? Or is it full?


This group is kinda full. More to the point, we are passed the halfway point by now…
Maybe you could see with @Parsley? Her group had only had one session so far, so it might be a better fit for a newcomer…


Didn’t @Parsley say 5 players are kind of her limit for now? I’ve had a talk with @Aehrel and he is thinking about trying to DM so maybe there could be a new group started with him as a DM (probably would be a oneshot for trying at first though)

So i think maybe we should start a thread for a new group, if @Aehrel doesn’t want to do it after all i might be convinced to DM a group.

started a thread for this here