D'n'D 5E - Barbarians and Clerics Campaign


Noo! Not Greg! :smiley:

As to the topic of where to play: are we going to stay at Spielbar for now or does someone have another suggestion that would be suitable? I think Spielbar would be most convenient, since everybody knows it, although it does get quite loud there…


So, when would be our next session?


Alright, we are a couple of answers short, I think but so far, Monday 12th seems doable… With another session one or two weeks later (week of the 19th and/or the 26th…)

I will try to confirm as soon as we get the missing answers…


Sure. Thanks for organizing it for us. :slight_smile:
I’ll look forward to these games with you all.


So… I am not sure who is who, but it seems like every one of us that signed-up can make it tomorrow.

So, let say tomorrow is a go!


How would you think about someone new joining the game?
A friend of mine showed great interrest in playing a 5e campaign and she was looking for a english group for a long time now. If it’s ok with you I would bring her with me on monday. :slight_smile:


According to the Doodle, the core group (e.g. the players of the barbarians and clerics) shall be there.
See you tomorrow!


The more the merrier. Well, not always but there is few things as rewarding as sharing the hobby with newbies, so, sure!

Do you know what she wants to play?


She’s not a complete newbie.
I played a few oneshots with some friends of ours and her already and we both started beeing interrested in pen and paper games at approximately the same time. :blush:
And we are both regularly geeking around together and engulfing ourself in some Dungeon’s and Dragons nerdiness. :joy:
I’ll meet up tomorrow morning and we’ll her character so she will be arriving with a character sheet and ready to play. ^^

Total beginner, also new in Vienna!

So, based on the Doodle, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are still go.

Did things change? Would you people want a game next Tuesday?


No Changes in my Time-schedule, so Tuesday would be fine with me.


On the plus side, I got a few halfling minis at PH today…


Tuesday fits for me


Tuesday is fine


Hey, this week I can’t do Tuesday/Wednesday - but I’ll fill the doodle starting next week (sorry, missed it before!). Hopefully my silly halfliing can come back in a coming session.


:frowning: See you soon!


Dear all,

Is there still space to participate in this campaign or are all of you well on your way to conquering a foreign land?


I’d be interested too if you guys think it’s not too troublesome for a beginner to join (:


I don’t think it would be too troublesome. The only problem is, that we are already 6 or 7 players so it might get really crowded. But some of them are just there once in while so maybe it will be doable.

But I’ll let our dm decide that becouse he’s the one who will be the most stressed with that. :blush:

Lg Ryou ^^


Hello, as Ryou-Kenshin says.

I’d love new players, but the group is already six players in size… More and the game start getting cumbersome…
Maybe we could start anew with the newbies and split between 2 groups of fours or a group of 5 and a group of 3 and run two campaign?

Let see… Based on the doodle we could have another session as early as next week… What about Wednesday the 28th?

In the meantime… Here is the experience breakdown from last session:
Owlbear: 700 xp
8 goblins: 400 xp
5 orcs: 500 xp
4 ash zombies: 200 xp
Twig Blight: 50 xp
Surviving Venomfang: 2000 xp

Total experience for the session 3850 xp
The new party total: 6050 xp
And the new total per character: 1512.5