New guy who wants to play

Hi there, I am Lenz, 28 years old. Recently joined here, hoping to play some Dnd. I am familiar with the basic rules and mechanics in battle.

Had some sessions in a private group in my first campaign.

Feel free to message me :slight_smile:

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Hi Lenz,

If you want to play DnD 5e have a look at the V.A.L.U.E. posts (2 locations on Friday, 1 on Saturday). Otherwise there’s an adnd (I think) table, see posts with music references. Or spire, labeled as such.

For example this is going on today. You have the option of 2 tables. One being run by Freifräulein, the other being run by me. Let’s see how many people actually show up. But feel free to join us.

Thanks for the reply. I would have definetly joined today, but I promised someone my help on another matter today. I will join on the next ocassion

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