The V.A.L.U.E. Of Retribution

I Will join Alaadu!

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@Alaadu U wanna new comic strips from game? Pick me! :grin:

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Hell yeah please! :grin:

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Wee and I look forward to it!
As a reward, a photo of the GM @Alaadu :blush:

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Will join in the dance at Scales of Corruption.

If there would be room enough, I would like to join (at least) the last session of Scales of Corruption! I flew over the background, so my question would be rather practical ones: I have my already existing lvl6 monk-ranger (5:1) water genasi in mind for this (background: Urban Bounty Hunter). If I leave the downtime days, it can even be lvl5 (as preferred, if possible)!

I would take the downtime activities Undercover Employee and Rumor Mill if still available. If not, maybe Magical Ink - Healing Word

Quinda will be there for the final dance at :balance_scale: ! Right now, planning to take “Wait, I’ve talked to this guard before!” but might change depending on the downtime actions that are posted.

If @JuMiSu joins I probably won’t have space for you. Also it would be difficult for you to join since a lot of stuff happened and I can’t fit in new people that easily now. Mostly because of the secret society aspect. I am very sorry. :frowning:

That´s OK, now I still have time to search for another table! Thanks for the fast reply

I will want to play T2, what do you have in mind? :smiley: If there is a table, that is.

not sure yet if I can make it, and as for what I’d run … not sure yet either :smiley: whatever strikes my fancy by then I guess :smiley:

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Hi, I will join on @BufoBufo 's table. To hoplefully pu the nobles in there place and save the world. :wink:


DMs (3):

  • Alaadu :policeman: T1
  • BufoBufo :balance_scale: T2 (levels 5-7)
  • ThatGuyTed T1 :money_with_wings: or :balloon: T1-T2 or :syringe: T2

Players (14):

  • Carcharoth :policeman: T1
  • KianArdalan :policeman: T1
  • NonnoKai :policeman: T1
  • Rory_95 :policeman: T1
  • Potifex :policeman: T1
  • Darthbinks :balance_scale: T2
  • FoggyPortents :balance_scale: T2
  • grudm :balance_scale: T2
  • JuMiSu :balance_scale: T2
  • PatrickD :balance_scale: T2
  • BDave T2
  • mane T2
  • Mexikorn T1-T4
  • Tea007 T1-T3

If there’s space for T2 I’d like to join as well

I hereby announce that I won’t be here this Friday, as I will DM over at Die Requisite with 3 prematched players. I have more space at the table though, if someone wants to migrate with us :slight_smile:

Dragonlance should conclude in mid-May, at which point there will be several new T4 characters* in VALUE.

*Please note that I did not say “living” T4 characters. They might need a raise dead or two…


If you have space, i would like to join Edit: No +1

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Will come as a player (T1-T3, whatever is happening)

Alright I’ve got a couple of things prepared now.
Option 1: T1 or T2 → cartoonish villainy :balloon: (so nothing too bad more just evil hijinx)
Option 2: T1 Archibald needs more help. :money_with_wings:
Option 3: T2 Plague - Detective - Adventure :syringe:

We’ll see what people wanna play tomorrow.

I’d love to join your table @ThatGuyTed . Would prefer T2, but have a T1 character ready as well if needed

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