V.A.L.U.E. Magic Item Bazaar

Uh, and I really could use some help to switch items between my 2 characters If that would be possible (with switching twice with somebody)!

I would like to get a Vicious Longbow from my Tortle character Arnulf (you know him too) to Atanen and the Dagger of Venom from Atanen to Arnulf. If Xala still has his Dagger of Venom, that would be one step less.

Done! Thx again! :sunglasses:

Buzz (Arcane Trickster) comment about switching: it’s quite difficult i will lose 15 downtime days without gaining much out of that. Also it’s not possible to give me anything on top. Therefor you would probably have to find somebody else with the items you want who are interested in your items or put other interesting items on the table. Still maybe you will find somebody you can rip-off that way but it will be definitely not me.

Good thing is, Buzz were so slow to wake up, that this is history since weeks now! :pray:t2: :sweat_smile:

Yes between adventures he sleeps a lot :wink:


Ardurion the paladin of Sehanine Moonbow has a truckload of magic items he is willing to part with. He offers the following:

  • Goggles of Night (u)
  • Bag of Holding (u)
  • Wand of Web (u, a)
  • Winged Boots (u, a)
  • Cape of the Mountebank (r)
  • Plate Armor +1 (r)
  • Silver Longsword +1 (u)
  • Watchful Helm (vr, a)

He also has the following, which he might consider trading if the offer is lucrative:

  • Mantle of Spell Resistance (r, a)
  • (Shield +2 - r)
  • (Dwarven Plate (vr))
  • Adamantine Longsword +3 (vr)

He is hoping for the followig itemes: interesting weapons (prefers longswords), shields or heavy armor, sorcerer shards.

Smod has for trade “Belt of Hill Giant Strength”. Smod has outgrown its usefulness, now Smod feels weak and timid when wearing it. Wants something fancy and more barbariany instead. Also still have “Sphere of Annihilation” for trade. Here, for have better visibility Smod make list what Smod have for trade:

Sphere of Annihilation (legendary) Belt of Hill Giant Strength (rare) Ring of Ram (rare) Cloak of Elvenkind (uncommon) Goggles of Night (uncommon)

@Arthilas Ardurion interested in trade with anything Smod have? Smod interested in Flying Boots and maybe fancy anti-spell Cloak.

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Just keep in mind that the belt is only available in t3


PC name: Robin Sorensen PC level: 6 Items offered: Blood Spear (u, a) Items wanted: Anything that would help a ranger, or other cool items.

Character: Ophelia, Swordmaiden of the Saced Flme Level: 10

She’s the following items on offer:

  • Banner of the Sacred Flame Krig Rune (r, a)
  • Armor +1 (r) or Armor of Fire Resistace (r, a)
  • Half-Plate of Weightlessness (u, a)
  • Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 (u, a)