DnD 5E yet another group

recently the interest in DnD 5E seems to be growing even more, so let’s start another group.
Depending on wether @Aehrel wants to try DMin or not, either him or me would be available to DM a group.

i’d like to gather a list of interested people until 31st August and then have a session 0 on that thursday.


Well, Im definetly interested. Just curious what the standard time is.

well during the week standard starting time is about 19:00 - 19:30 … and for how ever long everybody can do

during the weekend it is a bit more open obviously

haha, way to push me into the abyss :smiley:
but yeah i am willing to try DMing

you ok with a session 0 on 31st? (if you don’t have time we can talk about what you’d like to allow for characters and what you’d want to dm and i can do the session 0)

31st works for me, where though ?

sweet, works for me. Count me in.

Spielbar, thursday 19:30 is the rpgvienna open game night, that usually isn’t too bad for meeting up for this kind of stuff too :slight_smile:

hmmmm yeah spielbar is noisy though :confused:

True, but for a session 0 that’s not a huge problem, we can always figure out alternatives once the group is assembled :slight_smile:

I’m interested. I’m in Mines of Palaver already, so if you get too many people, I’ll bow out to someone not in a campaign already. As for scheduling, I agree Thursdays are bad, but life also happens. How often do we plan to meet? My current group does a Doodle for each session, but that might be excessive for a weekly session – we try to meet every other week. Just a thought.

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The 31st works for me, and I can host. I live one tram stop from Ottakring (46) or 4 stops from Thaliastraße (46, the other way). Or by the 9 tram and 10A bus lines. I’ll even commit host session 0, whether or not there is room for me in the group.

i could host to i live at Hohe Warte (so this might be a bit out of the way, but i’ve got an AC :stuck_out_tongue: )

i didn’t offer so far as i thought the first meeting always is good if it happens in a neutral place like Spielbar, in case someone is uncomfortable coming to a private residence of someone s/he doesn’t know, but i’m personally am fine with either choice (Spielbar, Siobhan’s or my place)

a friend of mine is also gonna join so we would be 4 players.
for now i will just test it out and as tersidian said it will be me first time DMing.
i am planning to play the first part (chapter) from Curse of Strahd, if everything works well we could think about going on with it or starting something else new.

tell your friend to join the forum and say hello :smiley:

ok, possible player number 5 also just answered me via whatsapp. told them both to say hello here.
5 would actually be best number of players for CoS.

Hi hello! I’m one of the friends @Aehrel mentioned!
I’m not really experienced in d&d ( i only played one shots so far) bc I mostly play dragon age, but I’m getting more and more interested in d&d and would like to expand my horizons a bit haha

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Hey guys, guess I’m the mentioned friend of Aehrel, nice to meet u (:
I havent played any pen and paper game so far, but I’m stoked! hype!

well i personally would prefer not spielbar because of the volume and noise, but i’ll meet whereever you guys want!

ohh and do you guys want to make the characters at the first session or prepare them ?
rulewise i am pretty much open to anything official including Unearthed Arcana and Elemental Evil and whatnot…

well if everybody is ok with it we can meet either at my place or at siobhan’s place then