V.A.L.U.E / Polishing up E.V.I.L and bringing down L.o.V.E

Meeting place is Cafe Zehnziebzig at 19:00. Please announce yourself in this thread wether you dm or play.

I will be dming a high t1, low t2 E.V.I.L adventure.

For those who do not know what E.V.I.L is click here

Here is a little sneak peek:


RichArd: “They participated in a heroes Fashion show and Dr.Zarsions potions distorted reality again.”

P: “Give me ONE reason to not tear these new members appart limb by limb. This display of complete incompetence, completely reliant on luck and not strength or strategy.”

R: “Sir, Sara believes that is exactly what could be of use for defeating another one of these Heroes.”

P: “Mhm. Sara is chaotic and dangerous, but she is not stupid. Alright bring them to me.”

R: “And if they mess up Sir?”

P: "I don’t wish it for them. I like to be gruesome but… let’s not think about it too much…

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After being blown, distorted and torn to pieces, a resurrected Triksy certainly gained a new perspective and interest in where this is going… So he certainly wouldn’t want to miss a chance of redeployment with a fresh set of eyes and goals…

I will be there, ready to finally conquer tier 3 with my lv10 druid.

Im coming for either EVIL or Pfeifers game to play:)

I didnt login in a long time and didnt play Adventure League in an as equally long time :wink:
but i would like to this Friday. Can i join for any game with a fresh character ? Do i have to start at lvl1 or can i start at lvl3 ?

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t1/t2 here!

I’ll be there preferably for more E.V.I.L.

Plan to join prefer to play T1/2/3 but don’t like to play E.V.I.L.

I’ll be there. to DM or play.

I will DM a T1 adventure.
Its the next part of the Waterdeep adventure “DDAL08-02 - Beneath the City of the Dead”. So everybody who played this has priority seating. Sorry don’t remember who the 8 players were.

If I don’t have to DM, I bring T1/2/3 characters

I’ll be there for the e.v.i.l. game. Will bring a level 3 character.

I’ will be there… If joeder DMs, I would gladly join for the second part. BARDS unite!

Wasn’t in the first part but would love to join your table

I’d like to get some T2 action…

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I thought someone would have answered you by now. Oh well. Yes you have to start at level 1 according to V.A.L.U.E rules unless you already had a character that was level 5 then you can start anywhere up to level 5 :slight_smile:

I’ll be there. Preferably at the E.V.I.L. table.

Oh now i HAVE to come if you continue it! ^^
Will be there with the energetic little Drab

If you dont DM ill still be there with T1/T2

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I’ll be at the E.V.I.L table with lvl5

Joining E.V.I.l again
Just saw pfeifer is dming again so i am at his table

I’ll be there for Pfeifers table ^^

Heyo gonna dm a t2. Continuing waterdeep the tavern simulator.
People with preference are
@resil got a spot reversed :wink: