V.A.L.U.E / Polishing up E.V.I.L and bringing down L.o.V.E

I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel, due to me getting sick.

Sorry, I can’t make it tonight. I have to go somewhere else it seems.

Would like to join if there is a free spot.
Will come to play with t1n3 characters

I"d like to join the E.V.I.L table with t1 3

DM: cat4laugh/Resil T1/low T2 E.V.I.L.

  • Argavanori
  • Jimetu
  • ThatGuyTed
  • capu
  • wrock

DM joeder T1 Waterdeep

  • Polyphem
  • PatrickD T3 T2 T1
  • UmbreonWarrior
  • Semako
  • Atoh-nym T1

DM Pfeifer T2

  • Kenta
  • Michi

no stated preference

  • Aehrel T1

I’d love to do afurther explore the City of the Dead but have a stronger preference to advance my T2 character. Semako for T2, and Aehrel and Atoh-nym for T1 would make for 4-5 players on every table

I probably will join Joeder’s table with a new lv4 character.

Should be in Joeder’s group

oops, missed it (once again) but also fixed it already. Also I dropped out for now, seems like I have to be heading elsewhere and lvl 7 has to wait another week…

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I’ll join today as well T1/2
Sry for the late notice

Really sorry for the late notice but I would also like to join

heyhey, id like to join tonight, T123 :slight_smile: sorry for the late notice! might be 5-10min late if things dont go perfectly

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