D'n'D 5E - Barbarians and Clerics Campaign

Hello people,

we discussed with Simon and Lade that we should speed up a bit the “Mines of Phandelver” campaign by running it bi-weekly.

Simon also suggested, the game should be shifted from Thursdays to another times, so allowing others to run games on Thursdays.

What do you think? If you are in, I’ll make a doodle.


As I already said I’d be in for that :+1:

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What S_journ says…

Well, I would definitely be up for that! :smiley:

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I’d love to join if possible!

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Alright, that sounds like a plan…

The idea is to increase the frequency of the 5th ed games to twice a month. But, because I don’t want to completely take over the Thursday games at the Spielbar, or a full half of them, it would be better to get this second session at a different time.
Maybe on the WE…

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I’d be in. ^^

Ok, let’s just wait for the doodle then… Also, any place that would be more convenient than the Spielbar? I know that a few of us are on the Eastern side of the Donau, in the 21 and 22nd districts…

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Ok, here is a link: http://doodle.com/poll/c52ta5fm75gtcbci

Just to avoid misunderstandings, @Simon meant the game twice a month (at least, this is how I remembered… but 2 sessions per a week fits for me as well)

Do we have a location yet?

I don’t think so. Any ideas?

Well, I’d suggest to stay in spielbar at least for this week in case we don’t find something different.

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Sounds reasonable

According to the votes, we shall meet on (drum rolls…) Wednesday in the Spielbar this week and then we can decide about the next location.

See you on Wednesday!

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Alright, see you at 19:30 at the Spielbar!

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Alright, here is the poll; please vote for when our next session would be most convenient!

  • Thursday the 25th
  • Friday the 26th
  • Monday the 29th
  • Tuesday the 30th
  • Wednesday the 31st
  • Friday the 2nd of June
  • Saturday the 3rd
  • Monday the 5th
  • Tuesday the 6th
  • Wednesday the 7th
  • Thursday the 8th
  • Friday the 9th
  • Saturday the 10th
  • Monday the 12th
  • Tuesday the 13th
  • Wednesday the 14th
  • Thursday the 15th
  • Friday the 16th

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Also, while we are at it:

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Well, you convinced me Simon to laugh out! (thanks for the video)