The V.A.L.U.E. Of Retribution

That´s OK, now I still have time to search for another table! Thanks for the fast reply

I will want to play T2, what do you have in mind? :smiley: If there is a table, that is.

not sure yet if I can make it, and as for what I’d run … not sure yet either :smiley: whatever strikes my fancy by then I guess :smiley:

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Hi, I will join on @BufoBufo 's table. To hoplefully pu the nobles in there place and save the world. :wink:


DMs (3):

  • Alaadu :policeman: T1
  • BufoBufo :balance_scale: T2 (levels 5-7)
  • ThatGuyTed T1 :money_with_wings: or :balloon: T1-T2 or :syringe: T2

Players (14):

  • Carcharoth :policeman: T1
  • KianArdalan :policeman: T1
  • NonnoKai :policeman: T1
  • Rory_95 :policeman: T1
  • Potifex :policeman: T1
  • Darthbinks :balance_scale: T2
  • FoggyPortents :balance_scale: T2
  • grudm :balance_scale: T2
  • JuMiSu :balance_scale: T2
  • PatrickD :balance_scale: T2
  • BDave T2
  • mane T2
  • Mexikorn T1-T4
  • Tea007 T1-T3

If there’s space for T2 I’d like to join as well

I hereby announce that I won’t be here this Friday, as I will DM over at Die Requisite with 3 prematched players. I have more space at the table though, if someone wants to migrate with us :slight_smile:

Dragonlance should conclude in mid-May, at which point there will be several new T4 characters* in VALUE.

*Please note that I did not say “living” T4 characters. They might need a raise dead or two…


If you have space, i would like to join Edit: No +1

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Will come as a player (T1-T3, whatever is happening)

Alright I’ve got a couple of things prepared now.
Option 1: T1 or T2 → cartoonish villainy :balloon: (so nothing too bad more just evil hijinx)
Option 2: T1 Archibald needs more help. :money_with_wings:
Option 3: T2 Plague - Detective - Adventure :syringe:

We’ll see what people wanna play tomorrow.

I’d love to join your table @ThatGuyTed . Would prefer T2, but have a T1 character ready as well if needed

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I will be over at die Requisite, not attending here this weekend. :pray:t2:

I’d join today, preferably with a T2 character :slight_smile:

looks like I won’t make it today, but also looks like there are enough DMs without me, so hope y’all have fun :slight_smile:

Sorry will be a bit late (around 10 min I think)

@Alaadu On the way :upside_down_face:

Im gonna be a bit late (~10 min)

Hi, I also will be late ~ 10 min.

@mane @Tea007 @BDave @Mexikorn @timoteus2

Thank you very much for the interesting and very fun session. I’m sorry it turned out to be part 1 of 2… ah well. That’s the unpredictable nature of DnD.

You decided to spare the life of the queenslayer and steward of Brassstone, Cletus Broadbrow. While he is grateful for your mercy he did note that this means that the plague would continue until the princesses restless spirit has been dealt with.

You will have to descend into the sewers, avoiding the sharp teeth of the rats, the stingers of the insects and many other dangers to put an end to this situation and free the city. (This will happen in part 2 of The Plague)

For your services to Brasstone each of you receive 480 GP, 1 level up and 10 downtime days.

Im addition to those you may also choose one of the following magic items:

PS: I’ll keep an eye on the sign up for future value fridays and bring part 2 if 3 or more of you have signed up :+1:. (As discussed yesterday)